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Desktop Firefox

Owners and peers of the Desktop Firefox module may review code anywhere in the browser and toolkit directories. Reviews should be sent to the more specific submodules below where possible.

Name: Desktop Firefox (#)
Description: Standalone Web Browser.
Owner: Dave Townsend, Gijs Kruitbosch
Fallback Peer(s): Dão Gottwald, Jared Wein, Marco Bonardo, Matthew Noorenberghe
Peer(s) Emeritus: Brian Bondy, Lina Cambridge, Luke Chang, Ricky Chien, Justin Dolske, Georg Fritzsche, Felipe Gomes, Tim Guan-tin Chien, Johann Hofmann, KM Lee Rex, Fred Lin, Ray Lin, Fischer Liu, Bill McCloskey, Mark Mentovai, Ted Mielczarek, Brian Nicholson, Neil Rashbrook, Asaf Romano, Marina Samuel, J Ryan Stinnett, Gregory Szorc, Tim Taubert,
Source Dir(s): browser/, toolkit/
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox, Toolkit
URL(s): Code Review Guidelines
Discussion Group: firefox-dev


Name: Add-ons Manager (#)
Description: Extension management back-end.
Owner: Shane Caraveo, Luca Greco
Peer(s): Luca Greco, Tomislav Jovanovic, Rob Wu, William Durand
Owner(s) Emeritus: Robert Strong, Andrew Swan, Kris Maglione
Source Dir(s): toolkit/mozapps/extensions/
Name: Add-ons Manager UI (#)
Description: about:addons.
Owner: Shane Caraveo, Mark Striemer
Peer(s): Luca Greco, Tomislav Jovanovic, Rob Wu
Owner(s) Emeritus: Robert Strong, Andrew Swan
Source Dir(s): toolkit/mozapps/extensions/content/
Name: Application Update (#)
Description: The application update services.
Owner: Kirk Steuber
Peer(s): Molly Howell, Adam Gashlin
Source Dir(s): toolkit/mozapps/update/
Name: Bookmarks & History (#)
Description: The bookmarks and history services (Places).
Owner: Marco Bonardo
Peer(s): Mark Banner, Drew Willcoxon
Source Dir(s): browser/components/places/, toolkit/components/places/
Name: Desktop Theme (#)
Description: The style rules used in the desktop UI.
Owner: Dão Gottwald
Peer(s): Itiel, Sam Foster
Peer(s) Emeritus: Tim Nguyen
Source Dir(s): browser/themes/, toolkit/themes/
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox::Theme, Toolkit::Themes
Name: Desktop UI (#)
Description: The main browser UI except where covered by more specific submodules.
Owner: Jared Wein
Peer(s): Mike Conley, Florian Quèze
Source Dir(s): browser/base/content/
Name: Download Manager (#)
Description: The downloads UI and service.
Owner: Marco Bonardo
Peer(s): Gijs Kruitbosch, Micah Tigley
Source Dir(s): browser/components/downloads/, toolkit/mozapps/downloads/
Name: Enterprise Policies (#)
Description: System policies for controlling Firefox.
Owner: Michael Kaply
Source Dir(s): browser/components/enterprisepolicies/
Name: Form Autofill (#)
Description: Form detection and autocomplete.
Owner: Sergey Galich
Peer(s): Dimi Lee, Tim Giles
Owner(s) Emeritus: Matthew Noorenberghe
Source Dir(s): browser/extensions/formautofill/, toolkit/components/satchel/
Name: In-product Messaging (#)
Description: The system for delivering in-product messaging.
Owner: Punam Dahiya
Peer(s): Nan Jiang, Ed Lee, Kate Hudson,
Source Dir(s): toolkit/components/messaging-system/
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox::Messaging System
Name: Launcher Process (#)
Description: Windows process for bootstrapping the browser process.
Owner: Toshihito Kikuchi
Peer(s): Molly Howell
Owner(s) Emeritus: Aaron Klotz
Source Dir(s): browser/app/winlauncher
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox::Launcher Process
Name: Localization (#)
Description: Tooling to enable translation and facilitate localization.
Owner: Francesco Lodolo
Peer(s): Matjaž Horvat, Eemeli Aro
Bugzilla Component(s): Mozilla Localizations, Localization Infrastructure and Tools
Name: New Tab Page (#)
Description: The new tab/home page.
Owner: Ed Lee
Peer(s): Kate Hudson, Andrei Oprea, Scott Downe
Source Dir(s): browser/components/newtab/
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox::New Tab Page
Name: Experiments/Rollouts (#)
Description: Desktop clients for our experiments and off-train deployments systems.
Owner: Barret Rennie
Peer(s): Gijs Kruitbosch, Emily McMinn
Owner(s) Emeritus: Michael Cooper
Source Dir(s): toolkit/components/normandy/, toolkit/components/nimbus/
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox::Normandy,Firefox::Nimbus Desktop Client
Name: Onboarding (#)
Description: The onboarding experience including UI tours.
Owner: Ed Lee
Peer(s): Matthew Noorenberghe
Source Dir(s): browser/components/uitour/
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox::Tours
Name: Password Manager (#)
Description: Managing, saving and filling logins.
Owner: Sergey Galich
Peer(s): Sam Foster, Jared Wein, Tim Giles, Dimi Lee
Owner(s) Emeritus: Matthew Noorenberghe
Peer(s) Emeritus: Bianca Danforth, Severin Rudie
Source Dir(s): toolkit/components/passwordmgr/, browser/components/aboutlogins
Bugzilla Component(s): Toolkit::Password Manager, Toolkit::Password Manager: Site Compatibility, Firefox::about:logins

Name: Picture-in-Picture (#)
Description: A component that allows video elements to be pulled out into an always-on-top window.
Owner: Mike Conley, Micah Tigley, Molly Howell
Peer(s): Katherine Patenio, Niklas Baumgardner
Peer(s) Emeritus: Micah Tigley
Source Dir(s): toolkit/components/pictureinpicture, browser/extensions/pictureinpicture
Name: Preferences (#)
Description: The front-end preferences system.
Owner: Jared Wein
Peer(s): Mark Striemer, Gijs Kruitbosch
Peer(s) Emeritus: Tim Nguyen
Source Dir(s): browser/components/preferences/, browser/themes/*/preferences, toolkit/mozapps/preferences
Name: Profile Migration (#)
Description: Migrating data from other browsers.
Owner: Gijs Kruitbosch
Peer(s): Marco Bonardo, Matthew Noorenberghe
Source Dir(s): browser/components/migration/
Name: Screenshots (#)
Description: Code relating to Screenshots functionality
Owner: Sam Foster
Peer(s): Jared Hirsch, Niklas Baumgardner,
Owner(s) Emeritus: Emma Malysz, Ian Bicking
Peer(s) Emeritus: Barry Chen
Source Dir(s): browser/extensions/screenshots, browser/components/screenshots/
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox::Screenshots
Name: Search and Address Bar (#)
Description: The search service, address bar and address bar autocomplete.
Owner: Mark Banner, Drew Willcoxon
Peer(s): Dale Harvey, Marco Bonardo, Dão Gottwald
Peer(s) Emeritus: Michael de Boer
Source Dir(s): browser/components/search/, browser/components/urlbar/, toolkit/components/search/
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox::Address Bar, Firefox::Search
Name: Security and Privacy UI (#)
Description: The front-end to our security and privacy features, including Protections UI, Site Identity, Site Permissions and Certificate Errors
Owner: Paul Zühlcke
Peer(s): Prathiksha
Owner(s) Emeritus: Johann Hofmann
Peer(s) Emeritus: Erica Wright, Nihanth Subramanya
Source Dir(s): browser/components/protections/, browser/components/controlcenter/
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox::Security, Firefox::Protections UI, Firefox::Site Identity, Firefox::Site Permissions
Name: Session Restore (#)
Description: Restoring a user's session after starting Firefox.
Owner: Dão Gottwald, Dale Harvey
Peer(s): Andreas Farre
Owner(s) Emeritus: Michael de Boer, Kashav Madan, Anny Gakhokidze
Source Dir(s): browser/components/sessionstore/, toolkit/components/sessionstore/
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox::Session Restore
Name: Tabbed Browser (#)
Description: The UI component controlling browser tabs.
Owner: Dão Gottwald
Source Dir(s): browser/base/content/tabbrowser*, browser/modules/AsyncTabSwitcher.jsm
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox::Tabbed Browser
Name: Windows Installer (#)
Description: The installer for Windows.
Owner: Molly Howell
Peer(s): Adam Gashlin, Nick Alexander
Source Dir(s): browser/installer/, toolkit/mozapps/installer/
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox::Installer


Name: Toolkit (#)
Description: Components shared between desktop and mobile browsers.
Owner: Dave Townsend, Gijs Kruitbosch
Fallback Peer(s): Jared Wein, Marco Bonardo, Matthew Noorenberghe
Source Dir(s): toolkit/
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox, Toolkit
URL(s): Code Review Guidelines
Discussion Group: firefox-dev


Name: Application Startup (#)
Description: The profile system and startup process before the front-end launches.
Owner: Dave Townsend
Peer(s): Nathan Froyd
Source Dir(s): toolkit/profile, toolkit/components/remote, toolkit/xre
Name: UI Widgets (#)
Description: The base widgets used throughout the UI.
Owner: Neil Deakin
Peer(s): Andrew Swan
Source Dir(s): toolkit/content/widgets/
Name: Webextensions (#)
Description: Webextension APIs and integration.
Owner: Shane Caraveo, Tomislav Jovanovic
Peer(s): Luca Greco, Kris Maglione, Andrew Swan, Rob Wu, William Durand
Source Dir(s): browser/components/extensions/, toolkit/components/extensions/
Name: Telemetry (#)
Description: The core infrastructure in the Firefox client to send back Telemetry and FHR data. Includes the common mechanism to record, view and submit data like histograms, the Telemetry environment and custom pings.
This module does not include responsibility for every piece of submitted Telemetry data. Each team/module is responsible for their own measurements (histograms, scalars, other ping submissions, etc.).
Owner: Chris Hutten-Czapski
Peer(s): Alessio Placitelli, Jan-Erik Rediger
Owner(s) Emeritus: Georg Fritzsche
Source Dir(s): toolkit/components/telemetry, toolkit/content/aboutTelemetry.*
Discussion Group: fx-data-dev


