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Previous Actions

  • ashughes - Will talk with Virgil about getting a compatible by default QA status report
  • akeybl - to answer John's questions in 707207
  • jorge - Look at Fx10 bump failures and figure out when we are going to transplant to the compatible by default override list
  • clegnitto - Will talk to Asa to make sure the Blekko stuff is moving forward Next action is on Asa
  • clegnitto - Will add the Android market place support discussion to the Wednesday product meeting agenda
  • Cheng - any increase in hang/freeze inquiries in the beta 10 population?




  • Add-on compatible by default testing next steps:
    • To be completed by Jan 9th:
      • Asa and Marcia to put together a set of manual user scenarios which require testing
      • Asa and Justin Jorge to put together a list of top add-ons which need testing
      • Bob and Clint to investigate the automation strategy going forward
    • To be completed by Jan 11th:
      • Virgil to set up test plan
    • To be completed by Jan 13th/20th:
      • Anthony to execute at least one test day
    • To be completed by Jan 23rd:
      • Final QA sign-off




  • Did a backout for bug 714320 to see if the crashes drop




  • GC/CC Status
    • Landed some CC fixes on beta, should be in beta 3
    • Does the issue still happen? At the same level? We need to check
      • If not, we should probably roll those changes back
  • We have a beta 3 (build #2)
    • It was decided we should get bug 714320 in this beta as we have no way to verify we have fixed the issue without looking at crash stats. The potentially problematic changeset was only identified after the go to build was sent (sorry)
  • QA: We still on track for Friday uplift?
    • They said yes


  • Status on Betas of 4 -> Aurora (bug 666046 and Firefox/Aurora/Grow Usage, Phase 1)
    • From prior conversations, was there any concern with changing channels?
  • Status of add-on hotfix work in bug 694068 and bug 707207 and bug 582347
    • joduinn said the comments in the bug were contradicting
    • There will a quick meeting between RelEng and RelMan in person after the meeting to hash this out

Firefox 9.0.x

  • Today we need to decide what to do (if anything) with throttling
  • Also, see
  • Decided to resume automatic updates at a slower rate
    • Christian will come up with the rate %
    • We will look at quality data on 2012-01-10 and decide if we should completely unthrottle or turn off updates and investigate any new issues
    • We want to do the 3.6 advertised MU ASAP after 9.0.1 is unthrottled all the way


Aurora Queries

Beta Queries


  • akeybl - to make sure that the merits of a slow rollout are discussed in the next couple of channel meetings, in preparation for 10.0
  • jorgev - look into ACR reports for candidates for the override list.
  • clegnitto - will come up with a % to unthrottle Firefox updates at and write a bug for RelEng