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Channel Meeting Details

Video/Teleconference Details

These notes are read by people who weren't able to attend the meeting. Please make sure to include links and context so they can be understood.


RyanVM, jcristau, Aryx, pascal, philipp, roland, telin,taniam, dveditz

Schedule Update

  • Fx75 RC1 gtb today
    • Hopefully Desktop & Fennec 68.7esr also (waiting on one rebased patch)
  • Nightly soft freeze starts Friday
  • fenix 4.2 at 100%
  • fenix beta migration in 4 countries

Release Metrics

Report on release criteria metrics from DRIs

  • Stability
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Functionality
  • Accessibility

Desktop Stability


mc2 crash rate: 1.65, crash incidence: 2.72%, mc1 summary score: 5.91 thursday mc2 crash rate: 1.67, crash incidence: 2.09%, mc1 summary score: 5.65

  • Recent spike from bug 1625227 fixed by backout
  • Bug 1624250 [@ core::option::expect_failed | webrender::scene_building::NodeIdToIndexMapper::get_spatial_node_index] still happening
  • Bug 1624881 [@ webrender::spatial_tree::SpatialTree::get_relative_transform] under investigation
  • Bug 1580565 [@ mozilla::dom::BrowsingContext::IPCInitializer::GetParent ] rising lately w/ stale NI requests
  • Bug 1624886 [@ js::wasm::WasmFrameIter::instance] under investigation


mc2 crash rate: 1.48, crash incidence: 1.55%, mc1 summary score: 3.59 thursday mc2 crash rate: 1.55, crash incidence: 1.56%, mc1 summary score: 3.81

  • took a look at b11 crash data - nothing unusual or of interest there


mc2 crash rate: 1.30, crash incidence: 1.16%, mc1 summary score: 2.44 thursday mc2 crash rate: 1.30, crash incidence: 1.16%, mc1 summary score: 2.57

  • 74 is humming along nicely

Mobile Stability


  • Crash rate is calculated based on usage hours (the time Firefox is actively used).
  • Usage hours will be significantly lower on Fennec than on desktop Firefox, so we can't compare mobile rates to desktop rates.



Covid19 special testing:


Aurora / Dev Edition



Action items

Feature Status Review

  • (75) Windows Default Browser Agent (WDBA) looks to be on track for Fx75 Release. Rachel advised they are watching things closely until final RC build validation. QA already provided a GREEN sign off.
  • (76) ETP: Cookie Restrictions: List 2 release rollout remains challenged. Waiting on Revenue experiment results from Google before making a final decision.


  • Async Captured Stacks deferred to Fx77 due to some outstanding dependencies
  • Service Worker Debugging slipped to Fx77 due to a blocker bug
    • DevTools Application Panel 1.1 (Service Workers) MVP also slipped to Fx77 as it is dependent on Service Worker Debugging
  • Purging Tracking Cookies (Enhanced Tracking Protection-Phase 2) deferred to Fx77
  • Search Modernization deferred to Fx77 due to some depenencies on Normandy functionality that are not quite ready yet

User Advocacy / SUMO Report

  • [roland] nothing to report

Roundtable & Special Topics

  • Add the [wfh] tag to bugs which may affect people working from home
    • QA is also monitoring such bugs to prioritize testing
  • Release owner for 77 is pascal

Post-Mortem (Tues 2wks from GA Release)