Name: Accessibility (#)
Description: Support for platform accessibility APIs. Accessibility APIs are used by 3rd party software like screen readers, screen magnifiers, and voice dictation software, which need information about document content and UI controls, as well as important events like changes of focus.
Owner: Jamie Teh
Peer(s): Eitan Isaacson, Marco Zehe, Morgan Reschenberg
Owner(s) Emeritus: Aaron Leventhal, Alexander Surkov
Peer(s) Emeritus: David Bolter, Trevor Saunders, Ginn Chen, Evan Yan, Yura Zenevich
Source Dir(s): accessible/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Disability Access APIs
Discussion Group: dev-accessibility
Name: Animation (#)
Description: Declarative animations: CSS animations, CSS transitions, Web Animations API, and off-main thread animations.
Owner: Brian Birtles (:birtles)
Peer(s): Boris Chiou (:boris), Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro), Matt Woodrow (:mattwoodrow)
Source Dir(s): dom/animation; and animation-related and interpolation-related code in layout/style, gfx/layers, servo/components/style and servo/ports/gecko
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::DOM::Animation, Core::CSS Transitions and Animations
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Anti-Tracking (#)
Description: Tracking detection and content-blocking.
Owner: Tim Huang
Peer(s): Andrea Marchesini, Dimi Lee, Paul Zühlcke, Benjamin VanderSloot
Peer(s) Emeritus: Ehsan Akhgari, Erica Wright, Gary Chen, Johann Hofmann
Source Dir(s): toolkit/components/antitracking/, several files under browser/ and netwerk/url-classifier/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Privacy: Anti-Tracking
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Browser WebAPI (#)
Description: Web API for rendering apps, browser windows and widgets.
Owner: Olli Pettay
Peer(s): Fabrice Desré
Owner(s) Emeritus: Kan-Ru Chen
Source Dir(s): dom/browser-element/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::DOM
Discussion Group: dev-webapi
Name: Build and Release Tools (#)
Description: Tools related to build and release automation and configuration of release builds.
Owner: Aki Sasaki
Source Dir(s): tools/update-packaging/ tools/update-verify
Bugzilla Component(s): Release Engineering::*
Discussion Group: release-engineering
Name: Build Config (#)
Description: The build system for Gecko and several hosted Gecko-based applications.
Owner: Mike Hommey (:glandium)
Peer(s): Mitchell Hentges, Andi-Bogdan Postelnicu
Owner(s) Emeritus: Chris Manchester (2019-2020), Gregory Szorc (2013-2019), Ted Mielczarek (2008-2013), Benjamin Smedberg (???-2008),
Peer(s) Emeritus: Ted Mielczarek, Ralph Giles, Gregory Szorc, Chris Manchester, Mike Shal, Nathan Froyd, Ricky Stewart, David Major
Source Dir(s): build/, config/, python/mozbuild, tools/cross-commit, tools/, tools/cvsmgmt/, tools/elf-dynstr-gc/, tools/, browser/config/mozconfigs/, mobile/config/mozconfigs/, xulrunner/config/mozconfigs/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Build Config
Discussion Group: dev-builds
Name: Code Analysis and Debugging Tools (#)
Description: Tools for debugging Mozilla code or for analyzing speed, memory use, and other characteristics of it.
Owner: David Baron
Source Dir(s): tools/codesighs/, tools/debug/, tools/dreftool/, tools/dumpdeps/, tools/jprof/, tools/leak-gauge/, tools/leaky/, tools/memory/, tools/module-deps/, tools/performance/, tools/post_compile/, tools/preloader/, tools/rb/, tools/reorder/, tools/trace-malloc/, tools/uuiddeps/,
Discussion Group: dev-performance
Name: Content Security (#)
Description: Native content-based security features enforced in the ContentSecurityManager, including: Content Security Policy (CSP), Mixed Content Blocker (MCB), Referrer Policy, Subresource Integrity (SRI), Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), X-Frame-Options, X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff, HTTPS-Only-Mode, Sanitizer API, Sec-Fetch Metadata, and top-level data: URI blocking.
Owner: Christoph Kerschbaumer
Peer(s): Tanvi Vyas, Dan Veditz, Andrea Marchesini, Frederik Braun
Peer(s) Emeritus: Sid Stamm, Jonas Sicking, Jonathan Kingston, Thomas Nguyen, François Marier
Source Dir(s): dom/security
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::DOM: Security
Discussion Group: dev-security
Name: Cookies (#)
Owner: Andrea Marchesini
Peer(s): Honza Bambas
Owner(s) Emeritus: Monica Chew
Peer(s) Emeritus: Josh Matthews, Mike Connor, Dan Witte, Christian Biesinger, Shawn Wilsher (ping on irc), Ehsan Akhgari
Source Dir(s): netwerk/cookie/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Networking: Cookies
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Permissions (#)
Owner: Tim Huang
Peer(s): Andrea Marchesini, Johann Hofmann, Paul Zühlcke
Owner(s) Emeritus: Monica Chew, Ehsan Akhgari
Peer(s) Emeritus: Josh Matthews, Mike Connor, Dan Witte, Christian Biesinger, Shawn Wilsher (ping on irc), Honza Bambas
Source Dir(s): extensions/permissions/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core :: Permission Manager
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Cycle Collector (#)
Description: Code to break and collect objects within reference cycles
Owner: Andrew McCreight
Peer(s): Peter Van der Beken, Olli Pettay
Peer(s) Emeritus: David Baron
Source Dir(s): xpcom/base/nsCycleCollector.* and some support headers
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::XPCOM
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: C++/Rust usage, tools, and style (#)
Description: Aspects of C++ use such as language feature usage, standard library versions/usage, compiler/toolchain versions, formatting and naming style, and aspects of Rust use as needs arise
Owner: Bobby Holley
Peer(s): Botond Ballo, Mike Hommey
Owner(s) Emeritus: Ehsan Akhgari
Peer(s) Emeritus: Jeff Walden, Simon Giesecke
Source Dir(s): non-third-party C++ and Rust code in the tree
Bugzilla Component(s): Various components
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: docshell (#)
Owner: Olli Pettay, Nika Layzell
Peer(s): Peter Van der Beken, Andreas Farre
Owner(s) Emeritus: Boris Zbarsky
Peer(s) Emeritus: Johnny Stenback, Christian Biesinger, Justin Lebar, Samael Wang, Kyle Machulis
Source Dir(s): docshell/, uriloader/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Document Navigation
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: DLL Services (#)
Description: Windows dynamic linker instrumentation and blocking
Owner: Toshihito Kikuchi
Peer(s): David Parks (DLL Interceptor), Molly Howell (Backup reviewer)
Owner(s) Emeritus: Aaron Klotz
Source Dir(s): toolkit/xre/dllservices/**
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::DLL Services
Name: Document Object Model (#)
Owner: Peter Van der Beken
Peer(s): Olli Pettay, Henri Sivonen, Bobby Holley, Andrea Marchesini, Andrew McCreight, Nika Layzell, Andreas Farre, Emilio Cobos, Andrew Sutherland, Edgar Chen
Owner(s) Emeritus: Johnny Stenback
Peer(s) Emeritus: Justin Lebar, Jonas Sicking, Ben Turner, Mounir Lamouri, Kyle Huey, Bill McCloskey, Ben Kelly, Blake Kaplan, Kyle Machulis, Boris Zbarsky, Ehsan Akhgari
Source Dir(s): dom/*, except directories covered by other modules
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::DOM, Core::DOM: CSS Object Model, Core::DOM: Core & HTML
Discussion Group: dev-tech-dom
Name: DOM File (#)
Description: DOM Blob, File and FileSystem APIs
Owner: Andrea Marchesini
Peer(s): Olli Pettay
Source Dir(s): dom/file, dom/filesystem
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::DOM: File
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: DOM Streams (#)
Description: Streams Specification implementation
Owner: Matthew Gaudet
Peer(s): Olli Pettay, Tom Schuster, Kagami Rosylight
Source Dir(s): dom/streams
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::DOM: Streams
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Event Handling (#)
Description: DOM Events and Event Handling
Owner: Olli Pettay, Masayuki Nakano
Peer(s): Edgar Chen
Peer(s) Emeritus: Stone Shih
Source Dir(s): dom/events and event handling related code elsewhere
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::DOM: Events, Core::DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Web Workers (#)
Owner: Andrew Sutherland
Peer(s): Andrea Marchesini, Yaron Tausky
Owner(s) Emeritus: Ben Turner
Peer(s) Emeritus: Blake Kaplan, Jonas Sicking, Kyle Huey, Ben Kelly
Source Dir(s): dom/workers/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::DOM: Workers
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: IndexedDB (#)
Owner: Jan Varga
Peer(s): Bevis Tseng, Andrew Sutherland, Andrea Marchesini
Owner(s) Emeritus: Ben Turner
Peer(s) Emeritus: Jonas Sicking, Kyle Huey
Source Dir(s): dom/indexedDB/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::DOM: IndexedDB
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Editor (#)
Owner: Masayuki Nakano
Peer(s): Makoto Kato
Owner(s) Emeritus: Ehsan Akhgari
Source Dir(s): editor/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Editor
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Gecko Profiler (#)
Description: Gecko's built-in profiler
Owner: Markus Stange
Peer(s): Gerald Squelart, Greg Tatum, Nazim Can Altinova, Julian Seward (LUL), Kannan Vijayan (JS integration), Barret Rennie (Screenshots).
Owner(s) Emeritus: Benoit Girard
Peer(s) Emeritus: Shu-yu Guo (JS integration), Thinker Lee (TaskTracer), Cervantes Yu (TaskTracer), Nicholas Nethercote
Source Dir(s): tools/profiler/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Gecko Profiler
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: GeckoView (#)
Description: Framework for embedding Gecko into Android applications
Owner: Agi Sferro
Peer(s): Makoto Kato, Irene Storozhko
Owner(s) Emeritus: James Willcox
Peer(s) Emeritus: Dylan Roeh, Eugen Sawin, Aaron Klotz, Jim Chen, Randall E. Barker
Source Dir(s): mobile/android/, widget/android/, hal/android/
Bugzilla Component(s): GeckoView::General
Name: Global Key Bindings (#)
Description: Global hot keys in Mozilla for the browser, editor, mail-news and widgets. Does not include underlined menu accelerators and the like, as those are part of i18n.
Owner: Masayuki Nakano
Peer(s): Neil Rashbrook
Source Dir(s): dom/events (and platform specific directories under it)
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Keyboard: Navigation
Discussion Group: dev-accessibility
Name: Graphics (#)
Description: Mozilla graphics API
Owner: Jeff Muizelaar(Thebes, QCMS, YCbCr, Cairo/Pixman, Regions, OS X, Other)
Peer(s): Bas Schouten(Layers, Windows), Kelsey Gilbert(WebGL, ANGLE), Matt Woodrow(Layers API), Jonathan Kew(text/fonts), Nicolas Silva(MozSurface), Nick Cameron, Sotaro Ikeda(B2G), Jamie Nicol(Android), Markus Stange(OS X), Lee Salzman(Skia, Canvas2D), Ryan Hunt(OMTP), Glenn Watson (WebRender), Dzmitry Malyshau(WebRender)
Owner(s) Emeritus: Robert O'Callahan
Peer(s) Emeritus: Benoit Girard(Compositor, Performance), Ali Juma, George Wright(Canvas2D), Mason Chang, David Anderson, Christopher Lord, John Daggett(text/fonts), Benoit Jacob(gfx/gl), Joe Drew, Vladimir Vukicevic, James Willcox(Android),
Source Dir(s): gfx/, dom/canvas/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Graphics, Core::Graphics: Layers, Core::Graphics: Text, Core::Graphics: WebRender, Core::Graphics: Color Management, Core::Graphics: Canvas2D, Core::Graphics: CanvasWebGL
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: WebGPU (Graphics submodule) (#)
Description: WebGPU implementation
Owner: Dzmitry Malyshau
Peer(s): Joshua Groves, Kelsey Gilbert,
Source Dir(s): dom/webgpu
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Graphics::WebGPU
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: APZ (Graphics submodule) (#)
Description: Asynchronous panning and zooming
Owner: Botond Ballo
Peer(s): Kartikaya Gupta, Timothy Nikkel, Ryan Hunt, Markus Stange
Owner(s) Emeritus: Kartikaya Gupta
Source Dir(s): gfx/layers/apz
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Panning and Zooming
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Moz2D (Graphics submodule) (#)
Description: Platform independent 2D graphics API
Owner: Bas Schouten
Peer(s): Jeff Muizelaar, Jonathan Watt
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Graphics
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Legacy HTML Parser (#)
Owner: Blake Kaplan
Peer(s): David Baron, Peter Van der Beken,
Peer(s) Emeritus: Johnny Stenback
Source Dir(s): parser/htmlparser
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::HTML: Parser
Name: HAL (#)
Description: Hardware Abstraction Layer
Owner: Gabriele Svelto
Source Dir(s): hal/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: HTML Parser (#)
Description: The HTML Parser transforms HTML source code into a DOM. It conforms to the HTML specification, and is mostly translated automatically from Java to C++.
Owner: Henri Sivonen
Peer(s): William Chen
Source Dir(s): parser/html
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::HTML: Parser
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: I18N Library (#)
Owner: Henri Sivonen (encoding), Jonathan Kew (except to encoding)
Peer(s): Masatoshi Kimura, Zibi Braniecki, Makoto Kato
Owner(s) Emeritus: Jungshik Shin, Simon Montagu
Source Dir(s): intl/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Internationalization
Discussion Group: dev-i18n
Name: ImageLib (#)
Owner: Timothy Nikkel
Peer(s): Andrew Osmond, Jeff Muizelaar
Peer(s) Emeritus: Seth Fowler, Brian Bondy, Justin Lebar
Source Dir(s): media/libjpeg/, media/libpng/, image/, modules/zlib/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::ImageLib
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: IPC (#)
Description: Native message-passing between threads and processes
Owner: Nika Layzell
Peer(s): Jed Davis, Jim Mathies, Andrew McCreight, David Parks
Owner(s) Emeritus: Chris Jones, Bill McCloskey, Jed Davis
Peer(s) Emeritus: Benjamin Smedberg, Ben Turner, David Anderson, Kan-Ru Chen, Bevis Tseng, Ben Kelly
Source Dir(s): ipc/glue/, ipc/ipdl/, ipc/chromium/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::IPC
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: JavaScript (#)
Description: JavaScript engine (SpiderMonkey)
Owner: Jan de Mooij
Peer(s): André Bargull, Ted Campbell, Jon Coppeard, Steve Fink, Tooru Fujisawa, Tom Schuster, Kannan Vijayan, Jeff Walden, Yulia Startsev, Matthew Gaudet, Iain Ireland, Nicolas Pierron, Caroline Cullen, Nick Fitzgerald, Luke Wagner, Dan Gohman, Bobby Holley
Peer(s) Emeritus: Brendan Eich, Hannes Verschore, Blake Kaplan, Bill McCloskey, Shu-yu Guo, Niko Matsakis, Eddy Bruel, David Anderson, Igor Bukanov, Andreas Gal, Eric Faust, Ashley Hauck, Brian Hackett, Till Schneidereit, Nicholas Nethercote, Jason Orendorff
Source Dir(s): js/src
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::JavaScript Engine
Discussion Group: dev-tech-js-engine
Name: JavaScript JIT (#)
Description: JavaScript engine's JIT compilers (IonMonkey, Baseline)
Owner: Jan de Mooij
Peer(s): André Bargull, Benjamin Bouvier, Ted Campbell, Caroline Cullen, Matthew Gaudet, Brian Hackett, Iain Ireland, Nicolas Pierron, Tom Schuster, Sean Stangl, Kannan Vijayan, Luke Wagner
Peer(s) Emeritus: David Anderson, Shu-yu Guo, Hannes Verschore
Source Dir(s): js/src/jit
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::JavaScript Engine: JIT
Discussion Group: dev-tech-js-engine-internals
Name: jsat (#)
Description: Javascript screen reader that is used in Android and B2G
Owner: Eitan Isaacson
Peer(s): Yura Zenevich
Source Dir(s): accessible/jsat/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Disability Access APIs
Discussion Group: dev-accessibility
Name: js-tests (#)
Description: JavaScript test suite
Owner: Bob Clary
Source Dir(s): js/tests/
Discussion Group: dev-tech-js-engine
Name: Layout Engine (#)
Description: rendering tree construction, layout (reflow), etc.
Owner: Daniel Holbert
Peer(s): Robert O'Callahan, Jonathan Kew, Timothy Nikkel, Matt Woodrow, Xidorn Quan, Emilio Cobos Álvarez, Mats Palmgren, Ting-Yu Lin, Jonathan Watt
Owner(s) Emeritus: David Baron
Peer(s) Emeritus: Boris Zbarsky
Source Dir(s): layout/%, layout/base/, layout/build/, layout/doc/, layout/forms/, layout/generic/, layout/html/, layout/printing/, layout/tables/, layout/tools/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Layout, Core::Layout: Block and Inline, Core::Layout: Columns, Core::Layout: Flexbox, Core::Layout: Floats, Core::Layout: Form Controls, Core::Layout: Generated Content, Lists, and Counters, Core::Layout: Grid, Core::Layout: Images, Video, and HTML Frames, Core::Layout: Positioned, Core::Layout: Ruby, Core::Layout: Scrolling and Overflow, Core::Layout: Tables, Core::Layout: Text and Fonts, Core::Print Preview, Core::Printing: Output
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: libjar (#)
Description: The JAR handling code (protocol handler, stream implementation, and zipreader/zipwriter).
Owner: Valentin Gosu
Peer(s): Kershaw Chang
Owner(s) Emeritus: Taras Glek, Michael Wu, Aaron Klotz
Peer(s) Emeritus: Michal Novotny
Source Dir(s): modules/libjar
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Networking: JAR
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: MathML (#)
Description: MathML is a low-level specification for describing mathematics which provides a foundation for the inclusion of mathematical expressions in Web pages.
Owner: Karl Tomlinson
Peer(s): Robert O'Callahan
Source Dir(s): layout/mathml/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::MathML
Discussion Group: dev-tech-mathml
Name: Media Playback (#)
Description: HTML Media APIs, including Media Source Extensions and non-MSE video/audio element playback, and Encrypted Media Extensions. (WebRTC and WebAudio not included).
Peer(s): Matthew Gregan, Bryce Seager van Dyk, John Lin, Alastor Wu
Owner(s) Emeritus: Robert O'Callahan, Chris Pearce, Jean-Yves Avenard
Source Dir(s): dom/media, media/gmp-clearkey/, media/libcubeb/, media/libnestegg/, media/libogg/, media/libopus/, media/libstagefright/, media/libtheora/, media/libtremor/, media/libvorbis/, media/libvpx/, media/omx-plugin/, media/rlz/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Audio/Video
Discussion Group: dev-media
Name: Media Transport (#)
Description: Pluggable transport for real-time media
Owner: Eric Rescorla
Peer(s): Byron Campen, Adam Roach, Nils Ohlmeier
Source Dir(s): media/mtransport
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::WebRTC::Networking
Discussion Group: dev-media
Name: Memory Allocator (#)
Description: Most things related to memory allocation in Gecko, including jemalloc, replace-malloc, DMD (dark matter detector), logalloc, etc.
Owner: Mike Hommey
Peer(s) Emeritus: Eric Rahm, Nicholas Nethercote
Source Dir(s): memory/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::DMD, Core::jemalloc
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: mfbt (#)
Description: mfbt is a collection of headers, macros, data structures, methods, and other functionality available for use and reuse throughout all Mozilla code (including SpiderMonkey and Gecko more broadly).
Owner: Jeff Walden
Peer(s): Ms2ger, Mike Hommey
Source Dir(s): mfbt/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::MFBT
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Mozglue (#)
Description: Glue library containing various low-level functionality, including a dynamic linker for Android, a DLL block list for Windows, etc.
Owner: Mike Hommey
Peer(s): Kartikaya Gupta (mozglue/android), Jim Chen (mozglue/android)
Source Dir(s): mozglue/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::mozglue
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: mozilla-toplevel (#)
Description: The top level directory for the mozilla tree.
Owner: Firefox Technical Leadership module
Owner(s) Emeritus: Brendan Eich
Source Dir(s): tools/README
Name: MSCOM (#)
Description: Integration with Microsoft Distributed COM
Owner: Jamie Teh
Peer(s): Jim Mathies
Owner(s) Emeritus: Aaron Klotz
Source Dir(s): ipc/mscom/%
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::IPC: MSCOM
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Necko (#)
Description: The Mozilla Networking Library
Owner: Dragana Damjanovic
Peer(s): Honza Bambas, Michal Novotny, Valentin Gosu, Kershaw Chang, Junior Hsu
Owner(s) Emeritus: Patrick McManus, Christian Biesinger
Peer(s) Emeritus: Shih-Chiang Chien, Boris Zbarsky, Steve Workman, Nick Hurley, Daniel Stenberg , Jason Duell
Source Dir(s): netwerk/%, netwerk/base/, netwerk/build/, netwerk/cache/, netwerk/dns/, netwerk/locales/, netwerk/mime/, netwerk/protocol/, netwerk/resources/, netwerk/socket/, netwerk/streamconv/, netwerk/system/, netwerk/test/, netwerk/testserver/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Networking, Core::Networking: Cache, Core::Networking: Cookies, Core::Networking: FTP, Core::Networking: File, Core::Networking: HTTP, Core::Networking: JAR, Core::Networking: Websockets
Discussion Group: dev-tech-network
Name: NodeJS usage, tools, and style (#)
Description: Advises on the use of NodeJS and npm packages at build and runtime. Reviews additions/upgrades/removals of vendored npm packages. Works with appropriate teams to maintain automated license and security audits of npm packages. Works with the security team and relevant developers to respond to vulnerabilities in NodeJS and vendored npm packages.
Owner: Dan Mosedale
Peer(s): Mark Banner, Danny Coates, Kate Hudson, Ed Lee, Dave Townsend
Source Dir(s): package.json, package-lock.json, node_modules and others as appropriate
Bugzilla Component(s): Various components
Discussion Forum(s): firefox-dev, #nodejs on slack
Name: NSPR (#)
Description: Netscape Portable Runtime
Owner: Kai Engert
Peer(s): Mike Hommey
Owner(s) Emeritus: Wan-Teh Chang
Source Dir(s): nsprpub/
Bugzilla Component(s): NSPR
Discussion Group: dev-tech-nspr
Name: PDF (#)
Description: Rendering code to display documents encoded in the ISO 32000-1 `PDF' format.
Owner: Calixte Denizet
Peer(s): Marco Castelluccio
Owner(s) Emeritus: Brendan Dahl
Peer(s) Emeritus: Artur Adib, Vivien Nicolas
Source Dir(s): toolkit/components/pdfjs
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::PDF
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Plugins (#)
Description: NPAPI Plugin support.
Owner: Jim Mathies
Peer(s): David Parks
Peer(s) Emeritus: Josh Aas, John Schoenick, Robert O'Callahan, Johnny Stenback, Benjamin Smedberg
Source Dir(s): dom/plugins/, modules/plugin/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Plug-ins
Name: Preferences (#)
Description: Preference library
Owner: Kris Wright
Peer(s): Mike Hommey
Owner(s) Emeritus: Nicholas Nethercote
Peer(s) Emeritus: Felipe Gomes, Eric Rahm
Source Dir(s): modules/libpref/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Preferences: Backend
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Private Browsing (#)
Description: Implementation of the Private Browsing mode, and the integration of other modules with Private Browsing APIs.
Owner: Tim Huang
Owner(s) Emeritus: Ehsan Akhgari, Johann Hofmann
Peer(s) Emeritus: Josh Matthews
Source Dir(s): Implementation and consumers of Private Browsing APIs in nsILoadContext, nsIPrivateBrowsingChannel, PrivateBrowsingUtils.jsm and the related glue code.
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox::Private Browsing
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Privilege Manager (#)
Description: "caps"
Owner: Bobby Holley
Peer(s): Boris Zbarsky, Christoph Kerschbaumer
Peer(s) Emeritus: Brendan Eich, Johnny Stenback, Dan Veditz
Source Dir(s): caps/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Security: CAPS
Discussion Group: dev-tech-dom
Name: Push Notifications (#)
Description: Push is a way for application developers to send messages to their web applications.
Owner: none
Peer(s): Martin Thomson, Dragana Damjanovic
Owner(s) Emeritus: Doug Turner
Peer(s) Emeritus: Nikhil Marathe
Source Dir(s): dom/push
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::DOM: Push Notifications
Name: security (#)
Description: Crypto/PKI code, including NSS (Network Security Services) and JSS (NSS for Java)
Owner: Benjamin Beurdouche, Bob Relyea, Martin Thomson
Peer(s): Natalia Kulatova, Dennis Jackson, John Schanck, Kai Engert, Ryan Sleevi, Eric Rescorla, Daiki Ueno
Owner(s) Emeritus: Wan-Teh Chang, Tim Taubert, J.C. Jones
Peer(s) Emeritus: Elio Maldonado,Franziskus Kiefer, Kevin Jacobs
Source Dir(s): dbm/, security/coreconf/, security/dbm/, security/jss/, security/nss/, security/tinderbox/, security/tinderlight/
Bugzilla Component(s): NSS, JSS, Core::Security, Core::Security: S/MIME
Discussion Group: dev-tech-crypto
Name: Security - Mozilla PSM Glue (#)
Description: Personal Security Manager
Owner: Dana Keeler
Peer(s): John Schanck
Owner(s) Emeritus: Kai Engert (2001-2012)
Peer(s) Emeritus: Honza Bambas, Cykesiopka, J.C. Jones, Franziskus Kiefer
Source Dir(s): security/manager/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Security: PSM
Discussion Group: dev-tech-crypto
Name: Security - RLBox (#)
Description: Sandboxing using WASM/RLBox libraries
Owner: Shravan Narayan
Peer(s): Deian Stefan, Mike Hommey, Tom Ritter
Source Dir(s): security/rlbox, third_party/rlbox, third_party/rlbox_wasm2c_sandbox
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Security: RLBox
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Static analysis & rewriting for C++ (#)
Description: Tools for checking C++ code looking for problems at compile time, plus tools for automated rewriting of C++ code.
Owner: Andi-Bogdan Postelnicu
Peer(s): Nika Layzell, Steve Fink, Jeff Muizelaar
Peer(s) Emeritus: Birunthan Mohanathas, Ehsan Akhgari
Source Dir(s): build/clang-plugin, tools/rewriting among other out of tree tools
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Rewriting & Analysis
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: storage (#)
Description: Storage APIs with a SQLite backend
Owner: Marco Bonardo
Peer(s): Andrew Sutherland, Jan Varga
Source Dir(s): db/sqlite3/, storage/
Bugzilla Component(s): Toolkit::Storage, Core::SQL
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: String (#)
Owner: David Baron
Peer(s): Eric Rahm
Source Dir(s): string/, xpcom/string/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::String
Discussion Group: dev-tech-xpcom
Name: Style System (#)
Description: CSS style sheet handling; style data computation
Owner: Emilio Cobos Álvarez
Peer(s): Bobby Holley, Xidorn Quan
Owner(s) Emeritus: David Baron, Cameron McCormack
Peer(s) Emeritus: Boris Zbarsky
Source Dir(s): layout/style/, servo/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::CSS Parsing and Computation
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Supply Chain (#)
Description: Policy management for third-party Rust dependencies
Owner: Bobby Holley
Peer(s): Aria Beingessner, Nika Layzell, Tom Ritter
Source Dir(s): supply-chain/
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox Build System::General
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: SVG (#)
Description: Scalable Vector Graphics
Owner: Jonathan Watt
Peer(s): Robert Longson, Robert O'Callahan, Daniel Holbert, Brian Birtles
Source Dir(s): dom/svg/, layout/svg/, dom/smil/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::SVG
Discussion Group: dev-tech-svg
Name: UA String (#)
Description: User Agent String
Owner: Tantek Çelik
Peer(s): Chris Peterson, Henri Sivonen
Source Dir(s): netwerk/protocol/http/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Networking: HTTP
Discussion Group: dev-platform

