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QA Staff Meeting Notes Sep 28, 2011

QA Org Items

  • New Hires & Interviews
    • item
  • Upcoming Events
  • PTOs
    • [juanb]: Oct 13, 14; wedding in Seattle (my brother's).
    • tchung: Oct 3-5, recruiting at FIT. oct 16-28, pto, hawaii.

Discussion Items

  • We absolutely need a test group for minor updates on Litmus (Henrik)
    • No migration tests are getting run for upgrade/downgrade scenarios
    • Existing MU test group is outdated and needs a complete overhaul
    • Tests from the MU test group can be reused for the minor update test group
  • Q3/Q4 Goals
    • Need to finish up by Fri
    • Straw man Q4 goals (teams by next tues, individual by next fri)
  • review of QA workweek (
  • QA process post-mortem: how QA should respond in an urgent situations (schedule next week)

QA Team Updates

Desktop Firefox (Juan, Anthony)

  • Firefox 7 (ashughes)
    • 7.0.1 chemspill due to bug 680802 (add-ons removed on update)
  • Firefox 8 (juanb)
    • 8.0b1 still building -- unaffected by add-ons bug
    • Still targeting to be pushed to beta before the weekend
  • Firefox 9 (ashughes)
    • Merged to Aurora yesterday
  • Firefox 10 (juanb)
    • Merged to Nightly yesterday
  • Crash Investigation
  • Maintenance and Security (Al)
    • Firefox 3.6.23 went live yesterday

Browser Technologies (Tony)

  • Issues
    • Mobile Chemspill work
    • Device Anywhere still having issues with downloading. takes 40 mins to complete
  • Fennec (Aaron/Kevin)
  • Sync (Tracy)
    • Trains have been running a couple days late, but going out anyway.
    • The delays have made getting softvision started a little difficult.
    • mozmill smoketests are going to be completed so they work better on TPS
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • 1.3 for mobile is in final QA cycle. If all goes well. It should be out soon.
  • Sync Server (jbonacci)
    • Membase changes were tested in Stage, scheduled for Production next week
    • Change/Maintenance Window tentatively scheduled for next week
  • BrowserID (jbonacci)
    • Latest changes for Certifications has been tested in Beta
    • Focus now for QA will be on pre-Beta bug fixes and UX redesign in Dev env.
    • Next major release should be Thursday, 10/6
    • QA welcomes Ioana Budnar (SoftVision) to the BrowserID test team.
  • Firefox Home (nhirata)
    • Stefan was on vacation last week
    • Demo at all hands; .15 was used
    • QA to test monday, tuesday
      • Search, Sort, Flow going to change

WebQA (Stephen)

Community (Marcia)

  • Upcoming Testdays/BugDays/Meetups
    • See top level link for Test Days
      • Need a new topic for an October 7 Testday
    • GTAC meetup will be held in Mt. View office on 10/25/11. We decided not to post a meetup event. We may need extra folks in Mt. View to help with the event as it is possible we will have a large crowd.
    • MozCamp, Berlin, November 12-13
      • Preliminary invite list has been circulated for feedback. Please respond soon so that William can get these invites out.
    • Mozilla Festival - November 4-6, 2011, London
      • Plans are progressing well for the Contribute event. Henrik will be attending the event and Pierros is rounding up some Mozilla Reps to help with the booth.
      • We are designing a small card that will have QA specific "get involved" links on it
  • Video Work
  • (Al):
    • Updated QMO for minor plugin updates and to add the Thunderbird team (w00t!) this week.
    • Looking at updating to the new (and signifcantly improved) Buddypress 1.5 in the next week (Tuesday), pending testing and compatibility work by Craig Cook and Al.

QA Automation Service (Henrik, David)

  • General
    • A design for FennecDriver has been created. This will be a collaboration between A*Team and Automation Services
  • Selenium
    • David B released Selenium 2.7.0 has been released for Python on Monday
  • Mozmill
    • Mozmill 1.5.5 upcoming (hopefully shipped tomorrow)

Project updates

Automated Testing for WebApps
  • Mohamed is working on a proof-of-concept for a test-suite to test the OWA extension with Mozmill
  • Henrik will come up with a blog post about testing the OWA extension with Mozmill by Friday
Team Presence (Documentation)
  • Henrik has started to move project pages to the new automation services wiki page
Infrastructure Investigation
Selenium Grid 2
Endurance Tests
  • No updates
Case Conductor
  • .5 milestone Feature Complete is this friday.
  • On track, but having some platform issues again.
  • Rebecca writing test cases and bugs. Thanks Rebecca!!!
  • Working on plan for uTest announcement at their conference

Notes, Takeaways and Action Items


  • Create a manual testgroup in Litmus for update testing (who is owning this?)
  • [Matt Evans] Send out invite for discussing urgent situation response in light of our latest chemspill.
  • [juanb] Update major updates tests in Litmus; abillings to help.

