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Meeting Details

  • 9:00 AM Mountain View Time (UTC -7)
  • 650-903-0800 x92 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel
  • (notetaker: )
  • (attendees: )

Meeting Notes


  • branching 1.9.3
    • Axel started to do a local dashboard comapring mozilla-central and l10n-central and mozilla-1.9.2 for all the locales that we're building on 1.9.2
    • 32 locales are better on central
    • 47 locales are better on 1.9.2
    • see Axel's notes below
  • shipping Firefox
    • Axel did a little bug dashboard (see below) for registration/triage purposes
    • Stas and Seth to meet during the 1-on-1 to work on p12n requests
    • do something before the summit to be able to reach out to the localizers and move the locales out of beta
    • timing? beta1 to happen before summit. when do we branch?



  • committer forms for SUMO localizers
  • l10n schedule: Kadir will send an email about the upcoming l10n requests on his side


  • Created hacky fx release triage helper
  • debugged hg for Milos and Marcos
  • learning experience viewing django videos from DjangoConEU
  • bcp47 patch blocked on broken code in chrome reg
  • mailed out "shipping firefox" to l10n-drivers, 9 locales in beta, 6 locales pre-beta-but-landed, 6+ locales earlier in the queue
  • local dashboard on 1.9.3 branch, looks like we'll branch 32 from central, and 47 from 1.9.2. Not branching locales not building? en-ZA, hy-AM, ms, ne-NP, nr, nso, rw, ss, st, tn, ts, ve, x-testing, xh, zu are those. Probably branch x-testing, I expect to build hy-AM and nso soon.

Talking points: Branching 1.9.3; Shipping Firefox; Balkans coop (crotian)?


  • more work on firefoxcup's staging server
    • adding locales not supported on AMO
    • handling 2 late string changes
  • l10n-src-verification is up-to-date again
  • dashboard triage



  • Updates to Jetpack API for final inclusion for Jetpack 0.5
  • L20n conversion scripts


Talking points: Localizing TestPilot


  • big cleanup of mozilla.com code for locales to improve future maintenance, remove dead files, have faster loading pages for locales and factorize rtl support (bug 569234)
  • 3.6.4 and 3.5.10 preparatory work for in-product pages ready, features page updated for most of mozilla-europe locales. Release notes update tonight probably.
  • Firefox Sync Download page done in 17 locales and live (next step is in-product pages for those locales and download pages for the next locales that localize the addon)
  • Firefox Sync promotional snippet ready for the above locale, to be given to google this week
  • Firefox Cup promotional snippet ready for 19 locales out of the targetted 21, missing Slovak and need pt-BR to be validated by Fernando before going online.
  • Ubuntu party Paris, manned a mozilla booth during 2 days, found several new contributors, one of them in localization (KozteK), he started Sumo and Test Pilot via Verbatim
  • 3.6.4 Major update page to localize for next week (done in en-US yesterday)
  • added gd locale to mozilla.com, removed ne-NP and rw
  • Moved to new office in Paris on Monday:)


  • added new Bosnian, Greek and French locale leaders to SUMO
  • Working on the scope of SUMO, wrt advanced users
  • IRC Meeting with localizers about new SUMO on June 3rd
  • Talking points:
    • Verbatim process and documentation
    • Localizer schedule