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Channel Meeting Details

Video/Teleconference Details

These notes are read by people who weren't able to attend the meeting. Please make sure to include links and context so they can be understood.


dmeehan, abodea, RyanVM, epopescu, Aryx, pascalc, taniam, dsmith

Schedule Update

  • 125
    • Desktop 125.0.3 and Android Fenix/Focus 125.3.0 planned dot release live @ 100% rollout
    • Firefox iOS 125.3 planned dot release is live with a phased rollout
    • No dot release on the radar before Fx126 go-live
  • 126
    • Desktop 126.0b9 gtb tomorrow @ 100% rollout
      • This is the final build of the cycle
    • Android 126.0b9 gtb tomorrow @ 99% rollout
      • Bumping to 100% pending QA sign-off
    • Firefox iOS 126.0b9 gtb today
      • Available to external testers pending QA sign-off
    • Next week is the RC week
    • The deadline for Release Notes is 2024-05-07
  • 127
    • Nightly soft code freeze starts next week - Thursday 2024-05-09

Release quality metrics (Thursdays)

Desktop Stability


crash incidence (% of users experiencing a crash): 0.87% (pp compared to previous week) - lower than usual; Linux 1.25% (lower than usual), macOS 0.10%, Windows 1.24%


crash incidence: 0.79% (pp)


crash incidence: 1.50% (pp)

Mobile Stability





  • We've couple of features trending yellow (Schedule - Challenged)
    • QA-2316 : [Credential Management] OS Authentication - The agreement with Engineering is to have this feature landed and ready for testing no later than May 7th morning EEST, so that QA can provide the Nightly 127 test report by end of May 8th EEST.
    • QA-2396 : Code has not landed yet, missing the feature complete milestone (April 26th) that QA depends on to begin Nightly 127 testing – Nightly 127 testing is no longer feasible. QA could instead do some exploratory testing in Nightly 127, if the code lands in time, but there will be no formal test report provided.
    • QA-2405 : mailto support for gmail - No decision made yet with respect to the target release train. Feature team is currently considering having the code ready for testing either starting Beta 127, or Nightly 128.

Aurora / Dev Edition


  • Feature testing is On Track. Pre-release feature sign-offs were Green. Preparing for RC week, next week


  • Android


    • Build Signoffs
      • Fenix Beta 126.0b6 - Sign off Green
      • Fenix 125.3 build 1 - Sign Off Green
      • Fenix Beta 126.0b7 - Sign Off Green
      • Fenix Beta 126.0b8 - Sign Off Green
      • Focus Beta 126.0b6 - Sign off Green
      • Focus 125.3.0 build 1- Sign off Green
      • Focus Beta 126.0b7 - Sign Off Green
      • Focus Beta 126.0b8 - Sign Off Green
    • Feature Testing
  • iOS


    • Build Signoffs
      • Firefox iOS v126 (41214) Beta 6 - Sign Off Green
      • Firefox iOS v126 (41303) Beta 7 - Sign Off Green
      • Firefox iOS v126 (41443) Beta 8 - Sign Off Green
      • Firefox iOS v125.3 (41348) - Sign Off Green
    • Feature Testing
      • New iOS Toolbar Redesign - TCs in progress

Action items

Feature Status Review

  • 126
    • No challenged or at risk desktop features at this time!
    • iOS tab tray refactor is on track for an experiment in Fx126 (and rollout in Fx127) after some earlier attempts blocked by regressions.
    • Android Translations are on track to ship in Fx126.
  • 127
    • No challenged or at risk desktop features at this time!
    • Async clipboard APIs with built-in types has been added to the Fx127 forecast!
    • Android tab tray refactor is targeting Fx127. This is a big change and might be a regression risk.
    • Android crash reporter improvements (to include experiment info) are targeting Fx127.
    • Added “Passwords” menu item to Firefox Android’s application menu, a popular user request.

SUMO Report

Roundtable & Special Topics

  • Next week we are switching over to a Google Doc for the channel meeting notes
    • The Etherpad instance is being shutdown
    • The meeting invite will be updated with a link to the Google Doc
  • There are several public holidays next week in Europe.

Retrospective (Tues 2wks from GA Release)

  • Fx125 retro: 14-May @ 8am PT