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QA Staff Meeting Notes Mar 16, 2011

New Hires

Upcoming Test Events

Project Status

  • Overview (2 min brief update)

Desktop Firefox (Juan)

  • Fx4RC: We are shipping RC1, March 22nd.
    • Objections? Crashers or major problems you are aware of?
    • 3.5.x -> 4.0 MU spot check testing
    • Pre-release Flash version in our hands for testing. Needs testing today/tomorrow.

Maintenance and Security (Al)

Fixes are coming in at an accelerating rate now.

As of yesterday, we have the following proposed schedule for 3.6.16 and 3.5.18:

  • Code freeze for non-blockers: 2011-03-17
  • Code freeze for blockers: 2011-03-24
  • Build #1 created: 2011-03-31
  • Build #1 available: 2011-04-01
  • QA testing starts: 2011-04-01
  • QA testing finishes: 2011-04-06
  • Build #1 released to the beta channel: 2011-04-07
  • Final release: 2011-04-19

Browser Technologies (Tony)

  • Fennec (aakash)
  • Automation (martijn)
    • Tweaking specialpowers.js to add functionality, like clipboard event listening, focusing windows, etc.
    • Running mochitests on Fennec to see if anything new has failed
  • Sync (tracy)
    • 1.7 extension released
    • scl2 server reverted to PHP after discovering perf issues (though it may be that python was not actually the culprit)
      • all users on scl2 were moved to phx
      • they won't be going to python 'til sometime after Fx4 release.
  • Test Pilot (tracy)
    • 1.1 released
    • 1.2 will drop support for 3.6 and will use Fx4's door hanger notification system
  • Jetpack (ayan)
    • SDK 1.0b4 code freeze today.
    • Flightdeck 1.0a9 released last week.
    • Code freeze for maintenance release next week.
    • Selenium scripts for flightdeck to be up on github by EOD.
  • Firefox Home (tony)
    • demo has new images, but still no update for schedule

WebQA (Stephen)


FF Engagement Projects



Web of Wonder




WebQA Automation


  • David has been making testability changes to AMO website
  • Updating test suite


  • New Staging is up, still a few config issues to iron out

QA Services (Marcia)

  • Community Planning
    • Plans to meet with William, Mary, Amie and Gen during All Hands week
  • Accessibility:
  • TCM .2
    • Wireframes are complete
    • Going to feature-complete on 3/24 (next week)
    • Working on wireframes and PRD for .3
  • (Al):
    • Is all feedback in on the QMO 4.0 spec from QA?
    • Going to propose this to WebDev during the next few days if so.
  • New Community Initiatives (ashughes)

Test Automation (Henrik)

  • No updates
Project updates
  • On Demand Updates
    • Deploying on qa-set this week
    • Should be in production in time for next FF 3.x security release
  • Panorama (ashughes)
    • NOTE to TEST DEVS: please include tabView.reset() in your teardownModule()
  • Shared Module Refactoring
    • Gave Milestone 1 presentation to Automation Team
    • At beginning of Milestone 2
    • Tentatively planning on slowly phasing people (Waverly, automation team, community) in on test porting after Milestone 2
    • Still negotiating with A-Team to figure out proper strategy to hand off fundamental modules
  • Mozmill and Mozmill Crowd testday planned on Friday, March 25th

Discussion Items

Takeaways and Action Items

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