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Firefox 44 Post-mortem

  • Soccoro issues during 44 cycle
    • 1 week outage during the xmas week.
    • another outage within 48 hrs of going live (critical window for us) :(
    • Seems to be a lack of confidence in the current stability data and rate - specifically apparent for Android. We need to figure out what is needed so that we all trust the crash data.
    • [Action item]: Ritu to discuss with Lonnen
    • [Action item]: Kevin/KaiRo/Ritu to help reconcile Fennec crash rate and help relman understand how to self-serve that data while driving a release.
  • NSS Updates
    • We need to communicate a timeline to NSS devs that for a Beta cycle we need fixes by Beta3/4 and only extremely critical fixes after that.
    • [syl] We discussed with the NSS team and we are probably going to treat NSS changes just like any other Firefox changes
    • [lmandel] potentially move NSS in-tree
    • [Action item]: Sylvestre to let us know when this can be put into place.
  • Hotfix required for bug 1242176 to address password lost, discovered during throttling period
    • We need to improve the hotfix situation. Maybe force the hotfix ping before the update / after
    • Hotfix is not the right mechanism when we need to gaurantee delivery of a fix before an update as we needed with the places db in 44
    • We should spec out a project for hotfix improvements
      • support for delivering multiple payloads concurrently
      • gauranteed delivery - force application of hotfix before applying an update
      • improve data about uptake - can/should we do this with Telemetry?
    • [Action item]: Ritu to communicate these items on hotfix improvements to hotfix team.
  • Missed uplift of graphics crash fix in bug 1222171 that eventually ended up as a ride-along in 44.0.1 (top-crasher)
  • Fennec spent most ofthe beta cycle chasing the crash rate. Disabling the dynamic tilecache made the biggest difference. Holidays did not help here ~10days of people on pto.
    • [syl] The new schedule is going to address the holiday issue. No more work during holidays \o/
    • Good team work finding and fixing issues to improve Fennec stability during late Beta 44 cycle.
  • Cookiegate
    • [syl] we had some concerns initially ...
    • [syl] Hard to address as webdevs are using the web in different ways
    • In future, we should consider using telemetry data to understand what sort of an impact this sort of change to bring about
  • [lmandel] We spent a lot of time during the cycle trying to figure out whether we should slip, skip, or release on time. A big part of this time was spent because we don't have a mitigation plan or clear criteria in place. We have projects underway to develop these. I think the cycle reinforces the need for this work.
    • [Action item]: RelMan working on a criteria