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QA Assignment

Assigned Device Completed
nhirata Android Pass

Test Run

Litmus Test Run

Sign off Table

L10N team Sign off Bugs found
Czech (cs) nhirata
  • bug 661922 [fennec][czech]Popup notification is truncated in portrait mode
  • bug 658175 cs locale has truncated strings
Danish (da) nhirata
  • bug 663546[fennec][danish]the update button is slightly under the Firefox logo in about:fennec when the device is in portrait
German (de) nhirata
  • bug 646101 - [de] Fennec : Buttons in Download don't fit the screen
  • bug 645588 - German (de) strings are truncated in pref panel
  • bug 669957 - [regression][de] geo location is not translated
  • bug 669966 - [de]offline notification is not translated
  • bug 663522 - [fennec][german] request for a shorter sync dialog
Spanish (es-ES) nhirata
  • bug 661879 [fennec][spanish]Pop up notification gets truncated in portrait view.
  • bug 669956 - [regression] geolocation is not translated
  • bug 669964 - [es]offline notification is not translated
Finnish (fi) nhirata
French (fr) nhirata
  • bug 664410 Preference panel is cut when french language is used
Japanese (ja) nhirata
  • bug 661014 [fennec][japanese]Password Manager notification gets truncated when viewing in portrait mode
  • bug 661007 [fennec][japanese]The offline notification is slightly truncated in portrait mode
  • bug 660995 [fennec][japanese]The text for Start Page is truncated in Japanese when viewing the preferences in portrait mode
Italian (it) nhirata
Norwegian bokmål (nb-NO) nhirata
Dutch (nl) nhirata
  • bug 660422 Dutch locale context menu truncated strings for bookmark
  • bug 646499 [nl] Strings on buttons don't fit the screen width
Polish (pl) nhirata
  • bug 663556 - [fennec][polish]preferences are cut off when in portrait mode
Portuguese (pt-PT) nhirata
  • bug 661930 [fennec][pt] context menu is truncated in portrait mode
  • bug 669998 - [pt-pt] Password notification is getting truncated
Russian (ru) nhirata
  • bug 647171 Preferences page too wide for Russian locale in portrait
  • bug 669994 [ru]addons page button is partially truncated in beta

L10N Issues affecting all languages:

  • bug 661939 [fennec]about:config interface truncated if rendering device doesn't have room for the whole interface
  • bug 661889 Wrap notification buttons onto a second row instead of cropping the overflow
    • Not in Aurora? Need to follow up
  • bug 644587 - Inconsistency in about:firstrun webpage when the application is set to another language

Other Bugs:

  • bug 666595 shift of url bar after quit
  • bug 656686 - The bottom of about:firstrun will be all grey if changed to a local page and then the back button was pressed
  • bug 660388 - You will get blinking asterisks if you fill the password line and then type in the login prompt at classic

Additional Tools: Version Update for Quit Addon by mbrubeck