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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes? -> Ratty
  • Nominees for Friends of the Fish Tank:
    • TBD

Action Items

(who needs to do what that hasn't been recorded in a bug) We should assign people to the open items.



  • Send a delicious cake to each of our RelEng Team for all their hard work getting SeaMonkey 2.35 and 2.38 out of the door. Assigned to Ratty.
    • Ewong has received his!
  • Need to port Sync 1.5 to SeaMonkey - IanN has spoken briefly to ewong about options, Ratty might be able to help too.
  • bug 1198340 The carousel within Add-On Manager can be used for SeaMonkey specific content. TO DO: Find out what sort of format AMO needs for the carousel. Get our webdev person to create necessary content. Submit content for upload to AMO.
    • Unfortunately nobody knows exactly how because there's no full time developer working on AMO. Ratty was given bug 1009759 as an example. So now we need someone who knows python+django.


  • bug 1121281 tracks the RelEng automation migration off CVS. Everything is now in a single repo, patches for using that new repo are awaiting a review from Callek. [NB: The requisite patches *have* been pushed to the necessary repos (as part of the post-land-review process).]

Status of the SeaMonkey Buildbot Master and Tree

  • Notes:
    • Callek: Regarding the windows systems, sadly no progress yet. I'm hopeful we can get done sooner than later, I'm realistic expecting it won't be until january at earliest.
    • Ewong will set up a chron job to do semi regular builds on the loaner machine.
    • Windows nightly trunk builds are unavailable due to various bugs such as bug 1092468 and bug 1108970. Migrating our Windows builders to Win2008 and our compiler toolchain to VS2013 would likely solve this and other bustages.
    • There are also some upcoming changes to L10n build system in Q1 2015 (bug 1107635).
    • Buildmaster is up and running, and produces en-US builds, see 9/16 meeting's Friends of the Fish Tank. Builds and langpacks in 18 languages including en-US are available unofficially thanks to A.Kalla.
    • bug 1083689 Langpacks aren't updated when auto-updating SeaMonkey because they aren't uploaded to AMO. The solution requires changes in SeaMonkey RelEng (and possibly AMO).
    • For various reasons we don't have a working SeaMonkey Treeherder.
    • wrt bug 1155011, we already have a Soccoro token. The patches on bug 1155013 require approval and then pushed and the work-around patches backed out.
  • [24th November 2015]
    • All trees:
      • Windows platform still busted due to needing Win2008R2 installed.
      • We have a loaner which ewong is working on (see blog for more information).
      • L10n repacks are broken on aurora and central because the patch from bug 1210791 hasn't been reviewed yet.
    • comm-central:
      • Linux*: Green
        • (patches from bug 1187222 were post-land-review pushed.)
      • OSX64: Current status is that it is 'busted'; but this is only because of the backlog. (87 pending build jobs)
        • Possibly busted due to bug 1223633, but will need to get past the busted compile step.
    • comm-aurora:
      • Mostly green.
      • OSX64 is very backlogged; But busted because of bug 1223633. Even if not busted, it'd be orange in some parts but that's due to the firefox.dmg issue bug 958812.
    • comm-beta & comm-release:
  • Re: Tests.. Still broken.
    • Currently bug 1209378 is in progress to fix the perma-brokeness of our testing infrastructure; but it is 'hard'.
  • See RelEng page for the RelEng status history.

Release Train

  • SeaMonkey 2.39 was released November 8th, 2015.
  • Next merge scheduled for December 14th.
  • Callek would like to get a 2.40 beta out soonish, however it won't be earlier than 10th since there were a handful of changes that could affect our release process, the most notable of which was the "productdelivery move" (e.g. where we host our bits bug 1223633). We will need to do all the stuff manually.
  • Useful Firefox Release Schedule link: Releases Scheduling

