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Channel Meeting Details

Video/Teleconference Details

These notes are read by people who weren't able to attend the meeting. Please make sure to include links and context so they can be understood.


Luna , Aryx, RyanVM, pascalc, philipp, taniam, jcristau, Roland, kbrosnan

Schedule Update

  • 74.0 live @ 100%
    • No dot release planned this week, watching a couple of potential drivers
  • 75.0b5 gtb tomorrow
  • Fennec 68.7b1 shipped @ 100% yesterday
    • Fenix Beta migration timing being discussed in light of pwn2own changes

Release Metrics

Report on release criteria metrics from DRIs

  • Stability
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Functionality
  • Accessibility

Desktop Stability


mc2 crash rate: 1.76, crash incidence: 2.31%, mc1 summary score: 6.39 thursday mc2 crash rate: 1.80, crash incidence: 2.80%, mc1 summary score: 11.49


mc2 crash rate: 2.52, crash incidence: 1.54%, mc1 summary score: 4.73 thursday mc2 crash rate: 3.25, crash incidence: 1.59%, mc1 summary score: 6.70



mc2 crash rate: 1.29, crash incidence: 1.18%, mc1 summary score: 3.21 thursday mc2 crash rate: 1.13, crash incidence: 1.14%, mc1 summary score: 5.89


Mobile Stability


  • Crash rate is calculated based on usage hours (the time Firefox is actively used).
  • Usage hours will be significantly lower on Fennec than on desktop Firefox, so we can't compare mobile rates to desktop rates.


  • we had an ANR spike earlier this week



  • feature prioritization is in progress, so far so good

Aurora / Dev Edition


  • Windows Default Browser Agent will be ready in the next Nightly, still targeting March 18, awaiting approval from leadership


Action items

User Advocacy / SUMO Report

  • bug 1621301 (see also Firefox 74 Desktop User Feedback - Summary )
    • mike conley and scott downe are looking at it? no STR? "My unscientific conclusion :-) since I am tired and am not a Firefox developer :-) is that it definitely looks a regression in QuotaManager, IndexDB, and/or CacheAPI"

Roundtable & Special Topics

  • impact of COVID 19 on QA?
    • continuity plans / everyone wfh
    • everything is covered
  • challenged/at-risk items?
    • ETP on 76

Post-Mortem (Tues 2wks from GA Release)

  • Fx74 next week?
    • [pascal] yes
    • [Tania] yes
    • [roland] yes