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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: 9am PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes



  • set up dashboard for Beta. Loads of issues
  • renamed pushes2 to signoff2, now based on develop (needs patches still)
  • first elmo call



  • markup/webhero help for stas
  • l20n compiler updates (injecting getent/getmacro functions as headers for each .js file)
  • draft of slides for World Ready story
  • organization of FalsyValues conference in Poland


  • was in holidays last week so not a lot to report this week
  • Direct upgrade campaign landing pages translation / google snippets / SEM are done, campaign can be launched
  • worked with Wim to add fy-NL links to mozilla-europe/mozilla.com nl pages in the footer and close to the nl download box, since it is a very minor language, having Frisian pages is not enough because most of the potential user base is surfing with an nl browser. We will eventually add a double nl/fy-NL download box
  • Promoted Breton version on mozilla-europe.org to see if it had en effect on download (same problem as Frisian, lack of general exposure), will keep an eye on ADUs. Talking with Michel and other French guys on ways to promote his version of Firefox (like interviewing him, putting him on Bonjour...)
  • published lots of pages, especially Channel ones (we are now at 55 locales)
  • added a beta mobile download box on the channel page for tomorrow's release
  • moved m/beta.html pages to the new design, updated the page to remove maemo links
  • Ported lang to gettext php parser from mozilla-europe.org to mozilla.com, that allows using any gettext po file from special projects translated via verbatim to the store of strings usable on mozilla.com (this is for facebook's webhero campaign initially that we will also need on mozilla.com but we can use it with any special project)
  • started working on May 3.6 snippets for Google
  • Read my 1600 bugmail, did some bug triaging


  • Discussed new webl10n dashboard django app with Stas and Pike
  • Mobile beta snippets translation
  • Finished direct upgrade campaign stuff
  • Discussing and plannign the merge


Talking point: Bug 632818 - Licensing translations submitted via Verbatim