Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2010-06-22

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  • followups from last week
  • SDK 0.5 status
  • FlightDeck 1.0a2 status
  • Q3 project goals
  • SDK 0.6 planning
  • startup events
  • roundtable
    • what makes the SDK 1.0? (see below)


  • SDK 0.5 status
    • three RCs, last one spun yesterday. No respin-inducing bugs appeared so far. Needs at least one more day to bake. Likely to release on thursday (to align with FlightDeck release).
  • FlightDeck status
    • tenatively froze last tuesday, tutorial landed saturday
    • Myk found some blockers in casual testing, feels fragile
    • if last blocker is fixed today, we could bake for two days and still ship on thursday. Feels dubious though.
    • Please Test!! Talk to dbuc for access.
  • Q3 goals
    • general goal is 1.0 in Q4, not specifically aligned to fx4
    • which probably means feature-complete beta in Q3
    • potential goals:
      • feedback channel
      • exit incubation: move servers out of labs onto AMO hardware, process stuff
      • collaborative development feature
      • project branch for unit tests (if slips Q2)
      • integration testing
      • performance testing
      • security model in place
      • packaging minimization (don't package unused modules)
      • better debugging tools
      • module repository (ala node.js)
      • code review for all code
  • SDK-0.6 planning
    • do as little as possible: take 0.5 and make it advertise-to-world -ready
    • Panel and widget integration: make the single-ui-element easy and polished
    • research+fix papercuts (sometimes fixed through docs, education, or code)
    • pagemods (survey says users want: pagemods, libraries like jquery, selection, then localization, then others)
    • docs for all APIs
    • E10S story in place: make sure APIs won't have to change once E10S lands
    • library sharing story (links from SDK to flightdeck). Future work: integration, tools to upload code from SDK into flightdeck, or search flightdeck for useful modules with "cfx search" or something.
  • interesting projects (concurrent with but not necessarily for 0.6)
    • E10S integration
    • Brian's manifest-generation module-review/approval system
    • Atul's debugging toolset
  • startup events (dbuc)
    • three browser-startup events of interest. When should addons be started? How can they get control at different points in time?
      • really early (rare, only for e.g. adblock)
      • middle (most here)
      • after loaded (really lazy)
      • maybe a manifest entry to inform addon-manager that it can load some addons later, to speed up startup
      • E10S might make this even more interesting: loading an addon (in a separate process) may be fairly expensive. pagemods must be loaded before tabs are restored (if their tabs are affected)
  • roundtable:
    • bespin code-completion js-ctags generation (patrick)


What makes the SDK feature-complete for 1.0? Some ideas below. What's missing? How can we get feedback on this from addon developers, both old-school and those using the SDK?

  • Chrome privilege separation
  • E10s conversion of APIs
  • Panels
  • Page-mods
  • Places
  • Windows
  • Sidebar
  • Preferences (myk clarify?)
  • Database (sqlite)
  • Clipboard
  • Keyboard
  • Menus