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QA Assignment

Assigned Device Completed
nhirata Android Done/Pass

Test Run

Litmus Test Run

Sign off Table

L10N team Sign off Bugs found
Czech (cs) nhirata
  • [NEW] bug 670995 - [cs][fennec]The word start is not translated in the title for about:home
    • occurs on the beta release as well
Danish (da) nhirata (see previous)
German (de) nhirata (see previous)
Spanish (es-ES) nhirata (see previous)
Finnish (fi) nhirata (see previous)
French (fr) nhirata (see previous)
Japanese (ja) nhirata (see previous)
Italian (it) nhirata (see previous)
Norwegian bokmål (nb-NO) nhirata (see previous)
Dutch (nl) nhirata (see previous)
Polish (pl) nhirata
  • bug 670043 - Polish locale not shipped with Firefox mobile (Fennec) 6 beta 1
    • Occurs in release build as well
Portuguese (pt-PT) nhirata (see previous)
Russian (ru) nhirata
  • [NEW] bug 671431 - The beta tab in the preferences/control panel extends past the others in russian for honeycomb

L10N Issues affecting all languages:

  • bug 669797 The icons in the awesome page is not justified on tablet
  • bug 658276 Notification for Geolocation is not dismissed after choosing option Share
  • bug 667089 - Fennec: Favicon of previous page displayed in titlebar when clicking Try again on 'Problem loading page' message afterwards
  • bug 663335 - Strange behavior for Google Maps Classic webpage
  • bug 662785 - AboutRedirector references about:firstrun module
    • Fix not in 6, but in 7.
    • applies to about:cert as well
  • bug 662219 - ASUS Transformer hardware keyboard deletes two characters when backspace is pressed
  • [NEW] bug 671439 - [Regression] Toaster notifications does not appear on the corresponding tab


  • German and Spanish are missing at least 2 strings being translated.
    • This is also in the release (see Beta 1)

Additional Tools: Version Update for Quit Addon by mbrubeck

Previous Bugs found: