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Fennec 38.0b10

Special notes:

  • being built from m-r repo with beta configs - new patch see bug 1158124

Build 1

build 1 cancelled (over cautious response to 38.0rc1 branding issue, see 38.0 build notes for details).

Build 2


Repacks, part 1

The repacks all failed like this

18:57:40     INFO - Updating /builds/slave/rel-m-beta-and-api-11_rpk_1-00/build/mozilla-beta revision FENNEC_38_0b10_RELEASE.
18:57:40     INFO - Running command: ['hg', '--config', 'ui.merge=internal:merge', 'update', '-C', '-r', 'FENNEC_38_0b10_RELEASE'] in /builds/slave/rel-m-beta-and-api-11_rpk_1-00/build/mozilla-beta
18:57:40     INFO - Copy/paste: hg --config ui.merge=internal:merge update -C -r FENNEC_38_0b10_RELEASE
18:58:11    ERROR -  abort: unknown revision 'FENNEC_38_0b10_RELEASE'!

ie trying to use mozilla-beta, which is hardcoded in the mh config. Part of the crazy way we're doing beta on the release repo (bug 1158124).

Fix the configs, retag, and backout. Rebuilt all 20 jobs.

Repacks, part 2

That fixed the en-US issue, but it turns out we tagged locales in mozilla-beta (a bug!), eg

So hg_l10n_base turned out to be wrong:

20:21:25     INFO - Updating /builds/slave/rel-m-beta-and-api-11_rpk_1-00/build/mozilla-release/an revision FENNEC_38_0b10_RELEASE.
20:21:25     INFO - Running command: ['hg', '--config', 'ui.merge=internal:merge', 'update', '-C', '-r', 'FENNEC_38_0b10_RELEASE'] in /builds/slave/rel-m-beta-and-api-11_rpk_1-00/build/mozilla-release/an
20:21:25     INFO - Copy/paste: hg --config ui.merge=internal:merge update -C -r FENNEC_38_0b10_RELEASE
20:21:26    ERROR -  abort: unknown revision 'FENNEC_38_0b10_RELEASE'!

So better fix, tag, backout again.