Extensions and Plugins Compatibility Tracking

  • See Basics page. Please only list current changes here.
  • Addon Compatibility Listings
  • Lightning 4.4b2 shows no button icons (that's for SeaMonkey 2.39). To be fixed in bug 1211643. The patch now has reviews. Ratty will check the patch in RSN to com-central, comm-aurora, and comm-beta. comm-release pending approvals.
  • We are looking for a new place to host the Addon Compatibility Listings for the Add-on Converter in order to make it easy to maintain and to serve as the main database for the AMO browsing extension in the future. The details are in this post.
  • Firefox & Thunderbird Add-on Converter for SeaMonkey
    This tool goes a little further beyond simply modifying install.rdf - it also identifies a few more other things in the code that are Firefox or Thunderbird specific and attempts to change them. Of course, not all extensions can be ported so easily to SeaMonkey since there's only so much an automated tool like that can do.
    • Lemon Juice continues to improve his already impressive Addon Converter. The source is now available on GitHub [1].
    • looking for a better(?) home for extension-converter pages, along with a way to track successful and conversion-failed add-ons, and respective integration into SeaMonkey by add-on or manager overlay [2], bug 1145026.
    • Rainer Bielefeld will no longer update the list of Firefox addons that have been successfully converted by the Addon Converter. -- Rrbd (talk) 09:59, 16 August 2015 (PDT)
    • Ratty filed bug 1130390 to add a link on to the Firefox & Thunderbird Add-on Converter for SeaMonkey.
    • The AMO Browsing for SeaMonkey extension, which makes AMO pages a lot more SeaMonkey-friendly, seems mature. (It had 9 successive revisions between 27 September and 3 October, and no change since then.) It was developed by LemonJuice (of Add-on Converter fame), and Tonymec, who tested it and now uses it, supports it enthusiastically. The author proposes to add it as a "built-in extension" besides ChatZilla, DOMi and the like. What do you think? (See also Bug 1145026: AMO Add-On-Descriptions: Add link function leading to SeaMonkey add-on-converter and filling URL input pane; the extension actually does much more than the bug's Summary implies: for instance it gets rid of the stupid "You need Firefox 10 or later" popups.
  • The Thunderbird team is now shipping Lightning with Thunderbird. IanN will work on shipping lightning too. Related bugs:
    • bug 516026 Integrate Lightning Into SeaMonkey by Default and Ship SeaMonkey with Lightning Enabled
    • bug 1130854 Package Lightning with Thunderbird for c-c and c-a builds.
    • bug 1113183 Integrate Lightning Into Thunderbird by Default.
    • bug 1130852 Add opt-in dialog to promote Calendar integration [Thunderbird].
  • Ratty has the Firefox Devtools up and running. We can now use the Firefox Devtools debugger in both remote and local mode.
    • Venkman is now totally retired R.I.P..

2.x (Last, Current, Next)


open tracking (0) tracking requests (6) targeted (2) fixed (15)


  • We have official permission to use the Firefox FxA 2.0 sync servers! We need someone to work on porting sync 2.0 over to replace legacy sync code. The finer details of how are so far unknown, but we should have a usable solution before legacy sync is turned off. See: New Firefox Sync has landed in Firefox Nightly. Tracked in:
    • bug 998807 Sync account creation or device pairing fails with exception in BrowserIDManager.
    • bug 1003434 Add support for about:sync-progress.
  • Stalled. Needs a kick.
    • bug 815954 Click-to-Play: Port bug 812562 (click-to-play blocklisted plugins: reshow urlbar notification as with normal click-to-play).
    • bug 476108 GetShortPathNameW fails under some NTFS junctions [patchlove].
  • Current breakages:
  • Mozilla-central bugs that affect us:
    • Changes to Safe Browsing.
    • Firefox is currently changing styles of several Toolkit pages
      • already affected: config.xul for about:config, bug 1125636
      • Toolkit meta bug for about:* pages: bug 1097111 - SeaMonkey tracking in bug 1133743
      • Modern may need updating as IDs are changing, Default needs forking if we want to roll back to previous styles
      • Fallout thus far: bug 1133582 about:config (Modern)
      • Ratty restored about:privatebrowsing UI to before it was messed up by Project Chameleon styles [bug 1192276]. Subsequent to Chameleon, Firefox developers have again redesigned the about:privatebrowsing UI to include UI for tracking protection. We should look into picking any changes we like.
      • mozilla-central bug 1189918 and bug 1190465 allow to fork Toolkit style pages for the classic/default/modern theme without harming theme developers. SeaMonkey bug 1022354 will move theme overrides to the theme manifests.
        • affected pages that should be reverted are about:config [bug 1222816], about:addons [bug 1222817], about:support [bug 1222818] (look ok in Modern but hurt in the Default theme).
    • A lot of these bugs are due to mozilla-central switching from synchronous APIs to Asynchronous APIs.
    • bug 566746 (asyncFormHistory) Form history should use asynchronous storage API. Tracked in:
      • bug 912031 Use Asynchronous FormHistory.jsm in place of nsIFormHistory2 in Suite.
    • The C++ downloads manager backend nsIDownloadManager is being decommissioned. Firefox and Thunderbird have migrated to jsdownloads.
    • bug 825588 Asynchronous JavaScript API for downloads and bug 851471 Decommission nsIDownloadManager. Tracked in:
      • bug 888915 Move SeaMonkey to the new JavaScript API for downloads when nsIDownloadManager is decommissioned. Neil has a WIP patch on hand.
    • We've picked up he default for security.tls.version.min from Mozilla Core, but security.tls.version.fallback-limit is new. So we need to consider adding the latter to our preferences UI (bug 1123673).
      • Currently unclear whether or not this should be done after bug 1084025 disable insecure TLS version fallback entirely by default [3]
      • alternative proposal is to make whitelist for acceptable fallback sites available in the UI, which seems to make more sense.

