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Release Duty

  • FF 46 cycle: kmoir



Firefox 45.0esr (mtabara/nthomas/kmoir)

  • current status: pushed to mirrors. From rail we don't usually publish updates for the first release of esr, usually there are 2 cycles of overlap. also esr45 MARs are b0rken, so there is no good reason to proceed with updates. 45.2.0 will be probably the first release when we can offer updates to 38 users

Firefox 46.0b1 (rail/jlund)

Fennec 46.0b1 (kmoir)

Aurora 47.0a2

  • updates were enabled for Firefox and Fennec

Thunderbird 38.7.0 (nthomas/kmoir)

Firefox 38.7.0esr (mtabara/nthomas/kmoir)

  • * antivirus failed due to intermittent downloading issue - retriggered it.
  • antivirus failed three times in a row - I followed up with a comment in bug 1248299
  • update_verify_esr_6/6 on linux64/linux/macosx failed yet again with "binary files found in diff" as in bug 1241951 back in 44.0-build2 - retriggered the builder, will follow-up with more information. Filed bug 1253185 to track these.
  • Softvision had some issues with esr-cdntest, attempted fix at described here
  • had to update release rules so that Firefox-38.6.1esr-build1-whatsnew points to 38.7.0.
  • we forgot to do postrelease until March 13th


Firefox 46.0b2 (rail/jlund)

Fennec 46.0b2 (kmoir)

  • build 1 - repacks all failed due to bug 1256765 fennec 46.0b2 build1 repacks are failing. nalexander wrote patch to remove need for bouncer-unsigned-unaligned.apk
  • current status: waiting for relman to submit a new changeset to ship it for build 2

Firefox 38.7.1esr

Firefox 45.0.1

Fennec 45.0.1

Firefox 45.0.1esr

  • Ben checked all 13 of these update verify failures for 45.0.1esr, and they all come from a Balrog config issue, and in turn to the overlap of ESR38 and ESR45. The failing updates start from ESR24/31/38, Balrog serves 38.7.1esr on esr-localtest, which applies OK but then we do a diff against 45.0.1esr. We'd probably have to use a separate channel to make this work. We'll need a build2 because we're not fixing the update-settings.ini file when updating to 45.0.1esr, and get this diff for updated vs installer:
diff -r source/firefox/update-settings.ini target/firefox/update-settings.ini
< ACCEPTED_MAR_CHANNEL_IDS=firefox-mozilla-release
> ACCEPTED_MAR_CHANNEL_IDS=firefox-mozilla-esr
{{bug|1255245}} ESR45 generates mar files with the wrong channel ID
  • intermittent antivirus failures bug 1248299 Frequent antivirus job failures with IncompleteRead after several retries. Jordan and nthomas fixed the failures
  • current status: need build 2 due to bug 1255245 ESR45 generates mar files with the wrong channel ID


Action items