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To get things done at Mozilla, there needs to be a driver. Teams need Community Builders to drive their volunteer participation efforts.

Community Builders sit in specific teams and are embedded together on the Community Building team to leverage each other’s efforts.


Information about the mission and vision of the group of people doing community building at Mozilla can be found at:


A list of people driving community building efforts for different functional and regional areas can be found at:


More about the role and responsibilities of Community Builders can be found at:


There are a number of ways to get in touch with people driving community building efforts:


To increase the effectiveness of working together, we've started to organize regular meetups for Community Builders to share tips and to create processes and systems that will help bring more people in to Mozilla. Summaries of previous meetups can be found at:

Working Groups

There are a number of working groups that meet regularly to create plans and recommendations for the larger community building group and to present their work during the next in-person meetup.