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QA Staff Meeting Notes Dec 07, 2011

Meeting Details

 # Every other Weds @ 1:30p Pacific Time - Mozilla HQ, Warp Core 
 # Vidyo:  (MAYBE)
 # Phone:  +1 650 903 0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 95312 (or #245) (US/INTL)
 #         +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 95312  (or #245) (US Toll Free)
 #         +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 95312 (or #245)(Canada)
 # IRC:    irc://

QA Org Items

  • New Hires
  • Upcoming Events
    • Alberto Savoia Tues 12/13/11 - Pretotyping: Make Sure you are building the right 'it' before you build it right
    • Socorro Testday - Friday Dec 9th - need moderators
    • Stephen presenting a brownbag tomorrow at 1:30 in 10-Forward on "How WebQA responds to, plans for, and executes on new projects"
  • PTOs
    • We need to get a sense of who is available during the holidays for possible issues with Firefox releases. Please be sure to fill the QA PTO calendar this week.

Discussion Items

  • Goals
    • Q4 Goals
      • Links
      • Need to get these complete in the next 2 weeks
      • What are the 'at risk' Org and Team goals at this point?
    • 2012 Q1 Goals
      • QA Q1 2012 Goals
      • I would like to have the org and team level goals defined before holiday break
      • Dependency on BHAGs
    • Bhags
      • Timeline
        • Team draft bhags and Q1 goals by Mon Dec 12.
        • Survey of Bhags sent Thurs Dec 15.
        • Survey closed Mon Dec 19.
        • Presentation of Bhags @ staff Dec 21.
        • Final post on 2012 QA Bhags Thurs Dec 22.

QA Team Updates

Desktop Firefox (Juan, Anthony)

Firefox 9 (test plan)
  • Bug fix verifications: QA+
    • 6 / 19 security fixes verified, 13 / 19 security fixes have had eyes on (tracking page)
    • 21 / 57 bug fixes verified
    • I will triage recent landings for QA+, so expect this query to grow slightly
    • Please continue to help if you have any free time using 9.0b5 candidates
  • Will be released on Dec 20th as manual update only, automatic updates turned on when we return from holidays
Silent Update

Browser Technologies (Tony)

  • Mobile
  • Sync Server (jbonacci/jrgm)
    • No deployment activity last week or this week
    • An Account Portal deployment is planned for the next couple of weeks (after the big push for BrowerID Prod is over).
    • Ongoing issues with PHX1 colo.
  • BrowserID (jbonacci/jrgm)
    • BrowserID Work Week this week
    • Train 14: Bug 703596 is out to Production
    • Train 15: Bug 707186 is in progress and due to be signed off today.
    • The build-out of Stage (QA) and Dev environments is mostly done. The build-out of Production is still in progress. The build-out of the Test/CI environment (for Dev nightlies and QA automation) is planned for later in December
    • REF:
  • Pancake (nhirata)
    • working on selenium 2 for browser id, concept for pancake
    • addon testing done, blocked by stopper bug of updating. need to test new addon that has fix.

WebQA (Stephen)

  • AMO
    • completed switch from Selenium-RC to Selenium Webdriver
    • Build of tests against production is running
  • Affiliates
    • BrowserID
    • Apps developer preview will be pushed live Tuesday December 13 once we get all the blockers fixed. Code freeze tomorrow (8th).
  • Flightdeck
  • Input
    • Dave Hunt's pull has firmly brought Webdriver to Input, pull/102
    • shipped 4.9 yesterday
  • MDN
    • This week's release is on hold until IT has time
  • Socorro
    • Soccorro work week this week.
    • Socorro test day this Friday
  • SUMO
    • 11/29 release went out
    • 12/6 release going out 12/8 due to instability issues
    • 12/13 release being worked on
  • Mozillians
    • BrowserID

Community (Marcia)

  • Softvision meetup in Cluj today Dec 7!
  • Video Work
    • No current projects in progress ATM
  • (Al):
    • Vimeo linking is busted on Media. Craig Cook and I are investigating but we may be switching to a different Vimeo plugin. If we do, we'll need to add links to the page for new videos when we upload them to vimeo.
  • Community Exit Survey (ashughes):
    • draft sent around earlier this week
    • received a lot of great feedback so far
    • final revisions will be sent around later this week

