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QA Staff Meeting Notes May 26, 2010

New Team Members

  • Tanay Gavankar

Project Status

  • Overview (2 min brief update)
    • Desktop Firefox (Juan)
    • Maintenance and Security (Al)
      • 3.6.4build5 shipped to beta
        • We will have one more build (6) due to bug 568129 "alt-tab..."
        • Still targeting a release next week for Firefox 3.6.4 and 3.5.10
      • Looking to do a shorter cycle for Firefox 3.6.5 and 3.5.11 to catch the (now) backlog of security issues since 3.6.4 has taken so long.
    • Browser Technologies (Tony)
      • Tail end of Fennec 1.1
      • Almost there with Weave(FF Sync 1.3)
    • WeQA (Stephen)
      • Shipped/pushed AMO 5.10.4
      • Shipped/pushed SUMO
      • SUMO automation - Tanay and Vishal have been rockin' it; something like 18 tests already landed, with many more to come. Raymond will work with Tanay to set up Hudson for SUMO
      • A metric ton of staging-server issues, but we seem to have stabilized
      • Still waiting on the Firefox Cup to be development-complete and officially staged
    • QA Services (Marcia/Tomcat/Marco)
      • Accessibility
        • Got something useful up on QMO2
        • More de-XPCOM-ing and perf improvements which landed in the May 25 nightly.
      • Events
        • Workshop last Saturday in Munich
        • Friday Meetup in Munich (with Ludo from MoMe as Special Guest)
        • June 9-12 Linuxtag Berlin
        • Mt. View Meetups
          • Successful co-hosted Selenium mtg last Wed evening
          • No June meetup topic. Will resume in July with Mozilla Labs testing meetup
      • QA Promo Video
        • Completed, working on final music selection with Rainer
    • Test Automation(Henrik)
      • All test-run scripts (daily tests, bft tests, update tests) have been replaced with the new versions
      • We are now running daily tests against Minefield (a lot API fixes needed)
      • Ordered two Mac Pro machines to replace the Mac Mini in the lab
      • This Friday we have a testday for add-on authors; test-run script in the work
      • Documentation for QMO2

Discussion Items

  1. Team video reminder - dates and content (marcia)
  2. Discussion around whether we want to have a team intro session at the Summit (see tchung's email for description) (marcia)
  3. Directors Meeting Passdown
  4. Go over FF4 Beta1 features spreadsheet (juan)

Round Table

  • check out the promo video (matt)

Takeaways and Action Items

  • Introductions: Taney CS, Math major, welcome!
  • 130 attendees at meetup for Selenium!
  • Team introduction at the Summit?
    • Individual intros? Discussion to ensue as to how.
  • Directors meeting summary
    • Increase in bounty for security bugs.
  • Fx 4 Features Assignments
    • Lots of features, few owners.
    • Plan coming up by next week.
    • Assignments will be made, arbitrarily, if there are no volunteers.
  • Team Video Show
    • Great job! Marcia++
Item Owner Due Done?
Fx 4 Feature Assignments Juan, Matt Next Tue In progress
Team Introduction During the Summit Team (needs discussion), mail, newspost, other. By next meeting In progress
Next Meetup Topic Needed Tony Before next meeting  ?