Feature List, Planning

Bug statistics for the last two (full) weeks: 37 new, 6 fixed, 13 triaged.

  • low triaging effort, larger than average number of new bugs filed.
  • Ratty has a SeaMonkey build with a working Firefox Devtools!!!! Relevant patches:
    • bug 1208112 Package DevTools client in SeaMonkey now that it's been moved out of /browser/ [checked-in].
    • bug 1223338 Add DevTools client L10N language files to SeaMonkey builds [checked-in].
    • bug 1223341 Add the Firefox Devtools to the SeaMonkey UI. Waiting for review.
    • bug 1223344 Some tweaks to gDevTools.jsm to get Devtools working in SeaMonkey [Devtools]. Waiting for review.
    • Not working yet: WebIDE and Responsive Design. But everything else seems to work.
  • Fundamental core features Firefox/Mozilla plans to remove:
    • bug 1222546 Product plan: remove support for heavyweight themes
      • if effective for all Toolkit applications, would render most 3rd-party themes disfunct
      • no sufficiently plausible specifics provided 'why' full themes 'must' no longer be supported
      • may prohibit Modern theme being shipped with or installed in SeaMonkey
      • removal is "decided" without any clear alternative envisioned
  • IanN thinks it would be useful to remind people on the newsgroups / forums that they can contribute by triaging. Tonymec will post a reminder to newsgroups / forums. See bug 1092632 (Sm_tri_HowTo) Document how to triage SeaMonkey bugs.

Open reviews/flags: 55 review 5 super-review 1 ui-review 12 feedback

  • See Feature List page for major wanted/needed features.
  • TODO:
    • Encrypted Media Extensions / Digital Rights Management
      • bug 1127784 added a preference and UI to enable/disable playback of Encrypted Media Extensions, with UI seen in non-release builds only
      • more work appears to be needed to download necessary 3rd-party Content Decryption Modules, some UI can probably be ported from Firefox
  • What about declaring linux-x86_64 builds found at and at ftp.m.o as "official" ?

On October 7 two people asked in #seamonkey at a few minutes' interval when there would be "official" 64-bit SM builds for Linux. I pointed them to the x86_64 release at the bottom of the "Other languages" release page for 2.38 and to the x86_64 2.40a2 aurora & 2.41a1 trunk builds at the bottom of the ftp.m.o nightly/latest-comm-* pages but they said these were not "official".

So — how are we going to get out of the following vicious circle? 64-bit builds are not "official" because too few users, and users don't install them (some even prefer compiling their own) because they aren't "official".

Maybe change the online documentation? (perhaps as part of bug 1208822 "System Requirements page needs update"?)

Tonymec (talk) 13:56, 7 October 2015 (PDT)

  • [ewong:] what's the prerequisites of making the Linux64 builds 'official' aside for the issue of getting the tests done for Linux64; but our testing infrastructure is busted. bug 1209378

Roundtable - Personal Status Updates

Status Updates from developers - what are you working on, what's the progress, any other comments? (feel free to add yourself to the list if your name is missing and you have interesting status).





