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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: 11am PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes


  • got mailing to work in outreach app. Loads of open ends still, sadly.
  • sent out ideas for GSoC
  • spread the news on UTRRS among layout (script rendering reference from Indian community), waiting for announcement on their side (Ankit is contact)
  • picking up PE parse error for compare-locales again. XML is hard.
  • beta 12 is built, hopefully (bug 632835).
  • dashboard data 2 project makes progress, see etherpad



  • Got l20n compiler to compile all unit test .lols (badge!)
  • Experimenting with ACE editor mode for L20n
  • Got 3way merge up to date with latest silme
  • L20n evang. work for the next Ecma TC39 meeting
  • Helping stas with Special Projects, emergency mode
  • Media training for Fx4 release in Paris + some interviews



  • Worked on firstrun page for firefox 4, for the moment only the back end part and the possibility to have different versions of the page. Webdev should send to SVN their first draft of the firstrun page, I will probably reuse part of it.
  • Looking for an alternate video for firstrun since the video we will use hasn't been created yet (and I would like to have it subtitled)
  • Worked with French community on reviewing the Reviewers' Guide translation for the press
  • remapped hy to hy-AM on mozilla.com
  • Working on adding zu on mozilla.com
  • Worked on Nova redesign part 2 with Milos, new header for mozilla.com and europe and prep work for mozilla-europe new content


Talking point:

  • Situation of Croatian L10n team