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Logotype of the Swedish Mozilla L10n project.
För den svenskspråkiga versionen av den här sidan, gå till L10n:Teams:sv-SE.

Welcome to the page of the Swedish localization team at Mozilla. Here, you'll find lists of team leaders and translators, information on how to become part of Mozilla's L10n project, and links to pages where you can learn more about translating Mozilla's products and services.

Swedish (sv, sv-SE)

The Swedish L10n team

Team leaders

Name Email Role Desktop OS Mobile OS Hg access? SVN access?
browser/toolkit owner (Firefox)
Andreas Pettersson azAt-teken.pngkth.se fIR ,Thunderbird YES; Level 1 L10n
Peter Kihlstedt peterAt-teken.pngkihlstedt.se Seamonkey Windows & Kubuntu YES; Level 1 L10n
Mikael Hiort af Ornäs mikael.hafoAt-teken.pnggmail.com mozilla.com & mozilla.org, Swedish MoPad Windows Android YES

Active translators

This list takes up those who translate or help in translating any of Mozilla's projects into Swedish.
NB! The following information is required for everyone who wants to add people to the list: Fist name and surname, e-mailaddress and role (e.g. translator Firefox or cotranslator Firefox).

Name Email Role Desktop OS Mobile OS Hg access? SVN access?
Ludwig Johnson ludwig.johnsonAt-teken.pngtelia.com iOS Translator iOS
Luna Jernberg droidbittinAt-teken.png@ at gmail.com Suggests Translations Android NO; Level X L10n NO

Other contributors (not translators)

This list takes up those who do other things than translating, contributing to the Swedish localizing effort in other, equally important ways, e.g. provide information, technical know-how or just being awesome in general.
NB! The following information is required for everyone who wants to add people to the list: Fist name and surname, e-mail address and role (e.g. proofreader Firefox, reviewer or sounding board)

Name Email Role Desktop OS Mobile OS Hg access? SVN access?
Firstname Surname firstname.surnameAt-teken.pngexample.co.moz Proofreading web content Ubuntu and Windows iOS Android YES; Level X L10n NO

Former localizers

Name Email Role Desktop OS Mobile OS Hg/CVS access? SVN access?
Hans Wallanger hasseAt-teken.pngjasajudeju.se Firefox Desktop and Mobile YES; Level 1 L10n YES
Alexander Lindqvist alexanderAt-teken.pngbitspace.se Calendar YES; Level 1 L10n
Mikael Hedberg slicedlimeAt-teken.pnggmail.com Browser/Mail/Toolkit owner YES CVS <hedbergAt-teken.pngnovasphere.net>
Lars P M lars.pmAt-teken.pngebox.tninet.se Suite owner NO
Markus Amalthea Magnuson markus.magnusonAt-teken.pnggmail.com Camino
Rickard Angbratt Original NSIS translation
Ulf Axelsson Original NSIS translation
Stefan Hermes Camino
Magnus Bonnevier Original NSIS translation
Tomas Hägg Mozilla Suite
Per Larsson MailNews, Messenger
Stefan Lewitas Calendar YES CVS
Adrian Lindqvist Calendar
Niklas Lundström Messenger
Ulf Scherov Camino
Henrik Olsson MailNews, Messenger
Roger Sjölander Messenger
Fredrik Sundberg Mozilla Suite (until Milestone 17)
Daniel Wester Mozilla Suite
Kristoffer Melin melin.krisAt-teken.pnggmail.com Firefox Desktop
Luna Jernberg Firefox Desktop, Firefox iOS+Android etc

How to join the Swedish L10n team

  1. Introduce yourself to the Mozilla Sweden community by emailing the mailing list.
  2. Create an account at support.mozilla.org (SUMO).
  3. Learn how to translate a SUMO article.
  4. Look at the localization dashboard for SUMO in Swedish and translate a SUMO article.
  5. When you're done, notify the team for them to review your work by emailing the mailing list.
  6. Reward yourself for a job well done, e.g. with a nice coffee break. You're a star! Star.jpg

Contact the team

We use a mailing list to which it is possible to subscribe to or unsubscribe from here: https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/community-sweden.

If you are interested, Mozilla has plenty of other public mailing lists to follow.


Active projects

Overview pages: sv-SE

An overview page, or dashboard, is a page that shows information and status for, in this case, one or more of Mozilla's L10n projects. It also has links to all the important pages within the project.

Bugzilla: sv-SE

Bugzilla is Mozilla's own bug reporting and tracking system. It's found at bugzilla.mozilla.org.

Translation bugs

  • File bug in Bugzilla under "Mozilla Localization" > "sv-SE / Swedish".
  • List of open bugs filed under "Mozilla Localization" > "sv-SE / Swedish".
  • File bug in Bugzilla under "www.mozilla.org" > "L10N" (preset for "sv-SE").
  • List of open bugs filed under "www.mozilla.org" > "L10N" containing "sv-SE".


Nordic communities


Mailing list
Danish (da)


Finnish (fi)


Mailing list
Icelandic (is)


Mailing list
Norwegian Bokmål (nb-NO)
Norwegian Nynorsk (nn-NO)


Translating: Mozilla

Here are some links to pages with information on how you do to translate for Mozilla, and to Mozilla's various translating hubs.
Are you looking for resources or translating tools? See L10n:Översättningsverktyg for a list in Swedish, or L10n:Resources for a resources list in English.

Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)


See also

External links

Mailing lists




Since we actively promote open source values, we always try to improve our efforts and welcome your input. Please tell us what you think by joining the discussion (in English) either on the L10n forum På engelska or the IRC channel #l10n På engelska. You can also always contact the Swedish L10n team På engelskaPå svenska in either English or Swedish.