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QA Staff Meeting Notes June 09, 2010

Project Status

  • Overview (2 min brief update)
    • Desktop Firefox (Juan)
    • Maintenance and Security (Al)
      • Firefox 3.6.4 build 6 users on release channel being moved to beta channel with update today (6/9).
      • Still waiting to hear if 3.6.4 build 6 will be final release build or if build 7 will be required by existing issues.
      • Firefox 3.5.10 is still shipping with 3.6.4 barring a zero day bug.
      • Fixes are being actively taken for Firefox 3.6.6 and 3.5.11 (3.6.5 as a number has been taken by mobile team efforts). Verification of fixes must begin soon.
        • Discussion - not much testing left, except testing the new flash plugin
    • Browser Technologies (Tony)
      • Fennec 1.1 RC shipping any day now
        • Fennec 2.0a1 targeting end of June
      • Firefox Sync 1.3.1 shipped and patched a significant migration bug
        • 91,045 add-on downloads in the last week. (Up from ~40k/week prior to 1.3)
        • 30K total, 22.5K active users in 10 days.
        • Plan to roll out full migration later this week
        • Firefox Sync Postmortem, thurs at 3:30pm
      • Test Pilot 1.0b5 deployed in AMO
        • Will be added to Fx4b1 through the feedback tools
      • Jetpack 0.5 targeted end of month. Ayan working on automating the installation by end of week
    • WebQA (Stephen)
      • Scrubbed SUMO 2.1/1.5.5 release - hoping for a successful push later this week (tomorrow?)
        • Update - issues around IT and miscommunication caused the delay
      • Pushing AMO 5.11.1 - Firefox Cup today
      • Pushing 2.7 tomorrow
        • Update - uTest found a lot of dupes, many are IT issues, but as a whole went off in the weeds and did good, fast, responsive testing. about 20 testers on hand.
    • QA Services (Marcia)
      • QA Videos
        • An international version of the QA Promo video will be shot at the Mozilla Summit. This will be the next video featured on the site.
        • Please continue working on your team videos. Remember that there is a possibility for remote team members to schedule time with Rainer when you are here in Sept. for the work week.
        • Marcia will be shooting a QA Services video at the Summit. Please see her if you are interested in helping with this effort.
      • Mozilla Summit
        • is up if you want to follow all the action
        • We now have the list of QA individuals who have RSVP'd yes
        • Deadline for Breakout Sessions, Science Fair, and Lightning Talks is June 15. See dria's email for more information.
        • Marcia working on putting together a QA mixer that will occur sometime early in the week.
      • Conferences/Meetups
        • Tomcat at Linuxtag. We have a booth there.
        • Tony is working on a meetup Topic for July. Need to get it announced soon.
        • Tomcat and Marcia to attend the Community Leadership Summit at OSCON. Clint Talbert will also attend.
        • Marcia will likely present at BlogHer conference in August. Mozilla will have a booth there as well.
      • Accessibility (Marco)
        • Blocker bug 566103 which fixes about 5 or 6 other long-standing issues, too, has landed for Wednesday's nightly, just in time for alpha 5.
        • Also, bug 570532 has landed for this nightly build, giving some of the Firefox 4 testcases an a11y perf boost. Hopefully testing on Shaver's Tablet PC will confirm this, too.
        • We have one more perf bug, bug 541618 currently in review process which should also make a lot of things faster.
        • Firefox 3.6.4 is in good shape a11y-wise. There were no specific fixes, but OOPP works fine as it does in the Firefox 4 nightlies, too. No blocking issues from my end during the whole period.
    • Test Automation (Henrik)

Discussion Items

  • Goals (matt)
    • Corporate Goals meeting Jun 22/23
    • where are we for Q2 Goals?
      • Discussion Team leads, please update your status tag next to these goals
    • what are the priorities for setting Q3 goals?
      • Update will shift focus to Fx4 across the board, and trim a lot of the infrastructure work we did in Q2
  • Summit Presentations (matt)
    • Engineering Keynote (QA Overview)
      • Update Matt will do an overview, and point to the team leads to do a lightning talk on the projects
      • List your QA sessions/breakouts here
      • Will need to submit your proposals via dria's spreadsheet form
    • (breakout) Breakout session: "What does the new Add-Ons Manager UI sound like??" - Marco
    • Science Fair participation: "Come by and have your favorite web site read out to you!" - Marco

Round Table

  • QMO 2 updates
    • Bug bug 570794 - Let's elaborate the text for "How Can I Help?"
    • QMO Team pages need to have links to wiki team pages
    • Discussion QMO 2.5 and 3.0 brainstorm session on Thursday, June 10th, 10am PDT. See link for idea query
  • Reporting tool for Bugzilla
  • Testday Scheduling Changes
    • Discussion Fx4 is coming up, we can discuss ways to get more testday coverage on specific features that land quick and fast
    • With QMO wordpress, teams are encouraged to create their own testdays directly within QMO now (just check if there's a conflict with other pre-scheduled testdays
    • Tips: encourage prizes, send out communication through various channels even if its beyond the normal channels
  • Discussion Ask your feature developer questions on testing
    • Use the form that juanb constructed, and be sure to ask testing questions directly to developers in an email or in person
    • This helps both parties really understand and look at the feature and what's needed or missing
    • See HTML5 parser testplan for example
  • BFT rework - When do we need manual (Mozmill) tests? (Henrik)

Takeaways and Action Items

Item Owner Due Done?