Last Meeting

  • Action Items
    • Teams: draft of Q4 goals for teams by tuesday
    • ALL (individuals) : draft of Q4 goals for individuals by end of week
    • For those that haven't yet : add feedback to workweek
    • mevans: schedule of post mortem ; how to respond on emergency situation; checklist to be followed/consulted
    • marlenac: to post as QMO event about E. Hendrickson's brown bag
    • all groups: overall QA presentation; each group does it's talk
    • Marlena/David : event planning for GTAC
    • Mevans : ask James Whittiker for brown bag
    • David C: Blog post about his unit test development framework
    • Juan : update tests for chemspill issue

Raw Notes:

QA Meeting: 09/28/2011

* no new hires.  John Hammink relatively new.
* 8.0 beta 1 test day
- on point: Waverly
* Meetup:
- Oct 5th.  Mobile

Discussion Items:
- Firefox Update issue : 
based on :
- should create a test group for minor updates as well as major updates
- extend testing from what we have right now
- what is the preventative testing so that we cover this issue.
- talk about that in the post morteum

Q4 Goals:
- like to have individual goals for at least the completed on the wiki goals
- talk to leads offline
- thinking about those by next tuesday we want draft for teams
- end of week individuals

Work week:
- good feedback; please add feedback if you haven't yet
- please make sure that the action items from work week are listed some where (in goals, or other wise)
- for sessions that haven't happened, we would love to have them at sometime
- feedback on feedback?
	- options for both anon and nonanon
	- Ripple to be used or maybe something else.
		- Ripple doesn't work well for verbose messages; per reviewing doesn't work well

Updates from request for reviews that would go in newsletter?
- haven't looked at it due to release traffic
- would be able to handle at the end of the week?
- Input for anthony ; should be done tomorrow

Chemspill : 
- schedule postmortem
- our own postmortem before firefox postmortem if possible
- Hole in test
	- expirations and such are a big hole
	- doing on live site
	- need known blocklisted, expired, etc. for update
	- key code change
	- need to be able to control the environment
	- update process
	- need to roll out w/ rel eng to create snippits
	- we can run the installation without having the updates
	- save this for the postmortem; how do we address this?

Elizabeth Hendrickson would be here to do Brown bag:
- next thursday; Update the wiki; going to be on air mozilla
- marlenac to post as QMO event

Expose all groups of QA
- action item : overall QA presentation, each group does talks
- slideware to do presentation
- or even videos; or how you can participate in an event
- difficult to schedule rainer
- recommend again videos for engaging people
- supplement material + video
- presentation is probably better
- function of whatever make sense to get the message out

Juan : everything on wiki
- chemspill
- 8.0b1
- Aurora version of 9.

Tony : everything on wiki
- chemspill lead by Aaron
- everything else is there

- all on wiki

- on wiki
- GTAC not posted on meetup; may need some people for late comers.
- Marlena/David Burns : event planning for GTAC
- Mevans to ask James Whittiker for brown bag
- Mozcamp, Berlin.  Possible for more people to go.  Last minute
	- middle east and africa people are invited
	- think about what kind of talks that need to be there
	- who from QA?
		- Raymond, martijn (not sure), Henrik, Marcia to go
	- looking for nominations
- mozilla festival
	- formerly Drumbeat
	- Marcia

- chemspill test automation
- cameron case conductor on wiki
- David : mobile support for selenium and mozmill
- David C. : easier unit test development of framework

Other Items:
contributer tried to join Automation services on QMO
- some progress on commmunity front
- blog post from wordpress
- seen some activity
Action Item for getting the chemspill test into the current runs?
- manual testing for what henrik proposed?
	- Juan to help
- current tests need to be updated
- have the tests done before the chemspill?
	- no, need a day or half day at very least

Action Items
- draft of Q4 goals for teams by tuesday
- draft of Q4 goals for individuals by end of week
- add feedback to workweek for those that haven't commented yet
- mevans: schedule of post mortem 
	: how to respond on emergency situation; checklist to be followed/consulted
- marlenac to post as QMO event about E. Hendrickson's brown bag
- all: overall presentation; each group does it's talk
- Marlena/David : event planning for GTAC
- Mevans : ask James Whittiker for brown bag
- David C: Blog post about his unit test development framework
- Juan : update tests for chemspill issue