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XUL Elements

This table lists where each XUL element is implemented.

Tag Usage C++ Implementation Binding
action content to generate for rule templates none
arrowscrollbox box with scrollarrows on the ends nsScrollBoxFrame
bbox box layout (-moz-box) with baseline align nsBoxFrame none
binding optional variable binding templates none
bindings container for binding elements templates none
box box layout (-moz-box) nsBoxFrame none
broadcaster broadcast attributes to elements handled in nsXULDocument none
broadcasterset container for broadcasters none none
button button widget nsButtonBoxFrame button.xml
browser container for a child browser nsSubDocumentFrame browser.xml
caption Caption for groupbox none groupbox.xml
checkbox Checkbox widget nsButtonBoxFrame checkbox.xml
colorpicker Widget for selecting colors none colorpicker.xml
column grid line layout (-moz-grid-line) nsGridRowLeafFrame none
columns grid group layout (-moz-grid-group) nsGridRowGroupFrame none
command broadcast command info to elements handled in nsXULDocument none
commandset container for commands none none
conditions conditions for rule templates none
content starting point placeholder templates none
deck deck layout (-moz-deck) nsDeckFrame.cpp general.xml
description multiline label nsTextBoxFrame.cpp text.xml
dialog root element dialog box none dialog.xml
dialogheader header in dialog box none dialog.xml
editor container for editable document nsSubDocumentFrame editor.xml
grid grid layout (-moz-grid) nsGrid none
grippy grippy on splitter nsGrippyFrame splitter.xml
groupbox groupbox around related elements nsGroupBoxFrame groupbox.xml
hbox box with horizontal orientation (-moz-box) nsBoxFrame none
iframe container for a child document nsSubDocumentFrame general.xml
image image nsImageBoxFrame general.xml
key keyboard shortcut handled in XBL event handler code none
keyset container for key elements handled in XBL event handler code none
label single line label nsTextBoxFrame text.xml
listbox listbox widget (-moz-grid) nsListBoxFrame listbox.xml
listcell cell for multicolumn listbox none listbox.xml
listcol column definition for multicolumn listbox (-moz-grid-line) none listbox.xml
listcols columns definition for listbox (-moz-grid-group) none listbox.xml
listhead column header container for multicolumn listbox (-moz-grid-group) none listbox.xml
listheader column header for multicolumn listbox none listbox.xml
listitem item in listbox (-moz-grid-line) none listbox.xml
member navigate over parent-child templates none
menu menu label on menubar nsMenuFrame menu.xml
menubar menubar widget nsMenuBarFrame toolbar.xml
menuitem item on a menu nsMenuFrame menu.xml
menulist dropdown select widget nsMenuFrame menulist.xml
menupopup popup menu nsMenuPopupFrame popup.xml
menuseparator separator between items on menu none menu.xml
observes observe attributes on another element handled in nsXULDocument none
overlay root element to overlay another window handled in nsXULDocument none
page root element for child documents internal none
popup popup menu nsMenuPopupFrame popup.xml
popupset container for popup elements none none
preference single preference none preferences.xml
preferences container for preference elements none preferences.xml
prefpane single panel in preferences dialog none preferences.xml
prefwindow root element for preferences dialogs none preferences.xml
progressmeter progress indicator widget nsProgressMeterFrame progress.xml
radio radio button nsButtonBoxFrame radio.xml
radiogroup group for related radio buttons none radio.xml
resizer widget for resizing window nsResizerFrame none
richlistbox listbox for non-text content none richlistbox.xml
richlistitem item in richlistbox none richlistbox.xml
row grid line layout (-moz-grid-line) nsGridRowLeafFrame none
rows grid group layout (-moz-grid-group) nsGridRowGroupFrame none
rule conditional rule templates none
script include script content handled in nsXULDocument none
scrollbar scrollable bar nsScrollbarFrame scrollbar.xml
scrollbox box with scrolling API none scrollbox.xml
scrollcorner corner of scrollbars none none
separator small space between widgets none none
spacer placeholder space, usually made flexible none none
splitter draggable bar between panels nsSplitterFrame none
stack stack layout (-moz-stack) nsStackFrame none
statusbar window statusbar none general.xml
statusbarpanel panel on statusbar none general.xml
stringbundle localized string properties none stringbundle.xml
stringbundleset container for stringbundle elements none stringbundle.xml
tab tab label none tab.xml
tabbrowser browser with tabs none tabbrowser.xml
tabbox tabbed panels widget none tab.xml
tabpanels container for panels in tabbox (-moz-deck) none tab.xml
tabs container for tab elements none tab.xml
template template for generated content templates none
textnode insert text nodes into content templates none
textbox editable text none textbox.xml
titlebar widget to move the window nsTitleBarFrame none
toolbar toolbar widget none toolbar.xml
toolbarbutton button on toolbar nsButtonBoxFrame toolbarbutton.xml
toolbaritem item on customizable toolbar none toolbar.xml
toolbarpalette available customizable toolbar buttons none toolbar.xml
toolbarseparator separator between toolbar buttons none toolbar.xml
toolbarset container for custom toolbars none none
toolbarspacer non-flexible space between toolbar buttons none toolbar.xml
toolbarspring flexible space between toolbar buttons none toolbar.xml
toolbox container for toolbars none toolbar.xml
tooltip popup tooltip nsMenuPopupFrame popup.xml
tree tree widget with column headers and body none tree.xml
treecell cell data in tree none none
treechildren tree body nsTreeBodyFrame tree.xml
treecol column in tree nsTreeColFrame tree.xml
treecols container for treecol elements none tree.xml
treeitem item data in tree none none
treerow row data in tree none none
treeseparator separator data in tree none none
triple navigate over triple templates none
vbox box with vertical orientation (-moz-box) nsBoxFrame none
window root element for a XUL window internal none
wizard multipage wizard dialog none wizard.xml
wizardpage page in wizard none wizard.xml