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  • Should we archive these meeting notes in wikis too?
    • Ioana - yes
    • Pamela - yes
    • Maliha - yes
    • Flore: yes
    • Priyanka - yes
    • Kristi ?

Topic 0 :Previous Action Items from WoMoz Meetings

  • https://trello.com/c/EuE6lbT7/30-next-meeting-2015-01-21
    • Implement some event page - maybe on blog to gather all events and make hem more public +1 also link to the reps event (check with the reps API if we can get all events with womoz tag)
    • [Konstantina] to check with the reps dev to get all the events with womoz tag Functional Pathway - check with emma
    • [Flore] has to update github with the modifications that have been done since it was uploaded on github [Done]
    • [Flore] update to wordpress 4.0 [Done]
    • What makes a Mozilla event women-friendly? best practices?
    • Define Womoz Goals:
    • Mentoring for new WoMoz? [Ioana] ask OPSW
    • Womoz Events
      • Action Items: [Konstantina and Ioana] create guidelines for womoz events
        • Kristi, [Priyanka] - adacamp cheatsheets
      • Metrics SOP - [Emma]
    • wiki cleeaning (it should be functional, Flore will check) - Priyanka can help [Flore]: solve wiki issues (connection)
    • [Maliha] we can fetch tweets having #womoz tags
    • [Maliha] Events from Reps portal -> contact the organizers
    • AI - to mail the decision on the list and explicitly include all identified women
    • AI - explain on the list also with the friends
    • [Priyanka] ask the BD team to translate their posts for the website - [Priyanka will get in touch with them] (I guess Maliha is here and she can take care of this one now)
    • [Ioana will contact Elio] Make openbadges "womoz" and "friend of womoz" +++ -> for those who complete the form
    • Active womoz role
    • [All] Try to find some one to take administration of Github as responsibility - Priyanka can help
    • [Ioana ] Create the the calendar entry - and send on the mailing list but reminders and individual event
    • [All] Advertise the Telegram group
    • [Konstantina]--> ask Nuke about fetching data from the reps portal
    • [Ioana ] Create 2 google forms (womoz and friend of womoz) and circulate it in the mailing lists --> Ioana
    • Send the form personally to the WoMoz members whom we already know --> Everyone
    • We can even have the form somewhere on the blog or make a testimonial, open to the entire community -->

TOPIC 1 : Website

  • updates?
    • [Priyanka] will do a followup with the people working on it, here in India.

[Flore]: create blog account

TOPIC 2 : Womoz metrics for events

  • updates?
    • [Ioana] Follow up with Emma for a efine list she might have created


  • mail responses - need follow up?
    • all accepted minus Sole ( personal issues)
  • meeting place
    • Exki - vegetarian plan near the hotel
  • topics for meeting:
    • Activities & Testimonials
    • GSoC & Mentoring & OSPW
    • Picture

TOPIC 4: Trello

TOPIC 5: Wiki

TOPIC 6: Event at UNESCO

http://www.unesco.org/new/en/mlw Flore has been contacted by Tom Salmon and will try to attend the Friday (Feb 28th) research semina Awesome!

  • Location - Paris
  • Ioana might (90%) be in Paris that week too and can join if there are free places

TOPIC 7: Woman’s Day Celebration in India

  • 8th March is being planned to be celebrated with a WoMoz event in Pune, India
  • Nice - we should sent a mail about this out on the list to remind WoMoz and maybe tehre will be more events

TOPIC 8: Badges



Actions Items:

  • Work on Topic zero


  • Make a template for Events Reports and ask to be posted on blog

Next meeting: