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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.0.12

  • shipping to beta today
  • release next week

Firefox 3.0.13

  • work on your blockers
  • code freeze on August 4
  • please request approval before landing

Firefox 3.5

  • Over 17 MILLION downloads so far!

Firefox 3.5.1

  • aiming for builds early next week
  • blocking1.9.1.1 and approval1.9.1.1 flags should be used
  • goal of this release should be a quick-turnaround that:
    • topcrash fixes, security/stability patches
    • narrow scope, small changes
    • contrary to some reports on the Internet, this is the usual process for Firefox and software releases; the 3.5 release was strong, stable and solid, and feedback has been extremely positive. Near the end of the release we become extremely conservative about patches to accept; the 3.5.1 release is a quick update to fold in some patches that came up late in the 3.5 release cycle.

Firefox 3.6a1

  • code freeze 21-July?

Blocker Report

Gecko / Firefox 3.5.1

Gecko 1.9.2 / Namoroka

Browser / Front End

  • Polish update: Firefox is 59% shiny (0% change)


GFX Update

  • bug 753 is ready for review, and will need a lot of it.
    • There are a number of fairly important pieces of work (Aero Peek in bug 501490, decode-on-draw in bug 435296) that are built on top of this code. If we want any of them in 3.6, we need to land bug 753.
  • Decode-on-draw is mostly working, to the point of having header-only decodes (for size information, for proper layout), but without an incremental decode.
    • Does mobile block on decode-on-draw?
  • #3 topcrasher bug 470487 potential fix has landed on mozilla-central, and we're now waiting on data to see if it's actually fixed.
  • bug 496573, the bug that caused Windows users to not see our firstrun fonts properly, now has a patch.
  • Windows integration work has been happening:
  • High quality image scaling in pixman landing might happen this week.

Layout Update

  • Compositor phase 1 nearly ready to land: should we land it? Depends on schedule.

Content Update

  • No major updates this week.

Mac OS X Update

  • Markus Stange is very close to having a completed patch for fullscreen in 1.9.2, bug 420491.
  • 64-bit Mac OS X port blocked on gfx bug 493280.
  • Cocoa NPAPI event model coming along, part of it landed, maybe 75% complete at this point.




Phase II beginning: need project owners and mentors for tasks on this list. Please join for project discussions.

cjones has basic IPDL docs available. We're expanding the docs as we go, so please contact him (or the list) with questions.

Bent did a "remote xpcshell" for prototyping and testing: commands can be issued to run in the parent or the child process. we also created an "IPC test harness" which can be used to experiment with IPC protocols (see the IPDL docs).

bsmedberg doing local buildbots until RelEng can hook up a full project... reporting to tinderbox.

Tree Management


  • Everyone should read other teams' goals.
  • stabilizing mozilla-central for a 1.9.2 branch / 1.9.2 alpha (beltzner)
    • cleaning up after large landings: interruptible reflow, content sink, cairo rewrite, focus update, asynchronous location bar
    • reducing instability
    • aiming to freeze for tag and branch to mozilla-1.9.2 on July 31st
    • this will be used for Fennec 1.0, Firefox 3.6
    • afterwards, trunk to open with staged landings for large changes
  • multi-state flag for blocking-1.9.1.x:
    • blocking1.9.1? - nominated
    • blocking1.9.1- - not blocking
    • blocking1.9.1needed - needs to go on a security/stability release
    • blocking1.9.1.2+ - blocking
    • blocking1.9.1.3+ - blocking
    • ...etc
  • multi-state flag for status-1.9.1.x:
    • status1.9.1needstriage - needs driver attention
    • status1.9.1unaffected - doesn't affect the 1.9.1 branch
    • status1.9.1wanted - fix wanted for 1.9.1 branch
    • status1.9.1wontfix - wontfix for 1.9.1 branch
    • status1.9.1.2-fixed - fixed in
    • status1.9.1.3-fixed - fixed in
    • ...etc