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Meeting Details

  • 9:00 AM Mountain View Time (UTC -7)
  • 650-903-0800 x92 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel
  • (notetaker: )
  • (attendees: )

Meeting Notes

Attendeeds: sethb, axel (notetaker), pascalc, stas, gandalf

Q2 Goals

done pretty well, generally

l20n is not really making it into fx4, to some extent a miss. some progress made in public discussions. didn't move away from whitepaper to projects page early enough, got caught up there.

jetpack api has code landed for 0.5, common pool version for now.

localize projects: lorentz, student reps, fx cup, sync, testpilot, flock of web pages.

Q3 Goals

internal feedback on goals is good

statistics for web pages, figure out how which localized page is doing. get metrics on to it?

fx4 beta

stay on central, migrate back to central, branch? missing an en-US branch, really.

usually we don't translate beta pages, how does that change with the beta program? Can we reduce the pages to something reasonable to localize often? pascalc to talk to mayumi


  • removing buildbotcustom from dashboard, according to releng/l10n talks a while back
  • loads of real life at Linuxtag
  • possibly new contributor to dashboard html (aka Ryan ??)
  • feedback on l20n content sink patch

Talking points: fx4 beta 1 locales


I'll be 10 minutes late, sorry.

  • set up kitsune locally to work on a merging script (similar to what we use in zamboni) - almost ready
  • submitted sessions proposals: 1 breakout session about l10n build/testing, 2 lightning talks about the todo app and the live bookmark policy
  • some lightweight firefoxcup housekeeping: added zh-TW.
  • catching up on p12n bugs, tried to close a few that should have been fixed erlier
  • emailed with Manoj about moving Oriya out of beta. Found a blocker (bug 553667)
  • back to hacking on the todo app



  • Jetpack L10n API landed for Jetpack SDK 0.5
  • L20n XUL bindings updated to trunk
  • Firefox XUL UI migration patch to L20n progress
  • Firefox 4 Beta Feedback Program progress
  • Working with Dimitris on Jetpack WebService


  • TestPilot l10n
    • Filed IT bug, but now fixed
    • Drafted announcement to dev-1l0n for participation
  • New locale p12n
    • gd nearing completion
    • ast restarted communication
    • focusing on mai, ilo, son, luganda (and a handful of others) next
  • Created L20n project wiki
  • L10n I/A project: Sent Axel's feedback to Chowse who responded
    • Axel and Chowse should discuss
  • Summit, Setting up World Expo with Mary and Amie
  • Finalizing contract for Jetpack common-pool work
    • Focusing on project deliverables, which have caused some debate on how to execute the statement of work in the contract

Talking points:

  1. Q2 Goal wrap up
  2. Q3 Goal setting


  • was sick all of last week
  • worked on Thunderbird 3.1 in-product pages
  • worked on making sure the Flash alert will appear on whatsnew pages for 3.6.4
  • kept working on 3.6 Major Update message + other minor updates to pages