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Engineering Meeting Details

  • Tuesday 2013-06-18 - 11:00 am Pacific
  • Dial-in: Audio-only conference# 98411
    • People with Mozilla phones or softphones please dial x4000 Conf# 98411
    • US/Toll-free: +1 800 707 2533, (pin 4000) Conf# 98411
    • US/California/Mountain View: +1 650 903 0800, x4000 Conf# 98411
    • US/California/San Francisco: +1 415 762 5700, x4000 Conf# 98411
    • US/Oregon/Portland: +1 971 544 8000, x4000 Conf# 98411
    • CA/British Columbia/Vancouver: +1 778 785 1540, x4000 Conf# 98411
    • CA/Ontario/Toronto: +1 416 848 3114, x4000 Conf# 98411
    • UK/London: +44 (0)207 855 3000, x4000 Conf# 98411
    • FR/Paris: +33 1 84 88 37 37, x4000 Conf# 98411
    • Gmail Chat (requires Flash and the Google Talk plugin): paste +1 650 903 0800 into the Gmail Chat box that doesn't look like it accepts phone numbers
    • SkypeOut is free if you use the 800 number
  • Engineering Vidyo Room / Warp Core / SFO-Boardroom / Tor Commons
  • join #planning for back channel


Hot Bugs

(Important bugs for which we need to find owners or additional help. If known, please include suggested team or knowledge needed to advance the bug.)

Orange Factor
  • No activity in bug 874647 (Find and fix the underlying cause of the Windows XP xpcshell hangs) since it was filed 4 weeks ago. Test suite will be disabled this week.
    • jst to follow-up with ctalbert and bmoss.
  • OSX "code -20" test failures.
    • "Code -20" (SIGCHLD) is an IPC thing that can happen to the parent process after a child process quits
    • Currently 38 bugs on file. Under-represents occurrences as each failure is not always filed.
    • Aborts test suite.
    • If not a fatal error, can test runner not treat it as such?
      • Or automatically star & retrigger?
    • Filed bug 884471 to find and fix underlying issue.
  • bug 878449 - aurora windows topcrash in CCliModalLoop::CCliModalLoop needs help (bbondy can't reproduce)
  • bug 882433 - nightly topcrash at js::ion::InlineFrameIteratorMaybeGC needs an owner

The Need To Know

(Release and system issues that may impact engineering this week.)

Notices/Schedule (akeybl/lsblakk/bajaj)

  • FF22b6 went to build yesterday
    • Desktop may ship today
    • [tbd] Mobile may need to respin due to bug 884300 – CFI records broken on Linux platforms
  • FF22.0 RC went to build overnight
    • [tbd] Mobile may need a respin
    • No issues on the tracking list that are worrisome; please email early and often if you find something possibly critical (esp. 22 regressions)
  • I'd like to hijack this section and direct your attention to "Changing our Standard for Bug Verification" on dev.planning (>80 posts, go bottom up)
51 bugs (45 bugs last week)
3 bugs (22 bugs last week)
Unresolved Aurora 54 Trackers (non-security, not tracked for Beta) Unresolved Beta 128 Trackers (non-security)

Upcoming Outages/Upgrades

(System outages/upgrades and tree closures that impact engineering.)

Key Issues

(Non team specific issues that impact engineering.)

Team Stand-ups

(In <2 mins, what did your team accomplish last week, on what is your team working on this week, and on what, if anything, is your team blocked? No questions during the stand-ups. All questions should be asked during the roundtable.)

Accessibility (dbolter)

<Read Only>

  • B2G option for installing additional extensions in DEBUG mode landed (bug 879563).
  • Looking into automated tests for Gaia a11y. (Eitan + Web QA)
  • Max's recent braille improvements landed (bug 876475).
  • Marco Zehe will keynote day 2 (tomorrow) at the PDF Association’s second Technical Conference.

Add-on SDK (dtownsend)

B2G Simulator (dtownsend)

B2G Services (dougt)

  • Push notifications will land on desktop soon (q2 goal)
    • Will be disabled on Beta+Release until CR or interop

Developer Tools (dcamp/robcee)

<Read Only>

  • Back end of Remote Inspector Landing.
  • Back end for Break on DOM in Debugger landing.

DOM (jst/dougt)

  • Update on the XBL Refactoring (Blake)
    • Ready to land, but waiting to land after a branch point

Firefox Desktop (gavin/dolske)

  • Australis still on track to land soon (beginning of the 25 train)! Try out a UX build and file bugs!
  • Firefox desktop team will be having a frontend-perf-focused work week in Toronto next week
  • Status update on the new Downloads API: [1]
  • dev.platform post about background tab thumbnailing: [2]

Firefox Metro (bbondy/jmathies/mbrubeck)

<Read Only>

  • team status updates
  • Continued work on front end polish
  • improvements to chrome input selection
  • progress being made on getting dev tools/profiler hooked up. (bug 850019)
  • Currently hooking up Async Pan Zoom Controller to Metro in (bug 849266 and bug 801154), Desktop Wiin32 to follow

Firefox Mobile (mfinkle/blassey)

Firefox OS (sicking)

GFX (milan)

<Read Only>

Identity (jedp)


  • rtc peer connection + persona auth [rseys, jedp]
  • firefoxos + persona [ozten, jedp]
  • first-time sign-in to firefoxos [skinny, ozten, jedp]