Name: View System (#)
Description: The View Manager is responsible for handling "heavyweight" rendering (some clipping, compositing) and event handling tasks.
Owner: Markus Stange
Peer(s): Boris Zbarsky, David Baron
Owner(s) Emeritus: Robert O'Callahan
Source Dir(s): view/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Layout: View Rendering
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Web Audio (#)
Description: Support for the W3C Web Audio API specification.
Owner: Paul Adenot
Peer(s): Robert O'Callahan, Karl Tomlinson
Owner(s) Emeritus: Ehsan Akhgari
Source Dir(s): dom/media/webaudio
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Web Audio
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Web Painting (#)
Description: painting, display lists, and layer construction
Owner: Matt Woodrow
Peer(s): Robert O'Callahan, David Baron, Timothy Nikkel, Markus Stange, Miko Mynttinen, Jamie Nicol
Source Dir(s): layout/painting, the display list and layer related methods on nsIFrame and its subclasses
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Layout: Web Painting
URL(s): ,
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: WebRTC (#)
Description: WebRTC is responsible for realtime audio and video communication, as well as related issues like low-level camera and microphone access
Owner: Randell Jesup
Peer(s): Eric Rescorla, Byron Campen Adam Roach
Peer(s) Emeritus: Ethan Hugg
Source Dir(s): netwerk/sctp (also see submodules "WebRTC Media" and "WebRTC Signaling")
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::WebRTC, Core::WebRTC Networking
Discussion Group: dev-media
Name: WebVR (#)
Description: Gecko's implementation of WebVR (Virtual Reality) functionality, including API, devices, graphics and integration
Owner: Kearwood (Kip) Gilbert
Peer(s): Daosheng Mu, Imanol Fernández
Peer(s) Emeritus: Vladimir Vukicevic
Source Dir(s): dom/vr, gfx/vr
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::WebVR
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Widget (#)
Description: Top level Widget
Owner: Jim Mathies
Owner(s) Emeritus: Vladimir Vukicevic, Robert O'Callahan
Peer(s) Emeritus: Stuart Parmenter,
Source Dir(s): widget/, widget/xpwidgets/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Drag and Drop, Core::Widget, Core::Printing: Setup
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Widget - Android (#)
Description: This is part of the GeckoView module.
Owner: Agi Sferro
Name: Widget - GTK (#)
Description: GTK widget support
Owner: Karl Tomlinson
Peer(s): Martin Stránský
Owner(s) Emeritus: Robert O'Callahan
Source Dir(s): widget/gtk/, widget/gtk2/, widget/gtksuperwin/, widget/gtkxtbin/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Widget: Gtk
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Widget - Headless (#)
Description: Headless widget support
Owner(s) Emeritus: Brendan Dahl
Source Dir(s): widget/headless/
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox::Headless
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Widget - macOS (#)
Description: macOS widget support
Owner: Stephen A Pohl
Peer(s): Markus Stange, Haik Aftandilian
Owner(s) Emeritus: Robert O'Callahan, Markus Stange
Peer(s) Emeritus: Josh Aas, Benoit Girard, Steven Michaud
Source Dir(s): widget/cocoa/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Widget: Cocoa
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Widget - Windows (#)
Description: Windows widget support
Owner: Jim Mathies
Peer(s): Chris Martin, Toshihito Kikuchi, Molly Howell, Neil Rashbrook
Peer(s) Emeritus: Rob Strong, Vladimir Vukicevic, Brad Lassey, Brian Bondy, Christian Biesinger, Doug Turner, Josh 'timeless' Soref, Rob Arnold, Aaron Klotz
Source Dir(s): widget/windows/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Widget: Win32
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: XML (#)
Description: XML in Mozilla, including XML, XHTML, Namespaces in XML, Associating Style Sheets with XML Documents, XML Linking and XML Extras. XML-related things that are not covered by more specific projects.
Owner: Peter Van der Beken
Peer(s) Emeritus: Jonas Sicking, Johnny Stenback, Boris Zbarsky, Eric Rahm
Source Dir(s): dom/xml/, extensions/xmlextras/, parser/expat/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::XML
Discussion Group: dev-tech-xml
Name: XPApps (#)
Description: Cross-Platform Applications, mostly Navigator front end and application shell.
Owner: Neil Rashbrook
Peer(s): Dean Tessman, Josh 'timeless' Soref
Source Dir(s): xpfe/
Discussion Group: dev-apps-seamonkey
Name: XPCOM (#)
Description: The cross-platform object model and core data structures.
Owner: Nika Layzell
Peer(s): Kris Maglione, Andrew McCreight, Kris Wright, Jens Stutte, Barret Rennie
Owner(s) Emeritus: Benjamin Smedberg
Peer(s) Emeritus: Doug Turner, Eric Rahm, Simon Giesecke
Source Dir(s): startupcache/, xpcom/%, xpcom/base/, xpcom/build/, xpcom/components/, xpcom/ds/, xpcom/glue/, xpcom/proxy/, xpcom/sample/, xpcom/stub/, xpcom/tests/, xpcom/threads/, xpcom/tools/, xpcom/windbgdlg/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::XPCOM
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: XPConnect (#)
Description: Deep Magic
Owner: Bobby Holley
Peer(s): Boris Zbarsky, Peter Van der Beken, Blake Kaplan, Andrew McCreight, Kris Maglione, Nika Layzell
Peer(s) Emeritus: Andreas Gal, Johnny Stenback, Gabor Krizsanits
Source Dir(s): js/xpconnect/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::XPConnect
Name: XPIDL (#)
Description: Cross-platform IDL compiler; produces .h C++ header files and .xpt runtime type description files from .idl interface description files.
Owner: Nika Layzell
Peer(s): Andrew McCreight
Owner(s) Emeritus: Kyle Huey
Peer(s) Emeritus: Mike Shaver, Josh 'timeless' Soref
Source Dir(s): xpcom/typelib/
Discussion Group: dev-tech-xpcom
Name: XSLT Processor (#)
Description: XSLT transformations processor
Owner: Peter Van der Beken
Peer(s) Emeritus: Jonas Sicking, Axel Hecht, Eric Rahm
Source Dir(s): dom/xslt/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::XSLT
Discussion Group: dev-tech-xslt
Name: Sandboxing - Windows (#)
Description: Sandboxing for the Windows platform
Owner: Bob Owen (:bobowen)
Peer(s): David Parks (:handyman), Jim Mathies (:jimm), Toshihito Kikuchi (:toshi)
Owner(s) Emeritus: Tim Abraldes
Peer(s) Emeritus: Brian Bondy, Aaron Klotz
Source Dir(s): security/sandbox/win
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Security: Process Sandboxing
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Sandboxing - OSX (#)
Description: Sandboxing for the OSX platform
Owner: Haik Aftandilian
Source Dir(s): security/sandbox/mac
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Security: Process Sandboxing
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Sandboxing - Linux (#)
Description: Sandboxing for the Linux platform
Owner: Jed Davis
Peer(s): Gian-Carlo Pascutto
Source Dir(s): security/sandbox/linux
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Security: Process Sandboxing
Discussion Group: dev-platform
Name: Crash reporting (#)
Description: Infrastructure and tools used to generate, submit and process crash reports. This includes the in-tree google-breakpad fork, the crash report generation machinery as well as the host tools used to dump symbols, analyse minidumps and generate stack traces.
Owner: Gabriele Svelto
Peer(s): Kris Wright, Calixte Denizet, Aria Beingessner
Source Dir(s): toolkit/crashreporter, toolkit/components/crashes, tools/crashreporter, ipc/glue/CrashReporter*, mobile/android/geckoview/src/main/java/org/mozilla/geckoview/
Bugzilla Component(s): Toolkit::Crash Reporting
Discussion Group: dev-platform