QA Automation Service (Henrik, David)

  • General
    • Mozmill 1.5.7 has been released to fix resource issue (defunct process) on Mac
    • Selenium 2.15 will be released tomorrow

Project updates

Prototype of a Fennec Driver (DavidB)
  • RoboCop is being touched up and will be landed soon! Details in Bug 701076
New Members and Mentors Pages
CI system for On-Demand Testing (Geo, Dave Hunt)
  • Had a successful demo on 12/3
  • Currently getting docs together for a trial rollout in parallel to current system.
CI system for daily and l10n Firefox Builds (Henrik)
  • Project pages have been created and tests are ongoing which triggering mechanism to use
Selenium Grid (DavidB/DaveH)
  • WebQA is working with the currently released version. There appears to be no issues that we were seeing. Currently is still in a branch so we can easily switch.
Case Conductor
  • Work progressing on move to Django-to-DB
  • Working on dogfooding and testing current 0.7 release
  • In contact with Ubuntu QA. They are interested in Beta testing and using Case Conductor

OWA Update

Apps dev preview on Tuesday December 13 and code freeze tomorrow

Soup Application has a new owner
Harald Kirschner


Notes, Takeaways and Action Items


Raw Notes:

Moz QA Dec 7, 2011

- Email back; try to get back in synch now
- IT situation : they did shutoff updates to 3.6
- phoenix had issues with network traffic load
- yammer been source of updates
- haven't turned on imap yet.
- exchange is started up; imap is specifically turned off

- Have they heard anything about how this could not happen again?
	- month of a half of losing mail and people using it as a way to task drive
	- rational is to they were preparing for redundancy due in feb
	- we grew out of the capcity of the noc 
	- ran out of power/space 
	- last oct 21st.

- the details will come out; why it happened and never to have this happen again

- thank you for your patience and understanding

- no new hires
- Mohamed will be leaving next friday

- Alberto Savoia Tues 12/13/11 (director at google) : test is dead
- serial entripeuner  innovation agitator 
- pretotyping : brown bag at 12 next tuesday
- air mozilla

