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Lead: Anthony Hughes (:ashughes)
Co-workers: Al Billings (:abillings)
Aaron Train (:aaronmt)
Dave Hunt (:davehunt)
Community Contributors: Clay (:uyclay)
Adam (:adamFishHook)
Dates: Jan 6, 2011 -> TBD H1'2011
Status: IN PROGRESS -- seeking contributors
(13.6% COMPLETE)
Repository Location:
Tracking Document: spreadsheet, bug 629050
Developer Tools mochitests, project page


The Panorama feature of Firefox 4 provides an exciting opportunity for Mozmill testing. Since many of Panorama's UI operations are relatively complex, a black-box tool like Mozmill is optimal for their testing.

So, for the first time, we will be able to work with developers as a major feature is designed and released to create a full testsuite that addresses the needs of both QA and Development.

In addition, as a new, UI-intensive feature, Panorama is a perfect testbed to develop some of the recent team ideas regarding endurance and performance testing.

Project Details

For now, the Panorama project will follow much the same guidelines as the QA/Mozmill Test Automation/Test Writing project.

As the specific guidelines for Panorama testing are developed further, this document will be updated.

The Tests

Please see the spreadsheet for tracking of test automation.

  • A test which is pending is free to take if you want to work on it.
  • A test which is blocked cannot be worked on until another bug is resolved.
  • A test which is fixed has already been developed and landed into the repository.
  • A test which is assigned is currently being developed

Ultimately, if you want to start working on a test, pick from the pending tests. To assign a test to yourself, do the following:

  • Open the bug report by clicking the bug number link in the spreadsheet
  • Click the take link beside Assigned to
  • Make sure the Status is set to ASSIGNED
  • Write a comment stating something like, "Taking this bug"
  • In the spreadsheet, set the status to assigned cell and add your name to the Assignee cell