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Fennec 'Native' - Website Compatibility Testing

Area Details
  • QA: Aaron Train (:AaronMT)
  • QA: Tony Chung (:tchung)
Tracking Bugs
  • bug 616348 - [meta] Web compatibility for Mobile Firefox (Fennec)
Bug Queries
Website Compatibility Form
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Ten years ago, Netscape and Mozilla together put together a massive technical evangelism program to persuade an IE-focussed web to consider Gecko and other rendering engines. Today, we need the same thing for a Webkit-focused mobile web.

Community Website Compatibility Testing

Please run through the website compatibility form while referring back to here for areas of testing

Areas to Note

  • Visit a page that has both mobile and desktop views (e.g,,
  • View sites in landscape versus portait orientation
  • Use a soft keyboard versus hard keyboard for character input
    • Submit forms/sign-in to websites
  • View self-signed cert sites (eg.
  • Layout issues
    • Element overlap
    • Missing content
    • Areas of the page not shown correctly
    • Webkit CSS
    • Excessive background checkerboard
      • Areas of the page where you see a checkerboarding
  • Page slowdown
      • Does scrolling, panning, or zooming on a particular page cause the browser and mobile device to slow down?
  • Slow script warnings (Popup warning about JavaScript)
  • Comparison to other Mobile browsers (e.x stock Android browser)
    • Visit the same site in Firefox for Mobile and visit the same site in a secondary mobile browser such as Dolphin HD
  • Sites that trigger notifications
    • Visit sites that attempts to load a popup
    • Visit sites that request to save your password

Browsing Checklist - Examples

Check your email accounts

  • Save your login credentials, log out and revisit the page again
  • Check you Inbox
  • Compose and send an e-mail
  • Download an attachment
  • Add a calendar event
  • Upload a spreadsheet (via Gmail)
  • Open their online instant messaging application

Go Shopping

  • Visit your favourite shopping website (amazon, bestbuy, ebay)
  • Add items to your shopping cart and complete a check-out
  • Delete items from your shopping cart
  • Test form history on the billing information form
  • Test the form helper moving through fields on checkout

Visit your favorite Social Network

  • Login and don't save your login credentials
    • Logout and revisit the page by logging in
  • Search for your friends
  • Open your friends' profiles in a new tab
  • Go to 3-4 of your friends' profiles
  • Upload and/or Edit Photo Albums, Blog Links, Blog Entries, Comments, Statuses etc.

Check your Bills

  • Login and Logout of your favorite banking, utilities (water/electricity/gas) or any other account website (cell phones, cable, etc.) site
  • Visit https links
  • Check for layout issues

Use a Map

  • Get directions from your home to the office
  • Search for directions and add the resulting page as a bookmark
  • Share the map
  • Enable Geolocation if your device supports it

Read the News

  • Add a page of your favourite news (i.e.,,,,, etc)
  • Open multiple tabs stories/articles
  • Pan, zoom, scroll through the pages
  • Try reading the article in landscape and portrait view
  • Try emailing the news article by sharing it in the browser

Visit International sites

  • Surf a handful of popular non-English sites (eg. German, Arabic, Chinese)
  • Look for issues around character encoding, display, layouts, fonts

Playing HTML5 games

Top Sites Testing

URL Web Testing

  • Objective - Test Fennec against the most commonly used websites on the Internet as listed from

Financial URL Web Testing

  • Objective - Use the most common financial websites as provided by the availability and testability of the community. Important items to test daily use items/tasks, transactions, correctness of display, and sign-up (where applicable or possible).

Media/Gaming URL Web Testing

  • Objective - Establishing what some of the most popular gaming and entertainment websites are, testers were directed to focus their attention on the “experience” as they played games, watched movies, and consumed bits of social media.

Other Testing Strategies

Visit Reported Sites with Issues (Firefox Input)

  • Visit a variety of sites reported on Firefox Input, and indicate if issues persist with the release candidate

Links and Resources