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Previous Actions

  • jorge - Look at Fx10 bump failures and figure out when we are going to transplant to the compatible by default override list
  • ashughes - Will talk with Virgil about getting a compatible by default QA status report
  • clegnitto - Will talk to Asa to make sure the Blekko stuff is moving forward
  • clegnitto - Will add the Android market place support discussion to the Wednesday product meeting agenda




  • Compatible by default status
  • GC/CC Status
    • QA coming up with a telemetry extension to deploy internally for those willing to help
    • QA coming up with test cases and URLs that should suss out the issue, working with JS team



  • bug 713140 - Firefox Crash [@ nsDownloadManager::RemoveDownloadsForURI(nsIURI*).
  • bug 637596 - Top crash for Aurora. Not new but volume seems a bit higher.
  • bug 703133 - Reproducible top crash regression carried over from the trunk.


  • bug 714320 - Explosive crash on b2. Might be related to Facebook but not appearing in significant volume on any other version.




  • bug 714978 proposal to change mac osx compiler from "-j1" to "-j4".
    • note we have already been using "-j4" for m-c/aurora/beta nightlies; this is a change for beta release and release builds only
  • bug 666046 create custom snippets to migrate orphaned users to latest mozilla-aurora
    • deferred to next mtg
  • We will send the go to build for Fx10 beta 3 today (standard schedule)



Aurora Queries

Beta Queries


  • Cheng - any increase in hang/freeze inquiries in the beta 10 population?
  • Christian - to answer John's questions in 707207
  • For 1/5 discussion: Status on Betas of 4 -> Aurora (bug 666046 and Firefox/Aurora/Grow Usage)