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FirefoxOS Security Team Meeting

1pm PST, B2G Vidyo room Prior notes are here:


  "The problem is not a vulnerability in iOS itself but a coding weakness on the part
   of the developer." per the article. Using TLS prevents the attack.
   insecure HTTP web apps (or packaged apps loading http resources) could
   be vulnerable.
   -- is there no way to clear the cache or cookies on Firefox OS?!
   * I think we treat 301 more like 302, we make no effort to remember permanently
     beyond the lifetime of the cache entry

- sandbox enabled on 1.2 geeksphone

   - goal is for 1.3 for other phones
   - jld working on fixing bugs

- need to fix emulator

   - tests don't correctly catch errors on try
   - bug to update emulator kernel (required for seccomp)

stephanie's updates

  • overview of fxos security docs on the wiki
  • 1.2 branched yesterday
  • [cr] feature proposals:
    • "lock to app"
      • enabled via long power button push menu
      • require PIN to switch to different app
      • like a poor-man's guest mode
    • "phone grab lock" theft mitigation
      • phone locks if accelerometer detects shakes, locking out thieves in phone grab scenarios
      • common attack. had that happen to a friend in Berlin
  • [cr] first fxos malware claim emerged
    • (mostly) see last week's meeting, but now there is a mozilla security blog post proposal currently under review

visibility at Engineering meeting?

- component owners for b2g


haida roadmap

Weekly goals

  • rfletcher looks at bluetooth in fxos and buffer overflow risks
  • stephanie wants to look at the system app and haida
  • freddy will have to work on his backlog of web security reviews

Goal Status Updates

  • [cr] marketplace tools - challenge getting developer time
    • kill switch (in progress)
    • blacklisting URLs
    • suggested regular marketplace/security strategy meeting, dbialer will suggest a time
  • [cr] integrate key material in contacts
    • ongoing design phase, internal rfc coming up