Name: Build Config - Fennec (#)
Description: Submodule of the build config covering Fennec's build system in mobile/android.
Owner: Nicholas Alexander
Peer(s): Same as Build Config
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::Build Config
Discussion Group: dev-builds
Name: Build Config - Taskgraph (#)
Description: Support for task-graph generation in decision, action, and cron tasks, including configuration of all tasks including those for CI, nightlies, and releases; as well as Docker and VM images used to execute those tasks.
Owner: Tom Prince
Peer(s): Andrew Halberstadt, Aki Sasaki, Brian Stack, Mike Hommey, Gregory Szorc, Joel Maher, Justin Wood, Dustin Mitchell
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox Build System::Task Configuration
Name: WebRTC Media (#)
Description: Submodule of WebRTC responsible for access to media input devices (microphones, cameras, screen capture), as well as realtime audiovisual codecs and packetization.
Owner: Randell Jesup
Peer(s): Jan-Ivar Bruaroey, Dan Minor, Andreas Pehrson,
Peer(s) Emeritus: Paul Kerr, Ethan Hugg
Source Dir(s): /media/webrtc, /dom/media/webrtc, /dom/media/systemservices
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::WebRTC (Audio/Video)
Discussion Group: dev-media
Name: WebRTC Signaling (#)
Description: Submodule of WebRTC responsible for implementation of PeerConnection API, WebRTC identity, and SDP/JSEP handling
Owner: Byron Campen
Peer(s): Eric Rescorla, Adam Roach, Randell Jesup, Nils Ohlmeier
Peer(s) Emeritus: Ethan Hugg
Source Dir(s): /media/webrtc/signaling/
Bugzilla Component(s): Core::WebRTC (Signaling)
Discussion Group: dev-media


