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Want to Join the Team? Email the Community Manager for more info at stefancosten<at>mozilla<dot>org<dot>uk

Our Mission is to encourage youth participation within the Mozilla project - we do this through Mentor-ships. We use Schools, Colleges and communities as a resource for talented young people of which we guide them through their contribution remembering

Community is the backbone of the Mozilla Project.


Work Flow Diagram


Key Points 1. Following the Leadership Structure once a person registers they are assigned a Steward by Governance

2. Steward arranges a informal welcome call to introduce him/her self and discuses contribution areas

3. a contribution area is advised regarding talents of person

4. a mentor is assigned as a guide for the person through their contribution

Youth Mozilla Structure


1. Stewards - This will probably be reps or mozillians that have been with the project for a while

2. Mentors - Mentors will be already participating contributors within their selected Functional area

3. Functional Leads - These are Functional area managers/ co-managers

4. Youth Ambassadors - these will be contributes who wish to run workshops in schools/ colleges ...

Team members

  • We have also partnered with the Mozilla Clubs network

Where to Find Us