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bug 1094569 - Firefox only

Build 1



  • patcher config changes from 33.1 were reverted, to avoid issues with 33.0.3 updates. Will require some work ahead of the next 33.1 build
  • code not uplifted to GECKO330_2014101104_RELBRANCH

Build 2


Everything from here which was automated is now manual, because 33.1 was started prematurely:


compilation step on linux/lunx64 failed. Filed Bug 1094653, which looked like a duplicate of: Bug 1068209 "Intermittent Linux/Mulet build failures". The process hasn't been killed by buildbot; there's no "command timed out: xxxx seconds without output, attempting to kill" in the logs. In addition, the timeout for the compilation step is 3h without output and 5.5h total time. linux64 failed after ~1h 20m. Looks like it was oomkiller.

Remove whatsnew pages for 29.0 and later

# ffxbld@aus3-staging
cd /opt/aus2/snippets

# fix up the test snippets
mkdir -p staging/Firefox-33.0.3-build2-test-fixed-whatsnew/Firefox
rsync -a pushed/Firefox-33.0.3-build2-test/Firefox/{29.0*,3*} staging/Firefox-33.0.3-build2-test-fixed-whatsnew/Firefox/
find staging/Firefox-33.0.3-build2-test-fixed-whatsnew -type f -exec sed -i -e '/^openURL/d' -e 's,^actions=showURL,actions=silent,' {} \;
diff -ru pushed/Firefox-33.0.3-build2-test/ staging/Firefox-33.0.3-build2-test-fixed-whatsnew | less

~/bin/pushsnip Firefox-33.0.3-build2-test-fixed-whatsnew

# fix up the release snippets
mkdir -p staging/Firefox-33.0.3-build2.bak/Firefox
rsync -a staging/Firefox-33.0.3-build2/Firefox/{29.0*,3*} staging/Firefox-33.0.3-build2.bak/Firefox/
find staging/Firefox-33.0.3-build2/Firefox/{29.0*,3*} -type f -exec sed -i -e '/^openURL/d' -e 's,^actions=showURL,actions=silent,' {} \;
diff -ru staging/Firefox-33.0.3-build2.bak staging/Firefox-33.0.3-build2 | less
rm -rf staging/Firefox-33.0.3-build2.bak

Manual work to finish shipping

Push to mirrors

On buildbot-master81:

mkdir -p ~/bug1094569/push_to_mirrors; cd $_
hg clone scripts
hg -R scripts update -C -r FIREFOX_33_0_3_RELEASE
python2.7 scripts/scripts/release/ -r mozilla/ \
  -b -t FIREFOX_33_0_3_RELEASE \
  push '--extra-excludes=*.zip' '--extra-excludes=*.zip.asc' --ssh-user ffxbld --ssh-key ffxbld_rsa 2>&1 | tee push_to_mirrors.log

Bouncer submission

Never happened for build1, we forgot to run it earlier for build2. Now we have to do it manually.

On buildbot-master81:

mkdir -p ~/bug1094569/bouncer_submitter; cd $_
hg clone scripts
hg -R scripts update -C -r FIREFOX_33_0_3_RELEASE
cp /builds/buildbot/build_scheduler/master/ oauth.txt
python2.7 scripts/scripts/ -c releases/ --revision FIREFOX_33_0_3_RELEASE \
 --repo releases/mozilla-release --version 33.0.3 --credentials-file oauth.txt \
 --bouncer-api-prefix \
 --previous-version 33.0 --previous-version 33.0.2 --previous-version 32.0.3  2>&1 | tee bouncer_submitter.log

Check uptake

Look at bouncer uptake. More than 10K for updates, and more than 2M for installers, which is what we want. NB entries with 0 uptake aren't shown, so cross check against list of products and platforms was needed.

Final verification


mkdir -p ~/bug1094569/final_verification; cd $_
hg clone tools
hg -R tools update -C -r FIREFOX_33_0_3_RELEASE
cd tools/release/
bash mozRelease-firefox-linux.cfg mozRelease-firefox-linux64.cfg \
  mozRelease-firefox-mac64.cfg mozRelease-firefox-win32.cfg 2>&1 | tee final_verification.log

Passed, emailed that updates available on releasetest.

Upload logs


cd ~/bug1094569/
for f in push_to_mirrors.log bouncer_submitter/bouncer_submitter.log final_verification/tools/release/final_verification.log; do
  scp -i ~/.ssh/ffxbld_rsa $f`basename $f`

Post release

On buildbot-master81:

mkdir -p ~/bug1094569/postrelease; cd $_
hg clone scripts
hg -R scripts update -C -r FIREFOX_33_0_3_RELEASE
cp /builds/buildbot/build_scheduler/master/ oauth.txt
python2.7 scripts/scripts/release/ -r mozilla/ \
  -b -t FIREFOX_33_0_3_RELEASE \
  postrelease --ssh-user ffxbld --ssh-key ffxbld_rsa 2>&1 | tee manual_firefox_postrelease.log
python2.7 scripts/scripts/release/ -r mozilla/ \
  -b -t FIREFOX_33_0_3_RELEASE \
  postrelease --product xulrunner --ssh-user xrbld --ssh-key xrbld_dsa | tee manual_xulrunner_postrelease.log

scp -i ~/.ssh/ffxbld_rsa *postrelease.log

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