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Weekly Gaia Development Meeting

Announcements & Notices

   New etherpad template. Clean template rotated up each week so we start with a clean slate.
   Added people to the meeting rotation based on past history.


reporter: tony chung

   Major issues still pending:
   917594 crash in js::ShapeTable::search(int, bool) 
   845083 PDF file crashes when zoom in or zoom out (edit) 




Talking this week: jrburke

   Main outstanding issue, how to handle syncing when wifi turned off:!topic/
   koi+ bugs
   Initial POP3 groundwork still being laid for 1.3

Notes: The Team: asuth, evanxd, ianliu, gaye, lightsofapollo, doliver, jrburke, gghosh, mcav, jhford, cserran, pdol, tony (qa), william hsu (qa), robmac

   Backlog in Pivotal Tracker:

Media front end

Talking this week: djf

   We've begun planning for 1.3:
   major focus on Camera features
   some galley features also
   we still haven't decided what to do for music.
   Ringtones: we've got a patch to use songs from the Music app as ringtones and I'm going to push to get it included in 1.2


Talking this week: jhylands

   TEAM: bkelly, geo, hub, huseby, jhylands, jld, kgrandon, mchang, mlee, wlach, Walter Chen
   battery harness work progressing, will be demoing during the Innovation Fair on Saturday in Santa Clara
   general performance work on FPS and launch latency regressions
   Feedback from partner testing showed improvements across the board in launch time and FPS tests.
   Many thanks to everyone's hard work, especially the #gfx team!
   Partners are now seeing stuttering during scrolling in some apps (contacts).  See bug 922316.
   May be related to gfx buffer rotation issue (bug 921212)
   Contacts specifically may be related to sync reflows due to tag_visibility_monitor (bug 918179)
   Continuing to work to profile and improve app launch times and scrolling performance.
   getting more performance related metrics to datazilla
   Reflow on panning: Fabrice landed - if you find any regression please file a bug.

Comms app

Talking this week: Julien

   nothing very interesting there: mostly 1.2 bugs (eg sending MMS in some network conditions) and thinking about 1.3 features (UX, platform changes needed...)
   Double SIM scope TBD
   Rick Waldron (from Bocoup) is a new peer for Messages. (but Corey Frang (:gnarf) resigned as a peer)

System front end

Talking this week: Candice

   Bug tracking:
   Triaging koi+ bugs
   TEF requesting approvals for 1.2 landing post-FC (in progress)
   UX making good progress on Download Manager
   New team makeup:
   Browser merge
   Identity dependency/TEF for First Time User (FTU)
   Haida incorporation (Vivien, Etienne, David)
   SF Team Meetup - Nov 4-9

The team: cserran, gwagner, ladamski, reuben m, kyle m, michael h, aus, francis, jason, atsai, pdol, benfrancis, daleharvey, naoki, rob macdonald, TEF partners: marce, marina, rafael, carmen


Talking this week: Eric O'Connor

   Converting to use AMD modules
   Addressing performance regression :
   koi+ display and persistence bugs
   Working with UX on 1.3 clock features - world clock
   Rick was made peer!
   Evelyn starting work
   Corey starting work


System platform


Media recording


Round Table

   (bkelly) Will koi+ bugs be automatically uplifted to v1.2 branch?  Curious what the plan is so we can tell the partners when they might be able to pull a rev to retest with recent fixes.
   [jsmith] To my understanding, yes. koi+ gets automatic uplift and do not need approval.
   [lightsofapollo] same deal as 1.1 but! jhford is PTO this week
   (djf) Are approval requests being triaged for bugs that aren't blocking?

Useful or Old Links


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  • 9/3: Ben
  • 9/9: (OSLO)
  • 9/16 Anthony
  • 9/23 Dietrich
  • 10/1 Kevin Grandon
  • 10/8 James
  • 10/15 Ben
  • 10/22 Julien
  • 10/29 Anthony
  • 11/5 Dietrich
  • 11/12 Hub