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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel


Axel, Choffman, Mic, TimR, Tony (briefly), WilC

Meeting Notes

De-beta-ing of 2.0.0.x localizations

  • Question is, how many opinions do we want to have on what localizers are doing before it's debata-ed?
  • For example, Afrikaans, what criteria do we want to use for this?
  • Given the Litmus tests are high level, ideally, if Localizers could have a dozen people using their Fx build as their daily browser, this would probably be best measure that we could get
  • Localizers should also use the checklist for Fx2 (e.g., bookmarks, help, etc) and Litmus test case
  • L10n-drivers could then take the current 4 beta locales and have QA (Juan) review 2 weeks before our next maintenance release like (currently aiming for release date of May 22/24)
  • Nothing is presently approved for release
  • Axel will go back and ask the Localizers of the 4 beta's to go through Fx2 checklist and litmus and then should be reasonable to get into 2..4
  • Romanian is new for Beta, existing Beta's are Afrikaans, Gregorian and Kurdish
  • Belarusion has a Litmus test from May; we'll get Juan to do this one
  • A good starting date for queries from is after March 12

ACTION: Axel will reach out to Localizer teams, then QA (Juan) will review and then we can move to Release


  • Mic would like to get some L10n-driver feedback please and then her intent is to ask Localizers more generally for feedback.

L10n:Localization_Process L10n:Home_Page

  • Axel - will have plenty of comments here - first impressions, not yet consistent in terms of terminology for target audience, still sounds too much like our team notes
  • WilC - is there a spot on the main L10n home page to add where to get information for other Mozilla products?
  • The L10n-Home Page should be the page for all Mozilla products
  • Currently, it's been a dumping ground for all kinds of stuff
  • Still needs more clean up and additions so that we cover all of our products as well e.g., Thunderbird, putting a link to AMO will help (but it should remain simple, i.e., not the actual content but links)
  • TimR made the comment that he's not sure if it's coming together clearly yet: for example, do we know that the information we're posting will be useful to localizers and that existing or new localizers can find everything they need.
  • We've had some feedback from the Armenian team in the sense that their wiki page references the l10n localization process and status pages as useful

ACTION: After gathering some l10n-driver feedback Mic should contact: gandalf, cedric, maybe mmx and arvin from armenian team for feedback and input on what would be useful

Marketing L10n Buffet

Asa, JT Batson and SethB have scheduled a regular 3:30 PM meeting on Wednesday to discuss "international marketing" stuff.

  • First topic and action item is to sort out the marketing buffet for localizers.

we will meet today at 3:30.

  • Gandalf would like to contribute to this; the PR overview document Gandalf promised is ready today (he has sent it to seth, crhis and axel), the PR training hasn't happened yet, the Buffet idea may be Gandalf's original idea; Gandalf will join us on our next call

ACTION: mic send Gandalf's information to Seth

PostMortem form Fx2

  • A discussion of ideas for what we need to pay attention to we're not already doing from the notes:
  • Some of the major themes in those notes are: updates on new features, better communication, addressing help, etc.
  • In terms of updates on new features, we should refer Localizers to the PRD pages and PRD change request pages, any change in dropping/adding will be in PRD
  • We intend to be doing a much better job of communicating time lines and implications, should bring us better shape for engineering, etc.

ACTION: we should each take a look at the notes and review anything we may be missing


  • no update to report
  • from action items last week, Axel has posted the link on his localization wiki pages

List of current Localizers

  • WilC had a question about whether the current wiki page with the list of localizers teams is current? (that's what Wil is using as verification and this page is up to date)
  • It is for the most part (or as good as we have for now).
  • Axel will be asking Localizers to create a dedicated Wiki page similar to the one that the Armenian team built. This would be a better format for providing current localization team information

Email list consolidation

  • pascal sent out the post last week, the conclusion is we'll be consolidating two web lists: amo and web together

ACTION: Pascal, get it done

Fx3 Time line

  • We are waiting on feedback from Schrep, not converged yet
  • TimR voiced concern about if things are coming together yet: for example, we should be able to say how much time we need for a localizer to go through each phase and what key milestones and offsets are. This is our aim, we need feedback from Schrep to be able to move forward in this way.

QA update

  • Have been automating testing of preferences
  • Reviewing priorities of tools
  • Alice will be tied up with preferences
  • TimR will move tools to their newest team member: Clint, Clint is still getting himself ramped up
  • on Fx3 branding and trademarks requirements page, we discussed whether it would be ok to split out page into two, one directed at Localizers and providing branding requirements information and the other directed at QA and providing detailed current information in both machine and human readable format against which to test
  • we realized after the changes that taking that approach (all information for all audiences in one spot) didn't help or create real clarity, instead we need to focus on making that document give specifications clearly

ACTION: Mic to split page again

Fx3 help and events

  • currently under discussion and re-architecting for an international context is included (i.e., whatever we do should work outside US)
  • Our intent is to try to reach out to local communities to help them find new resources for those areas to help them vs putting more load on them
  • JTBatson (of the marketing team) and Axel are on the same page - if can get Fx3 support should try but not hurt Fx3 localization