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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: 9am PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes

Overall status:

  • 28 localizations ready and signed off for Firefox 5,
  • 34 are successfully building and ready to go and the remaining 48 need a small amount of work to be ready for 5.0.
  • Outreach started to teams that need to dedicate some time to ship with 5.0
  • Axel to connect with Legnito on things needed for the Aurora to Beta Merge for l10n
  • We're on track with all engagement campaigns except for webifyme, which has a major delay.
  • markup has been test-launched and will be going live on Tuesday, May 17th
  • Stas has a call today to figure out more of the schedule and work plan for webify me. webifyme is a huge project for l10n and as such, it weigh heavily on localizers ability to do other things.



  • struggling with data1.1, it's a beast.
  • outreach for aurora firefox and fennec started
    • expect some locales to land on beta
    • narro setup seems to work
    • pootle for anloc not yet set up, dwayne's on it.
  • Doing sign-off reviews for aurora, and blogged about how it's harder for aurora.
  • Discussions with the Italian community with Mary and chofmann. A good deal of input to forward around.


  • signoff view review (bug 565358)
  • markup dark-launched, proper launch is Tue, May 17. We're about half-way done with the l10n. Looking bright.
  • webifyme is delayed
  • joinmozilla: minor updates are coming, working with Paul Osman and Gandalf on implementing them and reaching out to the localizers
  • I'll attend the next meeting from Mountain View. Getting ready to leave.


  • Verbatim harassment, fixing, analyzing, fixing again
    • Spent some time with Pootle devs learning what happens inside Pootle internally
    • fixing AMO/SUMO/MDN projects inside Pootle and synchronizing them with SVN
    • fixed Markup/Input/Spark/others for ppl who reported problems
    • guided Milos through Pootle/TT upgrade
  • Worked with Stas on special projects (Markup/Join Mozilla)
  • Led the discussion on opening up our channels and delivered the summary to interested parties
  • Finishing the slide deck for L10nDrivers on the changes we're planning for our team
  • Gave several interviews to CEE press on Firefox 5


  • on holidays this week