  • Usual localising, testing, reviewing, commenting and approving.
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed for c-c:
  • Fixed for m-c:
  • Fixed for m-i/fx-i:
  • Pending tree opening:
  • Pending approval for check in:
  • Pending checkin for dependent bugs:
    • bug 653386 Consider overriding netErrorApp.dtd rather than netError.dtd
  • Checked in pending review:
  • Waiting for feedback/review/information:
  • Fixing review comments before checkin:
    • bug 757230 When using add button for permissions in Data Manager set a displayHost
    • bug 798147 Switch to correct pref pane if pref window already open
  • Working on:
    • bug 1101381 Printing throws error: DEPRECATION WARNING: getWebBrowserPrint is now deprecated, and fully unsupported for multi-process browsers. Please use a frame script to get access to nsIWebBrowserPrint from content
    • bug 1190179 Port |bug 1067325 - Add an option to view html source in a tab| to SeaMonkey
    • bug 1051642 Allow for flat chrome format when packaging extensions
    • bug 943335 [TB] Update icons used in searchplugins (Yahoo, eBay, Wikipedia, Amazon, Bing, Twitter)
    • Various SM Council documents.
    • bug 606683 Allow customization of toolbar in Composer and MailNews Composition
    • bug 639690 [META] Re-arrange code between editor and editorOverlay
    • bug 773979 [META] Switch to new drag and drop api in SeaMonkey
    • bug 657234 Move pasteQuote and pasteNoFormatting into contentAreaContextOverlay
    • File/Folder selection in windows.
  • To Do:
    • bug 639395 Get cmd_fontSize to reflect current state of selected content / content at caret.
    • Prefs-in-a-tab.
    • Create FAQ for Friends of the Fish Tank.
    • Help get composer standalone builds working with --enable-tests.







Needs checkin:

  • bug 1222491 Update Modern theme for recent changes in web notifications.
  • bug 1223135 Switch Page Info to use principals.

Still needs comm-beta checkin:

Still waiting for feedback:

  • bug 888915 Convert SeaMonkey Downloads Manager to Downloads.jsm

Still waiting for review:


Rainer Bielefeld

I will not be able to participate.


Invitation (English and German) to users who have not been involved yet.
Additional invitations, marketing and so on by tonymec is a good idea.


Release notes
We need some more than only replacing old version numbers by new ones, see various related Bugs
Any ideas how we can support? That should not be a task only for InvisibleSmiley, we will have to improve the very old concept of that page


[From 2015-10-27 to 2015-11-10]

  • bug 1218103 Update references to devtools paths after bug 1203159 (Migrate DevTools resources to resource://devtools/ URLs).
  • bug 1218192 Addon manager fails to initialize properly on startup. Package Devtools-server files. [Instantbird]
  • bug 1219398 Restartless addons don't work if the Devtools files are not packaged in the installer. [Thunderbird]
  • bug 1219308 Change BrowserSearch from a const to a var because ES7 changed how 'const' works.
  • bug 1221067 error: no matching function for call to 'NS_NewStreamLoader' [MailNews Core].
  • bug 1222472 (SeaMonkey) Use ObjDirPaths for GENERATED_INCLUDES and merge with LOCAL_INCLUDES.
  • bug 1222479 Use ObjDirPaths for GENERATED_INCLUDES and merge with LOCAL_INCLUDES (TB and IB)

In Progress:

  • bug 1011857 Implement CustomizableUI shim for SeaMonkey.
  • Thunderbird defaut theme overrides.

Waiting for review:

  • bug 1022354 SeaMonkey forces 3rd-party themes to not use defaultFavicon.png but hardcode a bookmarks-item.png.
  • bug 1149775 Implement tabbrowser methods getBrowserForOuterWindowID() and getTabForBrowser() used by about:performance
  • bug 1204338 More Refactoring: Followup to bug 403800 Refactor netError.dtd/netErrorApp.dtd. [mozilla-central]
  • bug 1211166 Use AppConstants in SessionRecorder.jsm [Toolkit]
  • bug 1218087 NS_ERROR_FAILURE: Failure arg 0 [nsICacheStorageService.diskCacheStorage] in pageInfo.js and metadata.js; [nsICacheStorageService.appCacheStorage] in pref-offlineapps.js.

