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Channel Meeting Details

Video/Teleconference Details

These notes are read by people who weren't able to attend the meeting. Please make sure to include links and context so they can be understood.


telin (read only), dmeehan, dsmith, RyanVM, oardelean, asoncutean, epopescu, phorea, tzsoldos, pascalc,mchiorean, mboldan, atrif, dbarladeanu

Schedule Update

  • 119
    • So far no driver for an unplanned dot release
    • Android Fenix/Focus planned release 119.0.1 live @ 100% rollout
    • Desktop and Mobile planned dot release scheduled for Tuesday 2023-11-07
      • gtb on Monday 2023-11-06
      • Please ensure all uplift requests are submitted by EOD Friday 2023-11-03
  • 120
    • Desktop/Android 120.0b5 live on 2023-11-01
    • iOS 120.0 b5 got a green QA sign off and was distributed to external beta testers
    • Desktop/Android 120.0b6 gtb 2023-11-03
      • iOS 120.0b6 builds on 2023-11-02
    • End of Early beta is 2023-11-03 (tomorrow)
  • 121
    • No updates

Release quality metrics (Thursdays)

Desktop Stability


crash incidence (% of users experiencing a crash): 2.71% - is still open - Timeouts in mozilla::layers::LockD3DTexture<T>


crash incidence: 2.18% - still elevated


crash incidence: 0.66%

Mobile Stability






  • Nightly 121 WebRTC testing - in progress, no new issues found

Aurora / Dev Edition



  • Beta 120 functional testing (2 of 3) - in progress, no concerns
  • Beta 120 antivirus testing - in progress, no concerns
  • Beta 120 feature pre-release testing - started today, reports will be sent next week (November 8th)


  • Android [read-only]
    • Build Signoffs
      • Fenix & Focus
      • Beta 120.0b3 - status GREEN
      • Beta 120.0b4 - status GREEN
      • Beta 120.0b5 - status GREEN
      • RC 119.0.1- status GREEN
    • Feature Testing
      • [QA-2104] New Android package for Fenix: Android App Bundles - Green sign-off sent for Nightly 121
      • [QA-2133] Review checker on, and - not started
      • [QA-2146] Cross Platform Enhanced Suggest - Green sign-off sent for Nightly 121
      • [QA-2153] Passkeys through Google Password Manager on Android - Yellow sign-off sent for Nightly 121
      • [QA-2124] Simplified Nav & Data Clearance (Android) - Beta testing in progress
      • [QA-2154] Feature QA for CBH @ Android - not started
      • [QA-2171] Shopping Catch All for v121 given we don't yet know what exactly is prioritized for 121 yet [Android] - not started
  • iOS
    • Build Signoffs
      • Firefox iOS v120 (35559) - Beta 3 - Yellow
      • Firefox iOS v120 (35616) - Beta 4 - Yellow
      • Firefox iOS v120 (35673) - Beta 5 - Green
    • Feature Testing
      • QA-1994 - Fakespot Integration - Mobile iOS status Yellow on Beta.
      • QA 2148 - Enhanced Cross-Platform Suggest [iOS] In Progress
      • QA-2125Simplified Nav: Private Window Visual Refresh (iOS) In Progress

Action items

Feature Status Review

(read only) - Ping @telin if you have questions
  • Firefox 120
    • No challenged or at risk features reported by their owners
    • Launching a small Android Fakespot experiment in Beta 120 this week. Android and iOS are still on track for the big Fakespot experiment in 120 Release.
    • Android extensions GA (General Availability = allowing users to install any extensions marked as Android-compatible by extension developers). GA launch plan
  • Firefox 121
    • Fundamentals Enhancements: Browser Interaction Speed Perception/Responsiveness [Speed v1] is currently challenged as the engineering resourcing for this project has been deprioritized. Team is aware of the Nightly QA deadline of Nov 3rd.
    • Start parent-initiated navigation from parent process directly considered at risk for Fx121 as the team is working through how to interpret some recent profile data
    • Cookie Banner Handling on Android in Germany PBM in Fx121
    • Website Translations in Android riding the trains in Fx121
    • Support for :has is riding Fx121 to Release (this is a very frequently-requested web platform feature)

SUMO Report

Roundtable & Special Topics

Retrospective (Tues 2wks from GA Release)