Name: Mochitest (#)
Description: Mochitest test framework
Owner: Andrew Halberstadt
Peer(s): Joel Maher, Geoffrey Brown
Source Dir(s): testing/mochitest
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing :: Mochitest
Name: Reftest (+ jsreftest + crashtest) (#)
Description: Reftest test framework
Owner: Timothy Nikkel
Peer(s): Joel Maher, Andrew Halbertstadt
Owner(s) Emeritus: David Baron
Peer(s) Emeritus: Jeff Walden, Kartikaya Gupta
Source Dir(s): layout/tools/reftest
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing :: Reftest
Name: web-platform-tests infrastructure (#)
Description: Infrastructure for running the cross-browser web-platform-tests suite
Owner: James Graham
Peer(s): Maja Frydrychowicz
Peer(s) Emeritus: Andreas Tolfsen
Source Dir(s): testing/web-platform excluding testing/web-platform/tests, testing/web-platform/meta and testing/web-platform/mozilla, but including testing/web-platform/tests/tools
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing :: web-platform-tests
Name: geckodriver (#)
Description: Proxy for using W3C WebDriver-compatible clients to interact with Gecko-based browsers.
Owner: James Graham
Peer(s): Henrik Skupin,
Owner(s) Emeritus: Andreas Tolfsen
Peer(s) Emeritus: David Burns,
Source Dir(s): testing/geckodriver
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing :: geckodriver
Name: Marionette (#)
Description: Marionette is a remote protocol that lets out-of-process programs communicate with, instrument, and control Gecko-based browsers. Combined with geckodriver, this forms our WebDriver implementation.
Owner: Henrik Skupin,
Peer(s): Julian Descottes, James Graham
Owner(s) Emeritus: Andreas Tolfsen
Peer(s) Emeritus: Maja Frydrychowicz, David Burns,
Source Dir(s): testing/marionette
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing :: Marionette
Name: firefox-ui (#)
Description: Firefox UI test framework
Owner: Henrik Skupin
Peer(s): Julian Descottes
Peer(s) Emeritus: Maja Frydrychowicz,
Source Dir(s): testing/firefox-ui
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing :: Firefox UI
Name: Performance Testing (#)
Description: This module encompasses all of our performance test frameworks: Raptor, Talos, MozPerfTest, AWSY
Owner: Greg Mierzwinski
Peer(s): Kimberly Sereduck
Source Dir(s): testing/raptor, testing/talos, python/mozperftest, testing/awsy
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing :: Raptor, Testing :: Talos, Testing :: AWSY, Testing :: Performance
Name: XPCShell (#)
Description: XPCShell test harness
Owner: Joel Maher
Peer(s): Geoffrey Brown
Source Dir(s): testing/xpcshell
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing::XPCShell Harness
Name: gtest (#)
Description: GTest test harness
Owner: Geoffrey Brown
Source Dir(s): testing/gtest
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing :: GTest
Name: Mozbase (#)
Description: Base modules used for implementing test components
Owner: Geoffrey Brown
Peer(s): Andrew Halberstadt, Andreas Tolfsen, Bob Clary, James Graham, Henrik Skupin
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing :: Mozbase, Testing :: Mozbase Rust
Name: Tryselect (#)
Description: Frontend for selecting jobs on the try server
Owner: Andrew Halberstadt
Peer(s): James Graham
Source Dir(s): tools/tryselect
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox Build System :: Try
Name: mozharness (#)
Description: Configuration-driven script harness
Owner: Aki Sasaki
Peer(s): Justin Wood, Tom Prince
Source Dir(s): testing/mozharness
Bugzilla Component(s): Release Engineering :: Applications: MozharnessCore
Name: Code Coverage (#)
Description: Tools for code coverage instrumentation, and coverage data parsing and management
Owner: Marco Castelluccio
Peer(s): Calixte Denizet, Joel Maher
Source Dir(s): tools/code-coverage, python/mozbuild/mozbuild/codecoverage/, testing/mozharness/mozharness/mozilla/testing/,,
Bugzilla Component(s): Testing :: Code Coverage


Name: Thunderbird (#)
Description: Standalone Mail Application.
Owner: Magnus Melin (:mkmelin)
Peer(s): Geoff Lankow (:darktrojan), Aceman (:aceman), Richard Marti (:paenglab)
Owner(s) Emeritus: Mark Banner (:standard8), David Bienvenu (:bienvenu), Scott MacGregor (:mscott)
Peer(s) Emeritus: Blake Winton, Mike Conley, Kent James, Jörg Knobloch (:jorgk)
Source Dir(s): mail/,mail/themes/,other-licenses/branding/thunderbird/
Bugzilla Component(s): Thunderbird
Name: Thunderbird Council (#)
Description: The Thunderbird Council is the elected governing body for the Thunderbird Project. Peers are the members of the Council. The Thunderbird Council provides overall product strategy on behalf of the community.
Owner: Chair 2021: Berna Alp (:ba)
Peer(s): Andrei Hajdukewycz (:sancus, Secretary), Ben Bucksch (:benb), Berna Alp (:ba), Dirk Steinmetz (:rsjtdrjgfuzkfg), Magnus Melin (:mkmelin), Patrick Cloke (:clokep), Philipp Kewisch (:Fallen)
URL(s): The Thunderbird Council, Past Councils
Name: Build Config (#)
Description: Build Automation
Owner: Rob Lemley (:rjl)
Peer(s): Philipp Kewisch (:Fallen)
Peer(s) Emeritus: Mark Banner (:standard8), Siddharth Agarwal (:sid0), Justin Wood (:callek), Joshua Cranmer (:jcranmer), Tom Prince (:tomprince)
Source Dir(s): mail/config/, taskcluster/
Bugzilla Component(s): Thunderbird::Build Config
Name: Add-on Support (#)
Description: APIs to enable extensions, as well as their installation
Owner: Geoff Lankow (:darktrojan)
Peer(s): John Bieling (:TbSync), Philipp Kewisch (:Fallen)
Bugzilla Component(s): Thunderbird::Add-Ons Extensions API, Thunderbird::Add-Ons General
Name: Instant Messaging (#)
Description: The chat and instant messaging component of Thunderbird
Owner: Patrick Cloke (:clokep)
Peer(s): Martin Giger (:freaktechnik)
Owner(s) Emeritus: Florian Quèze
Peer(s) Emeritus: aleth (:aleth), Benedikt Pfeifer (:Mic)
Source Dir(s): mail/components/im/, chat/
Bugzilla Component(s): Thunderbird::Instant Messaging
Name: Theme (#)
Description: The interface of Thunderbird related to the OS and custom themes
Owner: Richard Marti (:paenglab)
Peer(s): Alessandro Castellani (:aleca)
Peer(s) Emeritus: Josiah Bruner (:JosiahOne), Blake Winton (:bwinton), Mike Conley (:mconley)
Source Dir(s): mail/themes/
Bugzilla Component(s): Thunderbird::Theme
Name: Message Security (#)
Description: OpenPGP and S/MIME message security.
Owner: Kai Engert (:kaie)
Peer(s): Patrick Brunschwig, Magnus Melin (:mkmelin)
Source Dir(s): mail/extensions/openpgp, mail/extensions/smime
Name: UX (User Experience) (#)
Description: Usability and user journey, including User Interface and Accessibility
Owner: Alessandro Castellani (:aleca)
Peer(s): Richard Marti (:paenglab), Henry Wilkes (:henry), Magnus Melin (:mkmelin)
Peer(s) Emeritus: Blake Winton (:bwinton)
Bugzilla Component(s): Thunderbird::General
Name: Website (#)
Description: The Thunderbird related pages on and elsewhere.
Owner: Andrei Hajdukewycz (:sancus)
Peer(s): Magnus Melin (:mkmelin), Wayne Mery (:wsmwk), Ryan Sipes (:ryanleesipes), Alessandro Castellani (:aleca)
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s):

See also


Name: SeaMonkey (#)
Description: SeaMonkey, the Mozilla Application Suite
Owner: Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Peer(s): Ian Neal (IanN), Karsten Düsterloh (Mnyromyr)
Source Dir(s): suite/*
Discussion Group: dev-apps-seamonkey

