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Firefox 36 Post mortem

  • MSE
    • Lot of patches landed at the same time.
    • Impact on other features
    • pressure to push features quickly in beta. poor planning impacts quality of the release. developing features on beta doesn't have good results
    • uplifting eme on mac, feature not as isolated as it may have appeared, breaks stuff
    • Seems like requiring development on Beta is a result of poor planning - need to follow up with bizdev about better communication of requirements and timelines
  • MSE / Flash / D2D 1.1
    • Sometime hard to keep track of the bugs because of various changes (backouts, multiple patches )
      • even if we limited parallel changes
    • Also hard to see separate crash volume effects because of all those and shutdownhangs
    • changes that are thought to be isolated to trivial can often cause regressions
  • Need to get the gfx team off of fixing on Beta +1
    • is part of why they do this, that someone thinks there isn't any value to dev/testing on nightly/aurora because of limited or different user base? (even if that were true for some parameters it isn't true of all)
  • UITour testing bug
    • Push on the release-cdntest sooner?
  • No test on Windows XP SP2 ?
    • We should follow up with SV
      • [Florin Mezei] Testing covered Windows XP (both x86 & x64) for almost all Firefox 36 Beta builds, starting with Beta 1 (build2), and up to Beta 10. Windows XP was probably covered more than in any previous release, mainly because of the request to verify fix for The Windows XP machines used have the latest OS updates installed (SP2).
    • crash report does not work in XP? (server side issue)
      • Still broken, some versions of XP need SSLv3 and SHA1-signed certs and don't support newer (and actually secure) protocols/certs, see bug 1138794
  • -remote
  • [Florin Mezei] Implementation of features that can break compatibility for some users (e.g. removal of the "-remote" option)
    • Would it be possible to get an analysis of the potential impact prior to implementation, and have a backup plan in case it generates too much negative feedback (e.g. implement behind a pref)?
    • This gets to how do we deprecate features? I said i would write up a draft of how we'd like to deprecate features (but i haven't yet) will put it on the wiki in a similar way that we have - lizzard
    • Didn't have any alternative for this feature
    • warn (in the ui), intent to deprecate announcement, throw a proper warning message, have a plan to back out if needed once the change hits release, put telemetry on the feature to see how broadly it is used, give a path for users of the deprecated feature to change to (document it on mdn for example)
    • Somehow people in this bug just ignored all feedback?

  • Device (roku, chromecast, etc) discovery causing firewall requests on OSX and Windows Vista+
    • Can we identify network issues in self help and assist people in resolving this issue
    • security, performance concerns
  • deprecation of accepting _ and other characters in certificates & hostname
    • This seems similar to the -remote discussion about deprecating features. We've seen a number of issues related to security hardening recently. We should be careful and give lots of advance warning for changes.
    • Bug 1136616 (reported only a week ago)
    • sec team should work in coordination with ie and chrome teams so that we all remove features in a similar timeframe - so that the solution if your site isn't working isn't just to use another browser
  • DNS usage of ANY (nobody is using it) bug 1093983

- general user feedback

  • Snippet for Hello was a bit too distracting.
   -To be fair, we always receive a significant amount of feedback with every animated snippet or even static ones that are not the Firefox logo
  • Better info on what buildid is what would be helpful for input team. if they could query it (or the input site could get info on which buildid = which beta, that would be useful.
  • Focus on MSE might have impacted quality in other areas, possibly also quality reorg
  • Can we build something that looks for a drop in ADI (or whatever metric) that is concentrated on particular platform/os? Then if winxp sp2 drops 100K users or some deviation from the normal curve we know something is wrong