- friday socorro test day: Matt Brandt
	- alan in romania organized it; thanks!
	- sign in/moderate/test
- webapps testing testday w/ this?
	- QA newsletter; suppose to go out this week?
	- didn't get a chance to communicate it out since email was down
	- things from team leads; maybe a good section on web apis with the newsletter
	- web apis are on going; if we don't test now, plenty to test later
	- did get a few, some were dups.
- some tests from web blogs
	- test day from the first day of the year?  test day doesn't need to be on a friday
	- we can concentrate on another day as well
	- traditioanlly friday; worried that we might not get the normal amount of people
- PTOs : hopefully less disruptions; fill out the QA PTO calendar this week please so that 
we know everyone's availablitiy; emergency basis.
- release date is still dec. 20th; do not think that this will change
- risk that there may be a 9.0.1
- Brown Bag in 10 forward by sdonner : in wiki
- any team level goals at risk : please let mevans know
- update quarterlys.
- update personal goals as well
- Q1 goals : 
- blank template ready to be filled in
- dependency on BHAG discussions
- some tracking etherpads with link in there.
- org level and team level are in etherpads.
- working with team leads to get the BHAGs into both the areas and the language
- there is a time line in the wiki as well as the etherpads.
- by monday dec. 12; all the teams should have good draft BHAGs as well as Q1 goals
- in terms of team level; sub set of them support the BHAGs.
	- called draft for a reason
	- important to get through BHAGs
	- we can talk about goals that support BHAGs.
- by thursday : have some survey to ahve proposed list; need to whiddle this down
	- 5 to 10 that would be spread across the QA org
	- the first set is going to be in the order of 20
		- part of the survey (maybe monkey?  maybe +1 voting?) due dec 15th.
		- following monday closing the survey
		- final draft due wed 21.  presentation
		- blog post that will identify the QA BHAGs
	- appreciate the concentration on getting the BHAGs done
- any feedback? suggestions? 
	- BHAGs: the list in front .. what should we concentrate on?
		- do they understand what BHAGs are?
		- team leads?  where do we want to go with this?
		- understand that they are the direction for the tactical smaller goals
		- community ones are concern to everyone
		- not currently concerned about cross team; devising or what not for other teams
		- Automation : BHAGs helped... had brainstorm with matt.  make it clear how to structure BHAGs to make goals
		- how are BHAGs different from goals; had needed to clarify that
		- BHAGs are more vision statements than really specific
		- time frame is one year
		- isn't a hard and fast rule.
		- were we want to see the team be, feel like, impact, something to strive for by a year's time
		- stretch goals
	- a lot of these are things that we are doing small parts of it, but we haven't realized that it was ...
		- we could potentially fit them into a BHAG in terms of the direction that we're going
		- pushing on a lot of fronts; we need to articulate where the end process or end goal is
		- either solid work that is going this way or how we're doing
	- big dreamer hat + pragmatic hat.  The vision/End strategic goal with Quarterly practical/pragmatic hat
		- BHAGs to guide us in where we want to go
		- BHAGs are not imbedded; have to be agile, have to change; modify on a quarterly basis
		- make sure that they are leading us in the right direction
		- great wisdom could be achieved by not necessary going that way after identifying it
		- "Success can be measured by what you choose not to do"
		- How does our life become better by doing this?
		- need to have group concensus
		- something is coming out of about 3 of these... something exciting, compelling
		- this could be modified; when we get to a certain area
		- crisper, cleaner;.... excitement
		- "Stay hungry; Stay foolish"
- Updates:
	- Firefox
		- verifications w/ qa+; hard to hear ashughes : see wiki
		- anything blocking w/ security fixes?  things seem fine?
	- BT :
		- mobile : central should have birch builds.  seems ok
		- starting today : fennec nightlies have native
		- native project : feature complete Dec. 20th ; same as ffx9 shipping
			- feature frozen; should be able to test and they should be in bug fixing mode
		- Sync : sync for android; native app bundled with native, quiet for trains
		- Browser ID : production push for thursday.  likely to be push by a week due to outages
			- between now and next week, they will go live
			- point to staging as it's close to production : browserid backwards
		- Automation : Marlena, Zack + Naoki to get selenium 2 for Browserid
			- web driver : switching to selenium RC to selenium 2... apps meeting next monday
			- new web driver test next monday in the apps meeting
	- WebQA:
		- same thing: browser id test on amo
		- selenium repro : page object model
		- streamline, so we don't have code dup. 
		- web driver is on amo and input
		- QMO test
		- test day for this week
		- closing in on goals : BHAG brainstorming tomorrow
	- Community
		- in the wiki
		- team meeting about BHAGs : sumary of meeting notes
		- community BHAGs potential
	- QA Auto Services
		- Robocop some times next week
		- Native UI framework
		- they like web driver api
		- successful demo for CI system testing
		- how can we play around with Robocop
			- can apply patch and build it up
			- demo next staff?  possibly; test is in the patch
			- minor sweeps need to be done
		- Case conductor 
			- working on the transition Django-to-DB
			- test writing and test execution on the dogfooding
			- memcached is down
			- Ubuntu QA wants to use Case Conductor
			- BHAGs ... there will be something around Case Conductor
				- strategic; retiring of litmus and case conductor being the solution
	- OWA
		- Next week : dev preview release for thursday
		- The addons flow and apps preview site : buy apps to some degree
		- test day went well; bunch of bugs files
		- moving forward with projects, trying to get done before the end of the year
Action items : 
* everyone : fill out PTOs
* jhammink : set up test day for some time around the first of the year for web apis
* everyone : BHAGs, Q1 team goals, personal goals
* ashughes : driving verifications for FFX9

Action Items

  • everyone : fill out PTOs
  • jhammink : set up test day for some time around the first of the year for web apis
  • everyone : BHAGs, Q1 team goals, personal goals
  • ashughes : driving verifications for FFX9

Last Meeting