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Channel Meeting Details

Video/Teleconference Details - NEW

These notes are read by people who weren't able to attend the meeting. Please make sure to include links and context so they can be understood.


  • Callek, milan, marcia, lizzard, sylvestre, blassey, philipp, calixte, ritu, lmandel, jst, ryanvm, marco, elan, shell, kbrosnan

Previous Actions

(liz) Trying out more reporting on post-meeting followup!

  • WebGL issues in nightly?
    • [marcia] Could not find the particular reference to this from the last meeting
  • Did SV get access/a license to websense for testing?
    • Making progress
  • Testday focused on WebGL last friday
  • Testrail Ubuntu deployment (Ioana?)

Schedule Update

  • 48.0.2 (we throttled these updates quickly as the crash still showed up in very early results)
    • We have another workaround / hotfix for the websense startup crash -
    • Summary (from Jordan)
      • all windows users, we are whitelisting the windows users who have explicitly have the hotfix *and* their OS_VERSION includes the 'nowebsense' string. The other windows users: the ones who haven't got the hotfix yet or who do have the hotfix but also have websense, will continue to get the latest 47 release.
      • all other platforms are unaffected
      • Usual watersheds apply
      • (Callek) Assumption of only release channel(s) [not beta] - yes, not ESR
      • (Callek) Will wait for explicit GO for both a testing channel for our QA and a seperate GO for the release-user channel
    • and their engineering is answering us now; this is fixed in their newest version and they are trying to backport
    • Asked for a free license + help with a workaround
  • timeline for websense rollout on their side? don't know.
  • How many users? do we know?
  • Should we wait to publish the sec advisories till the websense users are brought to 49?
  • (liz) 49 beta 8 desktop shipped today
  • (callek) beta XP (and Vista) downloads point to 49.0b8 now (SHA1 signed) [per :rail]
  • (Drop for next meeting, unless new information) OpenH264 v1.6
    • Delayed for Android on release (and esr in case someone built it locally) -- pending more complete testing from Maire's team (bug 1296002)



A Modest Dashboard Collection >^. .^< beta crash-stats: more beta data: and more: e10s/non crash rate: addons e10s crash rate (currently beta):

[philipp] various shutdownhang crashes are currently lumped together in the same signature (shutdownhang | mozilla::CondVar::Wait | nsEventQueue::GetEvent) due to


[marcia] Top crashers - some of the same that are on nightly:


crash rate browser: 0.97, content: 0.16

[philipp] top issues in 49.0b7:


crash rate browser: 0.95, content: 0.01


[marcia] - Summary of our top 5 browser crashes:



Performance (Thu)

READ ONLY - updated August 30th! raw notes (with links to graphs, etc.) -

Aurora / Dev Edition

 * Bugs:
   * (pending needinfo- will resolve on September 5th)
   * (not clear on what actual work will take place, or what is being done)
 * comparison to week 1:
       * basic_compositor_video 6% osx regression - Bug 1299230


no concerns


no data

Release health

Beta: 1 blocking, 7 new, 18 carryover Good progress on apz blocking bug, QE caught an issue (thanks Petruta!) Fix coming soon. (New blocker: the websense crash) Aurora: 2 blocking, 54 new, 93 carryover

  • Triage day changing to Wed 11am PT, async triage still happening as well. Monday 2pm PST still ongoing too.



Aurora / Dev Edition


Action items




User Advocacy


  • [marcia] Testing on the upcoming Mac OS Sierra (10.12) - knowing that it may be released between 49 and 50? is the list of known bugs so far. The release date announced so far is Fall 2016
    • Liz will email SV to ask if we have some smoke testing set up for 49. Time is short.

Special Topics

Aurora/Beta Feature Review

Post-Mortem (Tues 2wks from GA Release)

  • post mortem still postponed till we know more about e10s. Erin will also run a postmortem.

Sign Off (Thurs prior to GA Release)


liz: * Should we wait to publish the sec advisories till the websense users are brought to 49? talk with al and dan, brad