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Extension Wizard

Brief Description

Allows a user to create a skeleton extension using a multi-page wizard. The wizard should collect as much information as possible and generate the files required to create the extension.


User launches wizard from menu or toolbar

Basic Flow

  1. Page 1 - General Meta-informaton
    1. Extension name
    2. Extension ID (email-ish or guid - button for auto guid)
    3. Description (multi-line?)
    4. Version
    5. Homepage URL
    6. Update URL
    7. Author
    8. Contributors (textbox + listbox and buttons to add/remove ?)
  2. Page 2 - Target
    1. Checkboxes for Firefox & XUL Explorer (for now - others later)
  3. Page 3 - UI Options (could be affected by targets)
    1. Toolbar button
    2. Context menu (webcontent menu for now - others later)
    3. Statusbar panel
    4. Sidebar
    5. Options & Preferences
    6. About
  4. Page 4 - Event Stubs (affected by targets)
    1. On Application Load
    2. On Browser Page Load
    3. On Browsr Tab Change

Design Notes

  • Use template snippets to build extension files
    • Templates should be in locale since they are localizable
  • Code to build files should be separate JS script, not dependent on UI part.
    • We could use the code in other tools
  • Any control (feature) that is not valid based on target should be disabled, not hidden.