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Channel Meeting Details

Video/Teleconference Details

These notes are read by people who weren't able to attend the meeting. Please make sure to include links and context so they can be understood.


dmeehan, telin, pascalc,taniam, Aryx, JR Johnson, RyanVM, dsmith, dveditz

Schedule Update

  • 114
    • Shipped today at 25%
    • Associated ESR 102.12.0 shipped at 100%
    • Android 114 updates currently halted as we investigate the impact in some regions of a crash.
      • Potential dot release this week as we have a fix
      • Updates currently blocked for Android 5 users for a startup crash, we have a fix coming in a dot release
    • Focus 114 Android at 25%
    • Firefox iOS 114 and Focus iOS shipped on a phased one week rollout
  • 115
    • Desktop and Android Fenix/Focus 115.0b1 is live at 25%
    • Desktop 115.0b2 gtb today at 50% rollout
    • Android Fenix/Focus 115.0b2 gtb today and 50% rollout tomorrow pending QA sign-off
    • Firefox iOS 115.0b1 ready for QA
  • 116
    • No updates

Release quality metrics (Tuesdays)

Desktop Stability


crash incidence (% of users experiencing a crash): 1.60%



crash incidence: 0.74%

Mobile Stability




  • RC3 114.0 – Update tests on `release-cdntest` and `release` Green
  • RC1 102.12.0esr – Update tests on `esr` Green


  • New features – Currently in planning. QA requests are due this Friday

Aurora / Dev Edition


  • Build validation – 115.0b1-build3 Green
  • New features – Preliminary testing starts Jun 8th, already started for some features
  • Regression testing
    • Nightly 115 pre-merge regression testing complete – 1 new bug: Bug 1836498 (S3)
    • Beta 115 core regression testing (1 of 3) started

Feature Status Review

  • Firefox 115
    • No reported challenged or at risk features by their owners
    • No significant changes or slippages from last week
  • Firefox 116
    • Release mana page will be live by EOD today! 29 Jira issues already in the forecast

SUMO Report

  • No noticable issues on the forum at this time. But this release Desktop had several updates so keeping a close eye on the forums.
  • Will keep an eye out for the impact of the Android region crash over GPS reviews

Roundtable & Special Topics

  • reminder: archive the notes after the meeting
  • check if these notes are from previous meeting before editing them
  • is anybody archiving or exporting stability data from the stability dashboard for other uses?
  • Don't forget to update your Fx weekly digest areas. See: #fx-weekly-digest

Retrospective (Tues 2wks from GA Release)