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Tools being tracked and level of development and adaptation within Mozilla

Tool API documentation Discussion Level of Implementation Type
One and Done TBD TBD Planning Dashboard
Mozillians Documentation Forum People/Community
Bugs Ahoy TBD TBD
What Can I Do for Mozilla? TBD TBD
Contribute Page TBD TBD
Blackhole Documentation Contact Development
Badges TBD TBD Deployed Recognition
Reps Portal
  • Events Calendar
  • Voting tool
  • Semi-automated Reports
TBD Reps
Gear Store TBD TBD Recognition
Webmaker Event Calendar TBD TBD Calendar


Presentations and Slide Decks


Mozilla Reps Swag SOP: for when you host Mozilla events

  1. Locate a Mozilla Rep close to your region or one that you are acquainted with:
  2. Give them a draft of your event plans so they can setup a remo event page for you. This would be used to justify the type and amount of swag you need. You can find some of the event structures used by reps here and other Mozilla teams here (toolkit events) ofcourse you aren't tied down to this and you can become creative and start a new one. Do give us feedback incase you decide to do that (toolkit new event type, file a bug?)
  3. Make sure to inform the rep of any other resources you may need for this event. Once submited, the request needs to be reviewed by ReMo for approval

Reward/Recognition: when you want to recognize a mozillian for his/her contributions

  • Go to the Gear Store whenever you want special swag to issue out as prizes to either deserving mozillians in appreciation or to winners in an event you are holding

Design Materials

Style Guide The Style Guide serves as a resource to bring together all our brands and to help define their visual and stylistic elements. It exists to provide you with the tools and assets you need to further our mission through communications, websites, products and more.

Asset Repository Brose the assets repository directories to find all design related assets. You'll find logos, PSDs, Keynotes, CSS - anything to help you achieve visual awesomeness.