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Notes from the Mozilla Reps Council meeting on 2015/02/18 02:30:00 PM.



Self nomination by reps for being mentors

  • The council discussed on the better explanation of procedure for facilitating self nomination of Reps fro being mentors.
  • Currently Reps need a mentor to vouch their application and send it to the Council.

Mentorship feedback

  • Discussions about how and how often do we have to gather feedback about Reps mentors.

Quarterly budgets for larger communities

  • The council aims to start an email thread conversation with mentors and gather ideas, views and information about the idea.

New mentors training

Local Swag

  • Discussions about local swag production and how we can optimize the situation with help from project teams.

Alumni and the 3-months away policy for Reps

Firefox OS devices being bought using Reps Budget

  • Discussions around the topic led to a need of policy for this.
  • More support from Firefox OS team, in defining when and how to provide devices to reps.

Summary of why mentor approved budget

  • The council agreed for the need of this action from mentors. A mentor should comment about his/her's decision of approving/denying the budget request. This will help the council to understand the budget request clearly and also increase transparency and clear need of the budget for impact.