[From 2015-11-11 to 2015-11-24]

  • bug 1149775 Implement tabbrowser methods getBrowserForOuterWindowID() and getTabForBrowser() used by about:performance
  • bug 1204338 More Refactoring: Followup to bug 403800 Refactor netError.dtd/netErrorApp.dtd. [mozilla-central]
  • bug 1223338 Add DevTools client L10N language files to SeaMonkey builds.
  • bug 1226822 |make pkg| fails with Error : suite/installer/ Removal of packaged file(s): extensions/{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}.xpi.

In Progress:

  • bug 1011857 Implement CustomizableUI shim for SeaMonkey.
  • Thunderbird defaut theme overrides.

Waiting for review:

  • bug 1022354 SeaMonkey forces 3rd-party themes to not use defaultFavicon.png but hardcode a bookmarks-item.png.
  • bug 1211166 Use AppConstants in SessionRecorder.jsm [Toolkit]
  • bug 1218087 NS_ERROR_FAILURE: Failure arg 0 [nsICacheStorageService.diskCacheStorage] in pageInfo.js and metadata.js; [nsICacheStorageService.appCacheStorage] in pref-offlineapps.js.
  • bug 1223341 Add the Firefox Devtools to the SeaMonkey UI.
  • bug 1223344 Some tweaks to gDevTools.jsm to get Devtools working in SeaMonkey.


  • bug 1224907 Bookmarks Manager Search Button is missing in SeaMonkey 2.3.9.


  • Front end changes needed for bug 1042699 Block cross-origin add-on install requests.
  • Port bug 1048048 add preload content policy types for images.
  • bug 1174466 Popup blocker: Need to allow popups opened by loaded javascript: URIs from the location bar. Regression from bug 896947.

Other stuff:

  • Did some reviews and approvals.
  • Bug triage and Bug discussions.
  • Usual end user support and PR in newsgroups and Mozillazine.


Waiting for checkin:

  • bug 1152644 Add UI in Notifications preference pane whether or not to use libnotify for new-mail alerts on Linux.

May need retargeting:

  • bug 1123673 Consider exposing security.tls.version.fallback-limit in SSL prefpane to accommodate SSL 3.0 legacy sites.


  • Bug triage, testing, and commenting for SeaMonkey and MailNews Core.
  • End-user information and discussion on MozillaZine.





  • The Triage HowTo page has been moved to SeaMonkey/QA/Triage_HowTo, still in this wiki, with the work-in-progress banner commented out and the "SeaMonkey QA" infobox added.
  • If a better name is found, anyone with a wikimoz account can move it. In that case, please update also the redirect at User:Tonymec/Triage HowTo and the infobox at Template:SeaMonkey-QA.
  • Otherwise, or after it is done, bug 1092632 can be RESOLVED FIXED.
  • IMHO this page can live on wikimoz, together with the other QA documentation.


  • The next time I get a crash on a "build without symbols", see if the minidump_stackwalk program used by tooltool, whose L64 version I have downloaded, can make sense of the crash data and of the to generate a human-readable stack dump.
  • If it can:
    • propose it as as something that can be distributed with trunk (and aurora?) builds of SeaMonkey. It is binary, not cross-platform, but different binaries exist for the different supported platforms. Maybe add the binary for the proper platform at the top level of the installdir, side-by-side with the "seamonkey" executable?
    • document it in the Triage HowTo, or as a side page linked to it, highlighting anything which gave me trouble and how to avoid my blunders.
  • See also bug 1214301 (and thanks to Ted Mielczarek for mentioning this program, and to Jesse Ruderman for helping me find it). I have listed some "interesting URLs" (mostly documentation) as an attachment to the bug, for future use by me or by anyone interested.

Any other business?

  • Px asks:
    • When will regular Windows builds be back online, what about adding x64 build too, at least for nightlies?
      • Callek: No x64 windows builds anytime soon for us.
      • Ewong is working on getting some builds automated.
    • FF team disabled all plugins except Flash for x64 builds, what about reverting this change for x64 SeaMonkey?
      • Callek: It was done for "better of the web" and "security" reasons, but I'm not strictly adverse to it either. I'd be happier if someone articulated a case for reverting the block of a specific plugin (which version[s]) and why?