User Interface

Name: User Interface (#)
Description: User Interface
Owner: Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Peer(s): Ian Neal (IanN), Karsten Düsterloh (Mnyromyr)
Name: User Design and Review (#)
Description: Achieving consistency throughout the product both internally and externally
Owner: Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Peer(s): Ian Neal (IanN), Karsten Düsterloh (Mnyromyr)
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::UI Design
Name: Themes (#)
Description: Classic, Modern, general theme issues
Owner: Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Peer(s): Robert Kaiser (:KaiRo), Manuel Reimer (MReimer), Philip Chee (Ratty), Stefan (:stefanh)
Source Dir(s): suite/themes/
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Themes


Name: Browser (#)
Description: Navigator UI and parts of the suite that are mainly used by the browser (some may be shared with Mail or Composer to a certain extent though)
Owner: Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Peer(s): Ian Neal (IanN), Karsten Düsterloh (Mnyromyr)
Source Dir(s): suite/browser/
Name: Bookmarks & History (#)
Description: includes adding, deleting, editing bookmarks, problems with Bookmarks Manager, Bookmarks toolbar and menu, History window and "Go" menu
Source Dir(s): suite/common/bookmarks/, suite/common/history/, suite/common/places/
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Bookmarks & History
Notes: Ask a SeaMonkey Browser owner or peer for review
Name: Download & File Handling (#)
Description: Download Manager, helper apps, open/save files
Source Dir(s): suite/common/downloads/
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Download & File Handling
Notes: Ask a SeaMonkey Browser owner or peer for review
Name: Page Info (#)
Description: Download Manager, helper apps, open/save files
Owner: Daniel Brooks (db48x)
Peer(s): Ian Neal (IanN), Karsten Düsterloh (Mnyromyr), Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Source Dir(s): suite/browser/pageinfo/
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Page Info
Name: Passwords & Permissions (#)
Description: UI for Passwords, PopUp/Image blocking, Cookies; Wallet (Backend code for most of those is shared)
Owner: Ian Neal (IanN), Robert Kaiser (:KaiRo) (Data Manager)
Peer(s): Dan Veditz (:dveditz) (backend integration), Karsten Düsterloh (Mnyromyr), Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Source Dir(s): suite/common/permissions/, suite/common/dataman/
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Passwords & Permissions
Name: Search & Sidebar (#)
Description: Web search features, Sidebar (incl. internal panels)
Owner: Karsten Düsterloh (Mnyromyr)
Peer(s): Ian Neal (IanN), Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Source Dir(s): suite/common/search/, suite/common/sidebar/
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Search, SeaMonkey::Sidebar
Name: Tabbed Browser (#)
Description: browser tab features and the tabbed browser widget
Owner: Misak Khachatryan (misak)
Peer(s): Ian Neal (IanN), Karsten Düsterloh (Mnyromyr), Neil Rashbrook (Neil), Philip Chee (Ratty)
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Tabbed Browser


Name: MailNews (#)
Description: Overall SeaMonkey MailNews Module
Owner: Karsten Düsterloh (Mnyromyr)
Peer(s): Ian Neal (IanN), Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::MailNews: General
Name: Account Management & Configuration (#)
Description: Account Manager/Wizard, Preferences panels, etc.
Owner: Ian Neal (IanN)
Peer(s): Karsten Düsterloh (Mnyromyr), Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Source Dir(s): suite/mailnews/prefs/, suite/mailnews/addrbook/prefs/, suite/mailnews/compose/prefs/
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::MailNews: Account Configuration
Name: Address Book & Contacts (#)
Description: Address book, VCard support, Address book sidebar etc.
Peer(s): Ian Neal (IanN), Karsten Düsterloh (Mnyromyr), Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Source Dir(s): suite/mailnews/addrbook/
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::MailNews: Address Book & Contacts
Name: Backend (#)
Description: Watch backend closely, make us work with it, help improving it; includes: Transmission (receiving, sending, receipts), offline, (junk) filters, storage bugs, etc.
Owner: David Bienvenu (:bienvenu)
Peer(s): Ian Neal (IanN), Karsten Düsterloh (Mnyromyr), Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::MailNews: Backend
Name: Composition (#)
Description: Compose window, etc.
Owner: Ian Neal (IanN)
Peer(s): Karsten Düsterloh (Mnyromyr), Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Source Dir(s): suite/mailnews/compose/
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::MailNews: Composition
Name: Message Display (#)
Description: Main window; display of mails, news, maybe RSS; search; notifications; drag'n'drop; etc.
Owner: Ian Neal (IanN)
Peer(s): Karsten Düsterloh (Mnyromyr), Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Source Dir(s): suite/mailnews/
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::MailNews: Message Display


Name: Composer (#)
Description: UI issues within Composer, toolbars, buttons, menus, dialogs. Application launch issues too.
Owner: Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Peer(s): Ian Neal (IanN), Fabien Cazenave (:kaze), Josh Soref (timeless)
Source Dir(s): editor/ui/
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Composer

Cross-Suite Components

Name: Autocomplete, Find in Page & Location Bar (#)
Description: Autocomplete widget, find in page used for browser and mailnews addresses and location bar
Owner: Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Peer(s): Ian Neal (IanN)
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Autocomplete, SeaMonkey::Find in Page, SeaMonkey::Location Bar
Name: Build Config (#)
Description: Issues around building SeaMonkey
Owner: Justin Wood (:Callek)
Peer(s): Robert Kaiser (:KaiRo)
Source Dir(s): suite/app/, suite/build/, suite/config/
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Build Config
Name: Feed Discovery and Preview (#)
Description: Discovery of feeds and inline preview
Owner: Frank Wein (:mcsmurf)
Peer(s): Ian Neal (IanN), Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Source Dir(s): suite/feeds/, suite/common/feeds/
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Feed Discovery and Preview
Name: Help (#)
Description: Help menus, help viewer and help content
Owner: Ian Neal (IanN)
Peer(s): Stefan (:stefanh), Neil Rashbrook (Neil), Jens Hatlak (:InvisibleSmiley)
Source Dir(s): suite/locales/en-US/chrome/common/help/
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Help
Name: Installer (#)
Owner: Frank Wein (:mcsmurf)
Peer(s): Justin Wood (:Callek), Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Source Dir(s): suite/installer/
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Installer
Name: Integration of external apps (#)
Description: integration of chatzilla, inspector, venkman, calendar, etc.
Owner: Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Peer(s): Ian Neal (IanN), Philip Chee (Ratty)
Source Dir(s): suite/smile/
Name: OS Integration (#)
Owner: Frank Wein (:mcsmurf)
Peer(s): Ian Neal (IanN), Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::OS Integration
Name: Preferences (#)
Description: Preference Panels; default preferences; etc.
Owner: Ian Neal (IanN)
Peer(s): Karsten Düsterloh (Mnyromyr), Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Source Dir(s): suite/common/pref/
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Preferences
Name: Release Engineering (#)
Description: Issues around building SeaMonkey
Owner: Justin Wood (:Callek)
Peer(s): Edmund Wong (:ewong), Robert Kaiser (:KaiRo)
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Release Engineering
Name: Security (#)
Description: Suite-specific security UI and features, app-level security issues
Owner: Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Peer(s): Dan Veditz (:dveditz) (backend), Ian Neal (IanN)
Source Dir(s): suite/security/
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Security
Name: Session Restore (#)
Owner: Misak Khachatryan (misak)
Peer(s): Ian Neal (IanN), Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Session Restore
Name: Startup & Profiles (#)
Description: Profile Manager, profile access code, suite startup
Owner: Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Peer(s): Justin Wood (:Callek), Ian Neal (IanN)
Source Dir(s): suite/profile/
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Startup & Profiles
Name: Sync UI (#)
Owner: Jens Hatlak (:InvisibleSmiley)
Peer(s): Ian Neal (IanN), Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Source Dir(s): suite/common/sync/
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Sync UI
Name: Testing Infrastructure (#)
Description: Testing infrastructure that is specific to the SeaMonkey code
Owner: Neil Rashbrook (Neil)
Peer(s): Justin Wood (:Callek), Ian Neal (IanN), Serge Gautherie (:sgautherie)
Source Dir(s): suite/*/test/, suite/*/tests/
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Testing Infrastructure

Project Organization

Name: Project Organization (#)
Description: not real suite code, but all the stuff around it
Owner: SeaMonkey Council
Name: Project Management (#)
Description: Someone needs to drive those things and feel responsible for getting SeaMonkey Council decisions
Owner: Justin Wood (:Callek)
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Project Organization
Name: Release Management (#)
Description: Get releases out the door, write up release notes
Owner: Justin Wood (:Callek)
Peer(s): Robert Kaiser (:KaiRo), Jens Hatlak (:InvisibleSmiley) (release notes), Edmund Wong (:ewong) (build)
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::Release Engineering
Name: MoFo liaison (#)
Description: Keep an open line with Mozilla Foundation (MoFo) folks and take care of stuff we need of them or they need of us
Owner: Robert Kaiser (:KaiRo)
Peer(s): Justin Wood (:Callek)
Name: Quality Assurance (QA), General (#)
Description: Testing, bug triaging, smoketests, bug triaging, testing...
Peer(s): Serge Gautherie (:sgautherie), Philip Chee (Ratty), Tony Mechelynck (:tonymec), Justin Wood (:Callek)
Bugzilla Component(s): SeaMonkey::General
Name: Community, User Relations, Support (#)
Owner: Philip Chee (Ratty)
Name: Web pages (#)
Owner: Jens Hatlak (:InvisibleSmiley, no longer an active reviewer)
Peer(s): Justin Wood (:Callek), Robert Kaiser (:KaiRo)
Bugzilla Component(s):
Name: Marketing/Press/PR/Shop, spokesman (#)
Owner: Justin Wood (:Callek)
Peer(s): Jens Hatlak (:InvisibleSmiley), Robert Kaiser (:KaiRo), Jeff Lee (:jtek) (shop)


Name: Calendar (#)
Description: Calendaring components (formerly the Lightning extension for Thunderbird, now built-in)
Owner: Philipp Kewisch
Peer(s): Geoff Lankow
Source Dir(s): calendar/
Bugzilla Component(s): All components not specifically mentioned below

Specific Modules

Name: User Interface (UI) (#)
Owner: Richard Marti
Peer(s): Alessandro Castellani


The following people have served in different Calendar modules in the past. We'd like to thank them for their support:

  • Module Peers/Owners: Daniel Boelzle, Clint Talbert, Martin Schröder, Dan Mosendale, Michiel van Leeuwen, Paul Morris
  • Art & Branding: Mark Carson
  • Installer: Robert Strong
  • Localization: Simon Paquet
  • Providers: Bruno Browning, Sebastian Schwieger
  • Sunbird: Stefan Sitter
  • Tasks: Matthew Mecca
  • User Interface: Blake Winton, Andreas Nilsson, Christian Jansen, Bryan Clark
  • Website: Tobias Markus, Tom Ellins
  • Various other modules: Matthew Willis