GSOC Intern

  • Akshay Katyal [MrDHat] working on a PiCl client for contacts data sync for firefoxos [mentor=jedp]

JS (naveed)

<Read Only>


  • Compiler (JIT)
    • bug 866878: BaselineCompiler: Compile try-finally
  • Garbage Collection
    • bug 877762: GC: Post-barrier cycle collector participants


  • Compiler
    • bug 881902: Last big part of interpreter stack refactoring - fallout from JM removal
  • Front End and Other
    • bug 883154: Add runtime wide cache for compiled lazy scripts
    • Continue prototyping a shared memory implementation for asmjs, with the goal of running an extremely simple threaded program

Layout (jet/dbaron)

<Read Only>

  • Bugs of interest that landed:
    • SVG images are no longer fuzzy when tiled and scaled (bug 600207)
    • DOM futures support landed (bug 856410) - some new CSSOM APIs depend on this
    • strongly-typed conversions between coordinate systems (bug 880676)

Media (mreavy)

  • Web Audio work is mostly done, only a few bits of the API remain to be implemented.
  • Ehsan has mostly moved away from the Web Audio work, padenot, rillian, karlt and others are helping to finish the rest of the project.
  • Basic WebVTT support landed behind a pref. You can test <track> in Nightly now!
  • Created WebVTT wiki page for status and getting-started links.
  • This week the WebVTT team is working on adding tests, fixing nits, and planning implementation of the revised WebVTTCue API.
  • MediaEncoder interface landed and confirmed to be recording Opus files (Bug 868962). Bug 879688 tracks all the MediaEncoder work.
  • Identified a major cause of growing audio latency in WebRTC (including B2G) on some machines (but not others); working on a solution in bug 884365
  • Temporarily running WebRTC as root on B2G (until E10S changes land) causes performance issues (thread-priority and switching).
  • Planning to land major update of import as soon as 25 opens; already tested on Desktop and B2G. bug 880879

Necko (dougt/jduell)

  • bug 497003: Off-main thread OnDataDelivery patch bounced: working on fix
    • doesn't work if content is gzipped: that will be follow-up. Also followups to support XHR workers, Download manager, imglib
  • bug 784575, bug 871452: Starting work to allow network traffic to be measured (and choked off to wifi-only) on a per-app basis.
  • bug 881804: Adding interface for speculatively doing DNS and/or prewarming TCP connections based on previous history. In API/design phase.
  • New cache code: integrating & debugging initial API and filesystem patches

Performance (vladan)

Blog posts:

Seceng (mmc)

  • Team workweek this week in MV Bridge (Mon-Wed) and SF (Thur). Drop by and say hi!
  • Sandboxing planning for Q3 going on as we speak (DRI: imelven)
  • Please come: Web Security 1.0 training at 12:15 in MTV 10 Forward (DRI: tvyas, rforbes)

WebAPI (overholt)

<Read Only>

Last week:

  • patches for IDB temporary storage up for review
  • continued work on Promises
  • W3C AC meeting
  • spec work: Telephony, Fetch, Promises, icons-in-manifests
  • WebAPI documentation review

This week:

  • get up to speed with NavigationController
  • more work on DataStore API
  • review of sync IDB patches
  • spec work: Telephony, Fetch, Promises, Keyboard API

Quality Programs

(An opportunity to hear about status with the various quality programs that do not have a formal team structure.)

Critsmash (dbolter)

Memshrink (njn)

A big week.

  • Brian Hackett enabled lazy bytecode. This avoids generating bytecode (and subsequent objects, shapes and strings) for unexecuted JS functions, which in practice is ~50% of them due to websites' extensive use of libraries such as jQuery. Reduces Firefox's memory consumption by ~5% on common workloads, and significantly reduces pressure on the GC.
  • The report on MemShrink's 2nd birthday includes an updated MemShrink "big ticket items" list. Three old items were crossed off, and three new ones added. Better image handling and generational GC are still #1 and #2, though both have made good progress.

OrangeFactor (ryanvm)

  • Past week's OrangeFactor: 6.36 (Previous Week: 4.10).
    • Most contributors to the spike have been fixed or backed out already.
  • 15 intermittent failures fixed in the last week - List - Thanks!.

Stability (kairo/bsmedberg)

  • Stability numbers continue to look good.
  • Trunk saw a number of new crashes in the last days, mostly fixed by now, see yesterday's stability meeting.
  • bug 884300 is an issue that gives us bogus stacks on Linux, including Android, at least on 22 and higher. If you looked at crash stacks recently, be aware of that and re-check once this is fixed.


(Comments and questions that arise during the course of the meeting or otherwise do not have a section.)

  • Lots of big landings planned for "right after Firefox 24 branches"
    • XBL refactor, download API, Australis, "major update of import"
      • download API is already landed and is being developed in parallel to the existing code, so there's no imminent "big landing" [gavin]
    • Can we land these a day apart so each one gets its own Nightly? (For more useful regression ranges, and avoiding pileups that decrease Nightly testing)
  • [akeybl] FFOS 1.2 is targeting Gecko 27ish. Have we looked at WebRTC, gUM, audio recording, etc. on a device? Or should we plan to disable and place on the product roadmap?

<Read only beyond this point>

Mailing List Threads

(Threads that are likely to be of interest to engineering from various mailing lists.)

Good Reads

(Links to blog posts, books, videos, etc. that you think will be of interest to others.)