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Today’s meeting leader is: MattN

General Topics / Roundtable

  • [MattN] We are now in the Nightly 66 cycle
  • [mconley] Reminder - please do not modify the DOM inside of a promiseDocumentFlushed callback. Only use the callback to sample layout / style information.

    • I have a patch up to cause the Promise to reject if the DOM is modified within the callback.

Friends of the Firefox team


  • Irene Smith

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Project Updates

Activity Stream

  • No updates this week.

Add-ons / Web Extensions

  • Support for bootstrapped extensions has been removed.
  • Adding a blocking webRequest listener now throws if the extension doesn’t have appropriate permission.
  • All extensions now share a single hidden window, and this window is not created until it is needed.
  • Browser.tabs got a new API for changing the order in which tabs are focused.
  • Work on giving users control over extensions’ access to private browsing windows continues.

Application Services (Sync / Firefox Accounts / Push)

  • No updates this week. See you all next year! 🎊

Browser Architecture

  • No updates this week.

Developer Tools

  • End-user documentation: lots of updates; looking more consistent and up to date now. E.g.:
  • Console:

    • Can now invoke getters from the console (demo). Shipping in 65!

    • Autocomplete on $0 and $_ landed

    • On the server, for the autocompletion, we are now using an AST to get the property chain (e.g. `a.b[“d”][foo].x`)

    • Work on frame grouping: context matching (i.e. mark a frame as part of a framework only if other frame match the framework in the callstack. Example: zone.js in Angular)

    • Florens made the message icon (info and error) match the Photon design system (shape + color)

    • Console now uses debugger stacktrace component

    • Autocomplete on Number literals (e.g. `1..` or `(1).`)602x303px

  • Debugger

    • Breakpoint server improvements 1503436, 1489892

    • Run To Completion (R2C) progress 1074448

    • Debugger splitter is works D11178

    • Column Breakpoint progress 7241

    • Buttons are back again (switched from chrome to resource)

  • Design tools:

  • Fission:

    • Lots of work and research happening

    • Migrating fronts to proper ES6 classes + cleaning up lotsa tests

  • Remote debugging:

    • Milestone 1 was finished!! 🎉

    • Next milestone: to ship something that retires the (old, current) about:debugging page

    • Now you can debug extensions in USB devices.

    • We are showing a header when debugging a USB device's tab

    • 479x143px

    • Fixed many edge cases related to zombie/inactive tabs on Android

    • Now using React Router Dom to persist the selected page (added to vendors, in case you need it for other React projects in about: pages)

    • Lots of UX discussion + work happening

    • Will work on performance panel integration on current milestone

    • favicons are back in about:debugging#tabs

    • stop debugging session when USB debugging is disabled on the device

  • Performance:


  • Bug 1503984 - pref

    • (hopefully) final version of the patch posted, waiting on review

  • Slides and Air Mozilla recording from the Orlando presentation are available. Check the fx-team mailing list (or ping me) for the links


  • Lots coming in 2019.




  • The team is reorienting itself for 2019 Q1 to focus again on startup speed. Trying to determine a concrete goal to aim for.
  • Please tag any bug that might help with start-up perf with [fxperf] to get it on our radar
  • Felipe

    • Got feedback about new tab animations in Orlando from epang and dao

    • Hoping to get a subset of the new animations landed soon behind a pref

  • Gijs

    • Landed patches for this bug, which allows us to lower the framerate on what we consider to be “weaker hardware”

      • For now, “weaker hardware” means 2 or fewer logical CPU cores and a clock speed of 1.8Ghz or less.

      • At least when tested locally, this had a positive impact on the Raptor tp6 pageload tests when run on the Quantum 2018 reference devices
      • Held to Nightly and early Beta. The plan is to let it ride the trains to Beta, and then do a SHIELD study to determine if it’s having a positive impact on pageload speed in the wild.
    • Got rid of a sync layout flush!

  • mconley

Policy Engine

  • Released 64 GPOs and Mac information
  • Mac Admin community is really excited about the new stuff
  • Working with Asa to prioritize new policies


  • No updates this week.

Search and Navigation


  • Search suggestions requests are now isolated from other requests to avoid sharing cookies/cache - Bug 1510281

Quantum Bar:


  • In 2019 we’ll try to find a convergence with the Fenix schema to simplify syncing

Test Pilot

  • Send has an Android beta coming soon! Sign up here
  • Shield study for Side View is wrapping up. Survey results look positive overall
  • Firefox Color now exports static themes ready for submission to AMO
  • Screenshots

    • Screenshots shipped Firefox Accounts support on the server: you can now access your shots on any web browser

    • Screenshots had its best month ever: 3.3M users / 18M shots

    • Screenshots adding a keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + S

Web Payments

This week I learned