MailNews Core

Name: Mail and News Core (#)
Owner: Joshua Cranmer (:jcranmer)
Peer(s): Ben Campbell, Neil Rashbrook, Aceman (:aceman), Magnus Melin (:mkmelin)
Peer(s) Emeritus: Karsten Düsterloh (mnyromyr), Kai Engert (kaie), David Bienvenu (bienvenu), Mark Banner (standard8), Kent James (:rkent)
Source Dir(s): mailnews/
Bugzilla Component(s): MailNews Core::Backend, Thunderbird::Account Manager, Thunderbird::Migration, MailNews Core::Account Manager, MailNews Core::Composition, MailNews Core::Filters, MailNews Core::Internationalization, MailNews Core::Movemail, MailNews Core::Networking, MailNews Core::Networking: POP, MailNews Core::Printing, MailNews Core::Profile Migration, MailNews Core::Search, MailNews Core::Security, MailNews Core::Simple MAPI
Discussion Group: dev-apps-thunderbird
Notes: Mailnews Core Owners and Peers may review in any Mailnews Core submodule

Sub Modules

Name: Addressbook (#)
Owner: Geoff Lankow (:darktrojan)
Peer(s): Aceman (:aceman), Magnus Melin (:mkmelin)
Peer(s) Emeritus: David Bienvenu (bienvenu), Mark Banner (standard8), Mike Conley (:mconley)
Source Dir(s): mailnews/addressbook
Bugzilla Component(s): MailNews Core::Address Book
Name: Feeds (#)
Peer(s): Magnus Melin (:mkmelin), Alta88
Source Dir(s): mailnews/extensions/newsblog
Bugzilla Component(s): MailNews Core::Feed Reader
Name: IMAP handling code (#)
Owner: Gene Smith
Peer(s) Emeritus: Kent James (:rkent)
Source Dir(s): mailnews/imap
Bugzilla Component(s): MailNews Core::Networking: IMAP
Name: SMTP (#)
Description: Code responsible for sending messages over SMTP.
Owner: Ping Chen (:rnons)
Source Dir(s): mailnews/compose
Bugzilla Component(s): MailNews Core::Networking: SMTP
Name: GloDa (#)
Description: Global message database
Peer(s) Emeritus: Jonathan Protzenko] (:protz)
Source Dir(s): mailnews/db/gloda, sqlite-backport, storage-backport
Notes: Ask a MailNews Core owner or peer for review
Name: Message Database (#)
Description: MSF files
Peer(s): Aceman (:aceman), Joshua Cranmer (:jcranmer)
Owner(s) Emeritus: David Bienvenu (bienvenu)
Peer(s) Emeritus: Kent James (:rkent)
Source Dir(s): mailnews/db
Bugzilla Component(s): MailNews Core::Database
Name: MIME Parser (#)
Description: RFC822 MIME Parser
Peer(s): Joshua Cranmer (:jcranmer), Jim Porter (:squib), Magnus Melin (:mkmelin)
Owner(s) Emeritus: David Bienvenu (bienvenu)
Peer(s) Emeritus: Kai Engert (kaie), Jörg Knobloch (:jorgk)
Source Dir(s): mailnews/mime
Bugzilla Component(s): MailNews Core::MIME, MailNews Core::Attachments
Name: News (#)
Owner: Joshua Cranmer (:jcranmer)
Peer(s) Emeritus: David Bienvenu (bienvenu)
Source Dir(s): mailnews/news
Bugzilla Component(s): MailNews Core::Networking: NNTP
Name: Unit Testing Infrastructure (#)
Owner: Geoff Lankow (:darktrojan)
Peer(s): Magnus Melin (:mkmelin), Joshua Cranmer (:jcranmer)
Owner(s) Emeritus: Mark Banner (standard8)
Source Dir(s): mailnews/test, mailnews/base/test
Bugzilla Component(s): MailNews Core::Testing Infrastructure
Name: Import (#)
Peer(s): Magnus Melin (:mkmelin)
Peer(s) Emeritus: Mark Banner (standard8), David Bienvenu (bienvenu), Jörg Knobloch (:jorgk)
Source Dir(s): mailnews/import
Bugzilla Component(s): MailNews Core::Import
Notes: Ask a peer for review
Name: Localization (#)
Peer(s): Philipp Kewisch (:Fallen)
Peer(s) Emeritus: Mark Banner (standard8)
Bugzilla Component(s): MailNews Core::Localization
Name: S/MIME (#)
Description: S/MIME backend
Owner: Kai Engert (:kaie)
Source Dir(s): mailnews/extensions/smime
Bugzilla Component(s): MailNews Core::Security: S/MIME


Name: Bugzilla (#)
Description: Bugzilla is the bug-tracking web application from Mozilla; this module's ownership includes responsibility for all of Bugzilla's internal components.
Owner: Dave Miller
Peer(s): Dylan Hardison
Owner(s) Emeritus: Terry Weissman, Tara Hernandez
Peer(s) Emeritus: Gervase Markham, Mark Côté, Byron Jones, Simon Green, Max Kanat-Alexander, Frédéric Buclin, Chris Yeh, Dan Mosedale
Source Dir(s): bugzilla/
Discussion Group: dev-apps-bugzilla

Name: (#)
Description: Development, configuration and administration of Mozilla's instance of the Bugzilla bug tracking system
Owner: David Lawrence
Peer(s): Byron Jones
Owner(s) Emeritus: Byron Jones, Dylan Hardison
Peer(s) Emeritus: Kohei Yoshino, Emma Humphries
Source Dir(s): BMO lives in github
Bugzilla Component(s):*
Discussion Group: tools-bmo


Name: Content Services Infrastructure (#)
Description: A set of data services that allow for content to be served and measured
Owner: Nan Jiang
Peer(s): Tim Spurway
Peer(s) Emeritus: Doug Turner, Olivier Yiptong
Source Dir(s):,,,
Bugzilla Component(s): Content Services
Name: DevTools (#)
Description: Mozilla Developer Tools
Owner: Jan 'Honza' Odvarko
Peer(s): Alex Poirot, Julian Descottes, Nicolas Chevobbe, Hubert Manilla, Henrik Skupin
Owner(s) Emeritus: Patrick Brosset, Joe Walker, Dave Camp, Rob Campbell
Peer(s) Emeritus: Mihai Șucan, Heather Arthur, Anton Kovalyov, Brandon Benvie, Eddy Bruel, James Long, Matteo Ferretti, Steve Fink (heapsnapshot code), Jaroslav Šnajdr, Tom Tromey, Paul Rouget, Victor Porof, Lin Clark, Jan Keromnes, Jordan Santell, Soledad Penadés, Mike Ratcliffe, Panagiotis Astithas, Tim Nguyen, Brian Grinstead, J. Ryan Stinnett, Jason Laster, David Walsh, Greg Tatum, Gabriel Luong, Brad Werth, Daisuke Akatsuka, Yulia Startsev, Logan Smyth, Julien Wajsberg, Razvan Caliman, Micah Tigley, Nick Fitzgerald, Jim Blandy, Belén Albeza
Source Dir(s): devtools
Bugzilla Component(s): DevTools
Discussion Group: dev-developer-tools
Name: Firefox for iOS (Fennec) (#)
Description: Mobile Web Browser
Owner: Stefan Arentz
Peer(s): Farhan Patel Justin D'Arcangelo, Emily Toop, James Hugman
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox for iOS
Discussion Group:
Name: Firefox Accounts (#)
Description: The Firefox Accounts identity provider and the integration of user-data services tied to a Firefox Account. Where this work overlaps with existing modules (e.g. FX front-end, FX Android front-end, FXOS), design and code reviews from all relevant module owners will be required.
Owner: Danny Coates
Peer(s): Vijay Budhram, Jared Hirsch
Owner(s) Emeritus: Ryan Kelly
Peer(s) Emeritus: Shane Tomlinson, Vlad Filippov
Source Dir(s):
Name: Mozilla Location Service (MLS) (#)
Description: The Mozillla Location Service provides a service to position your device based on cell and wireless information.
Owner: John Whitlock
Peer(s): Will Kahn-Greene
Owner(s) Emeritus: Hanno Schlighting
Peer(s) Emeritus: Victor Ng (2013-2014), Graydon Hoare (2014)
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s):, Mozilla Services :: Location
Discussion Forum(s):
Name: Mozilla Stumbler ("MozStumbler") (#)
Description: The Mozilla Stumbler (MozStumbler) collects wireless network information for crowd-sourcing location positioning with Mozilla Location Service (MLS).
Owner: not set
Peer(s): Victor Ng, Chris Peterson
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s):
Discussion Forum(s):
Name: Sync (#)
Description: Firefox Sync client
Owner: Mark Hammond
Peer(s): Lougenia Bailey, Tarik Eshaq, Ben Dean-Kawamura, Sammy Khamis
Owner(s) Emeritus: Ryan Kelly
Source Dir(s): services/sync/
Bugzilla Component(s): Sync
Name: Remote Protocol (#)
Description: Low-level remote protocol exposing interfaces for inspecting state and controlling execution of web documents, instrumenting various subsystems in the browser, simulating user interaction for automation purposes, and for subscribing to updates from the aforementioned.
Owner: Henrik Skupin
Peer(s): Julian Descottes
Owner(s) Emeritus: Andreas Tolfsen
Peer(s) Emeritus: Maja Frydrychowicz, Alexandre Poirot, Yulia Startsev
Source Dir(s): remote/
Bugzilla Component(s): Remote Protocol
Discussion Group: dev-remote
Name: Rhino (#)
Description: JavaScript interpreter/compiler implemented in Java
Owner: Greg Brail
Peer(s): Norris Boyd, Attila Szegedi
Source Dir(s): js/rhino/
Bugzilla Component(s): Rhino
Discussion Group: dev-tech-js-engine
Name: URL Classifier (#)
Description: Database and list-based classification of URL resources, such as Tracking Protection and SafeBrowsing.
Owner: Dimi Lee (client), Luke Crouch (server)
Peer(s): Gian-Carlo Pascutto (client)
Owner(s) Emeritus: François Marier
Peer(s) Emeritus: Henry Chang, Ryan Tilder
Source Dir(s): toolkit/components/url-classifier, netwerk/url-classifier,
Discussion Group:
Name: WebCompat Addons (#)
Description: Compatibility interventions (webcompat system addon) and bug reporting capabilities (Report Site Issue addon).
Owner: Dennis Schubert, Thomas Wisniewski
Peer(s): Ksenia Berezina
Owner(s) Emeritus: Mike Taylor
Source Dir(s): browser/extensions/webcompat, browser/extensions/report-site-issue, mobile/android/extensions/webcompat, mobile/android/extensions/report-site-issue,,,
Bugzilla Component(s): Web Compatibility::Interventions, Web Compatibility::Tooling & Investigations
Discussion Group:


Name: Governance (#)
Description: Policies and process for how we distribute authority and govern ourselves; including:
  • Development and Implementation of new policies as appropriate for delegation of authority and responsibility
  • Management of the source tree
  • Balancing different constituencies of the Mozilla project
  • Maintaining the Mozilla identity as we take on new activities
Ultimate authority within the project rests with the owner and peer(s) of this module, and project decisions can be escalated to here.
Owner: Mitchell Baker
Peer(s) Emeritus: Brendan Eich
Bugzilla Component(s):
Discussion Group: governance

