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Channel Meeting Details

Video/Teleconference Details

These notes are read by people who weren't able to attend the meeting. Please make sure to include links and context so they can be understood.


RyanVM, epopescu, dsmith, oardelean, atrif, apetridean, dlucaci, Aryx, ljanos, dmeehan, dpop, mboldan, csasca, tzsoldos, asoncutean, btot

Schedule Update

  • 112
    • No updates
  • 113
    • Desktop & Android 113/102.11esr RCs will need a respin for bug 1831099, expected today
      • Taking a few ride-along fixes for 113 as well
      • Looking at a possible last-minute blocking issue for Android window.print() also
  • 114
    • Nightly soft freeze has started

Release quality metrics (Tuesdays)

Desktop Stability


crash incidence (% of users experiencing a crash): 1.61%



crash incidence: 0.79%

Mobile Stability





  • [Fx113] RC1 113.0-build1 - functional and update(beta and release-localtests) tests completed
  • [Fx113] RC2 113.0-build2 - to be tested tomorrow(web compatibility testing round) when build is available
  • [Fx102esr] RC1 102.11esr-build1 - functional tests - completed
  • [Fx102esr] RC2 102.11esr-build2 - to be tested tomorrow(web compatibility testing round) when build is available


  • Nightly 114 pre-merge regression testing - in progress. No concerns so far
  • Nightly 114 Search Regression Testing - in progress. No concerns so far.

Aurora / Dev Edition




  • Fenix Beta 113.0b9 - [GREEN]
  • Fenix RC 113.0 - [GREEN]
  • Focus Beta 113.0b9 - [GREEN]
  • Focus RC 113.0 - [GREEN]
  • Features testing: [QA-1849] Unified search - IN PROGRESS
  • [QA-1881] Unified Search Settings Screens - IN PROGRESS

Action items

Feature Status Review

SUMO Report

Roundtable & Special Topics

Retrospective (Tues 2wks from GA Release)

  • Fx112 retrospective is next Tuesday @ 8am PT