Your First Step to Mozilla and the olive harvest

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Your First Step to Mozilla and the olive harvest


The event will start on 2011/10/13 11:00:00 AM till 2011/11/27 11:00:00 PM.


West Bank - Palestine, Palestine, EMEA


This event is owned by hatem


It is estimated that 50-100 people will be at the event.


The whole idea of joining the olive trees harvest season is to Usually the harvest of olive trees is done by students (schools/universities). In this activity the local community is trying to do marketing of Mozilla mission in different way, instead of doing an event in one of the university and talking to people there (most of attendees are IT people), they are planning to gather all Mozilla enthusiastic and go to these OliveMembers Mozilla in Palestine provide service farmers in picking olive for five days Mozilla Palestine cooperate with schools in order to participate with them in helping farmers This work voluntary community service provided group Mozilla Palestine . Success scenario High estimate of the ratio this season is sacred to the Palestinians Mozilla will reflect the image of voluntary and cooperative

The olive harvest this year will include visits to the camps and meetings with the agencies and local groups and overnight stays with Palestinian families, in addition to the identification of culture Mozilla.

farms and help people to harvest olive tress and talk to them about Mozilla 

and its mission. By doing this they will reach to new audience (non technology people) also they gonna promote Mozilla in non lecture way.

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known a Palestinian youth the largest percentage of the population Palestine

and more recently increased attention to that important sector of Palestinian society 

by the institutions supporting projects of youth, but we find that there are institutions that have history and have sold a large youth activities, due to their specificity, stability and the fact that institutions with long history and the history has and put an indelible imprint that introduced a lot of give and proved exactly for the land and rights that are supported on the formation of youth groups of volunteers to play roles that serve the interests of our people On this basis the Palestinian head of the Palestinian society Mozilla help small farmers in the olive harvest and the collection

It is known that young people and volunteers form the backbone of the work in the community of Mozilla Palestinians since its inception and is based on this foundation in all areas, including the volunteers play a significant role in community activities and various programs throughout the area of ​​homeland and along the presence of the Palestinian people at home and abroad, it was incumbent on the community Mozilla is represented by the Department of Palestinian youth and volunteers to take care of this group and developed in accordance with community programs and needs of the community. The olive tree of trees for the climate of the Mediterranean, where is Palestine, the Levant, the original home of the tree and which has spread to other countries around the Mediterranean.

Olive tree remains in the consciousness of all of Palestine with the value of social history and heritage associated with goodness and blessings. Is not free Palestinian house of olive oil because of its many benefits discovered by scientists, known Palestinian human long experience with those of the tree and fruit. Valzaton contains vitamins (A, D, b, f) is to facilitate the process of digestion and is a medicine for kidney disease and constipation.