Governance Sub Modules

Name: Module Ownership System (#)
Description: Healthy operation of the module ownership system, including topics such as:
  • Filling vacant roles where appropriate
  • Ensuring module owners are fulfilling their responsibilities, and replacing those who are not
  • Creating and staffing new modules where new parts of the project evolve.
  • Figuring out what to do if a module isn't getting enough attention
  • Resolving conflicts among module owners
Owner: Mitchell Baker
Peer(s): Stuart Parmenter, Dan Mosedale, Robert Kaiser, Mike Connor, David Baron, David Ascher, Mitchell Baker, Guillermo Movia (as 'observer'. This is a new role we're trying out as of Jan 2012. The observers are watching and learning how the module operates, since there's no code in this module to serve as a learning /participation tool.)
Owner(s) Emeritus: Brendan Eich
Name: Commit Access Management (#)
Description: Governance structure for the work of implementing, managing and enforcing Mozilla's commit access systems and policies.
Owner: glob
Peer(s): Mike Connor, Jonathan Lin, Mike Hoye, James Dirks
Owner(s) Emeritus: Mitchell Baker, Josh Matthews
Peer(s) Emeritus: Marcia Knous
Bugzilla Component(s): Account Requests
Name: Security Policy (#)
Description: Policies for handling security issues in Mozilla code
Owner: Dan Veditz
Peer(s): Tom Ritter
Peer(s) Emeritus: Al Billings
Discussion Group: dev-security
Name: Mozilla CA Certificate Policy (#)
Description: Definition and enforcement of policies governing Certification Authorities, their root certificates included in Mozilla software products, and intermediate and end-entity certificates within those CA hierarchies.
Owner: Kathleen Wilson
Peer(s): Ben Wilson
Owner(s) Emeritus: Frank Hecker, Wayne Thayer
Peer(s) Emeritus: Johnathan Nightingale, Sid Stamm, Richard Barnes, Gervase Markham, Wayne Thayer
Discussion Group: dev-security-policy
Name: Code Review Policy (#)
Owner: Firefox Technical Leadership Module Committee
Peer(s) Emeritus: Brendan Eich
Name: Performance Regression Policy (#)
Owner: Firefox Technical Leadership Module Committee
Name: Planet Mozilla (#)
Description: Content and policy for, including topics such as:
  • which blogs are syndicated to
  • which content from syndicated blogs is included
  • other policy issues
Owner: Mike Hoye
Peer(s): Asa Dotzler
Owner(s) Emeritus: Robert Accettura
Peer(s) Emeritus: Reed Loden
Bugzilla Component(s):
Name: Mozilla Public License (#)
Description: Maintenance and development of the MPL
  • changes in the legal landscape which could /should be reflected
  • changes in FLOSS development practices which could / should be reflected
Owner: Mitchell Baker
Peer(s): Harvey Anderson, Heather Meeker, Luis Villa
Peer(s) Emeritus: Gervase Markham
Bugzilla Component(s):
Discussion Group: governance-mpl-update
Name: CA Certificates (#)
Description: Determine which root certificates should be included in Mozilla software products, which trust bits should be set on them, and which of them should be enabled for EV treatment. Evaluate requests from Certification Authorities (CAs) for inclusion or removal of root certificates, and for updating trust bit settings or enabling EV treatment for already included root certificates.
Owner: Ben Wilson
Peer(s): Kathleen Wilson
Owner(s) Emeritus: Frank Hecker, Kathleen Wilson
Peer(s) Emeritus: Johnathan Nightingale, Sid Stamm, Richard Barnes, Gervase Markham, Wayne Thayer, Ryan Sleevi
Bugzilla Component(s): Certificates
Discussion Group: dev-security-policy
Name: Participation Metrics (#)
Description: Develop, monitor and analyze metrics relating to participation in the Mozilla project, including such things as:
  • determining which questions are most important to ask (how many people do X?)
  • determining what data is relevant to answer these questions
  • designing and operating a system to generate the requested data
  • analyzing the resulting metrics
  • notifying appropriate people when participation starts to change significantly
  • assisting various groups to understand and use the metrics to strengthen participation
  • produce periodic report/analysis of participation metrics
Owner: Pierros Papadeas
Peer(s): David Boswell, Asa Dotzler, Daniel Einspanjer, Annie Elliott, David Eaves, Michelle Thorne, Ryan Merkley
Name: Internet Public Policy (#)
Description: Mozilla activities related to Public Policy issues that affect the health of the Internet. Our working definition of Public Policy is taken from Wikipedia: "courses of action, regulatory measures, laws, and funding priorities concerning a given topic promulgated by a governmental entity or its representatives."

This includes topics such as:

  • determining if Mozilla should take an official position on a particular public policy issue
  • determining what that position is
  • determining how mozilla communicates our position
    • global, multi-regional, regional or local action
    • direct action, or support of action by other aligned groups
    • public campaigns or opinion pieces or educational activities, dialog with policy makers, other techniques TBD
  • strengthening local community capabilities to address public policy issues
Owner: Harvey Anderson
Peer(s): Mitchell Baker, Alex Fowler, Mark Surman
Discussion Group:
Notes: Area Expert Advisors: Katharina Borchert, Andrew Bridges, Hanno Kaiser, Andrew McLaughlin, Danny Weitzner, Gene Kimmelman, and Ronaldo Lemos

Area Expert Advisors are people with particular expertise who have agreed to assist Mozilla with their area-specific expertise. The Area Expert Advisors are different from peers. A peer is someone to whom the module owner has delegated some of her/his authority and a peer is expected to provide leadership for Mozilla within our specific context. Area Expert Advisors are advisors to Mozilla. They may become peers, but they need not.

Name: Weekly Project All Hands Meeting (#)
Description: Responsibility for the weekly meetings, including:
  • determining and implementing the best organization and structure for the meeting
  • Determining and implementing the most useful content
  • Identifying and implementing technical means to make the meeting accessible and interactive for participants around the globe
Owner: Asa Dotzler
Peer(s): MoCo Desktop IT services
Owner(s) Emeritus: Matt Claypotch
Discussion Group: mozilla.governance

(It's a new thing to have a group such as "MoCo Desktop IT services" as a "peer." We're trying this based on the idea that anyone in the Desktop IT group should be able to resolve problems and make fixes to the systems.)


Name: Tree Sheriffs (#)
Description: Tree Sheriffs aid developers to easily, quickly, and seamlessly land their code in the proper location(s) and ensure that code does not break our automated tests. In the service of this objective, the Sheriffs work closely with the larger engineering organization to create and enforce landing policies that increase productivity while maintaining an efficient and robust automated testing system. Beyond the policy role, they have also become shepherds of automation quality by monitoring intermittent failures, performing uplifts and merges, and identifying poorly performing automation machines.
Owner: Ryan VanderMeulen (:RyanVM)
Peer(s): Sebastian Hengst (:Aryx)
Owner(s) Emeritus: Ed Morley
Peer(s) Emeritus: Carsten Book, Wes Kocher
Discussion Group:

Mozilla Reps

Name: Mozilla Reps (#)
Description: Reps are passionate Mozillians who mobilize and develop functional and local/regional Mozilla communities. They are committed to educate and empower people to support Mozilla’s mission and contribute to the project based on Mozilla’s leadership agreements. They are also creating collaborations with other local communities to expand Mozilla’s outreach in the open source ecosystem.
Owner: Ioana Chiorean
Peer(s): Henrik Mitsch, Michael Kohler, Ankit Gadgil
Bugzilla Component(s): Mozilla Reps::Budget Requests, Mozilla Reps::Mentorship, Mozilla, Mozilla Reps::Swag Requests
Discussion Group: reps-general

Mozilla Websites

Name: Mozilla Communities Web Services (#)
Description: Web services provided to Mozilla's network of communities
Owner: Stefan Costen
Peer(s): Majken Connor, Tom Farrow
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Name: Mozilla Websites (#)
Description: Web apps developed or maintained inside Mozilla
Owner: Laura Thomson
Peer(s): Fred Wenzel, Wil Clouser
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Mozilla Websites: Sub Modules

Name: AMO (#)
Description: Home of web extensions and themes.
Owner: Stuart Colville
Peer(s): Kumar McMillan, Mathieu Pillard
Owner(s) Emeritus: Wil Clouser (2006-2014), Andy McKay (2014-2016)
Source Dir(s):,
Bugzilla Component(s): Product:
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Name: Bouncer (#)
Description: Mirror management software and download service
Owner: Laura Thomson
Peer(s): Fred Wenzel, Anthony Ricaud
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s): Product: Webtools Component: Bouncer
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Name: Corsica (#)
Description: Empathic screen coordination service
Owner: Chris Lonnen
Peer(s): Mike Cooper, Matt Claypotch
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s):
Name: Elmo (#)
Description: L10n web tool and dashboard
Owner: none
Owner(s) Emeritus: Axel Hecht
Peer(s) Emeritus: Peter Bengtsson
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s): Product: Webtools Component: Elmo
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Name: MDN Web Docs (#)
Description: Developer documentation site for web, Firefox, Firefox OS, Apps, etc
Owner: Ryan Johnson
Peer(s): Schalk Neethling,David Flanagan,Peter Bengtsson
Owner(s) Emeritus: Luke Crouch, Stephanie Hobson, John Whitlock
Peer(s) Emeritus: Jannis Leidel, David Walsh, John Karahalis, Rob Hudson, Will Kahn-Greene
Source Dir(s):,
Bugzilla Component(s): Product:
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Name: Pad.Mozilla.Org (Formerly MoPad / Etherpad) (#)
Description: Mozilla's etherpad lite instance
Owner: Mike Hoye
Owner(s) Emeritus: Rob Helmer
Peer(s) Emeritus: Jake Maul
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s):
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Name: (#)
Description: Content and policy for Sub-modules and their owners can be found here.
Owner: Paul McLanahan (technical), Justin Crawford (content)
Peer(s): Craig Cook, Alex Gibson, Jon Petto
Owner(s) Emeritus: Jennifer Bertsch
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s):
Discussion Group: dev-mozilla-org
Name: Mozilla Wiki (#)
Description: Mozilla Wiki
Owner: Spike (Chris Foote)
Peer(s): Mike Hoye
Owner(s) Emeritus: Christie Koehler
Peer(s) Emeritus: Lyre Calliope, Gordon P. Hemsley, Benjamin Kerensa
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s): Websites >
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Name: Mozillians (#)
Description: Community directory for Mozilla contributors.
Owner: John Giannelos Tasos Katsoulas
Peer(s): Giorgos Logiotatidis
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s): Product: Community Tools
Discussion Group:!forum/mozilla-dev-community-tools
Name: Snippet Service (#)
Description: Snippet server for messaging found in highly trafficked product pages such as the Firefox start page.
Owner: Giorgos Logiotatidis
Peer(s): Michael Kelly
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s): Product: Snippets
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Name: Socorro (#)
Description: Crash reporting for products (Firefox, etc)
Owner: Will Kahn-Greene
Peer(s): Chris Lonnen, Michael Kelly, Peter Bengtsson
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s): Product: Socorro
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Name: Sumo (#)
Description: Mozilla support site and knowledgebase
Owner: Mike Cooper
Peer(s): Will Kahn-Greene, Rehan Dalal, Mike Kelly
Source Dir(s):
Bugzilla Component(s): Product:
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Name: (#)
Description: The Firefox telemetry analysis websites and services, including,, etc
Owner: Chris H-C
Peer(s): Frank Bertsch, Chris H-C, Blake Imsland, Jannis Leidel
Owner(s) Emeritus: Roberto Vitillo
Peer(s) Emeritus: Mauro Doglio
Source Dir(s):,,,,,,,
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