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Channel Meeting Details

Video/Teleconference Details

These notes are read by people who weren't able to attend the meeting. Please make sure to include links and context so they can be understood.


Pascal, dmeehan, dsmith,afischer, Aryx, telin, dveditz, JR Johnson

Schedule Update

  • Release 102
    • 102.0.1 desktop dot release tomorrow fixing post-release reported regressions
      • We will have corresponding focus/fenix dot release to pick up a couple of stability patches in Geckoview
  • Beta 103
    • 103.0b5 GTB tonight @ 100% rollout
    • Fenix/Focus 103.0b2 live @ 100% rollout
    • End of early beta on Friday July 8
  • Nightly 104
    • nothing to call out

Release quality metrics (Tuesdays)

Desktop Stability


mc2 crash incidence (% of users experiencing a crash): 1.64% (+0.38pp compared to previous week) == back to normal level, crash rate (crashes/active hour for crashing profiles): 1.99 (-0.02)


mc2 crash incidence: 1.92% (+0.95pp), crash rate: 2.26 (-0.03) - macOS slightly more parent process crashes from , but still in normal range


mc2 crash incidence: 0.76% (-0.01pp), crash rate: 1.57 (-0.16)


Mobile Stability





  • Nightly 104 WebRTC regression testing - signed off Green
  • New features - currently working on test plans and test cases

Aurora / Dev Edition


  • Build validation - 103.0b3-build1 and 103.0b4-build1 signed off Green
  • Beta 103 feature preliminary testing in progress and reports will be sent until tomorrow EOD for (QA-1516) Subtitles settings in PiP window and site-specific wrappers and (QA-1476) Add a policy for Fx update pinning.
    • No report will be sent for (QA-1515) Pin Firefox to taskbar on Win10/11 with the installer since the feature has not been uplifted yet to Beta 103
  • Regression testing - round 1 (of 3) targeting core browser areas and tier 1 top sites testing signed off Green, round 2 is in currently in progress, alongisde antivirus testing
  • Initial fix triage - completed, currently working on reducing the bug verification backlog


Action items

Feature Status Review

  • Not much of an update this week. No features reported as challenged or at risk at this time
  • Coming off a long weekend so the feature updates are a bit behind schedule. Expect to have status by end of week.

SUMO Report

Roundtable & Special Topics

Retrospective (Tues 2wks from GA Release)