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Firefox 35 Post mortem

  • (lmandel) We broke some add-ons due to IndexedDB:
    • Affects session restore in Firefox with no extensions
  • (lmandel) We missed updating the UUID for two interfaces
  • (lmandel) Graphics bug that had a fix wasn't uploaded (causing )
  • (lmandel) Accidentally shipped 35 to users early (I think we didn't actually ship but cause bogus update prompts - good clarification)
    • Human error - part of issue was that we were split between aus3 and balrog (this is now fixed with us fully on balrog)
  • (kairo) We only had very preliminary crash data when opening the floodgates for updates, but we were lucky as we have no larger issues.
    • (sylvestre) We enabled updates way sooner. Seems it worked great
  • (cww) UA forgot that some users weren't updating from 34.0.5 but 34.0.1 instead so we were surprised by the Yahoo update again. Ooops.
    • I blame temporary holiday-induced amnesia
  • (kairo) We missed somehow during the cycle that we broke whatsnew pages on Mac, thankfully we didn't want one anyhow.
  • (kbrosnan) Android Was a little crazy at the end with uplifts in the final betas.
    • holidays
    • conflicting gfx resources
    • QE realignment which moved ashuges off the release and myself onto the release late in the cycle
  • partner repacks don't have any testing and need automated sanity test at least.