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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Action Items


  • davida: Announce Thunderbird meeting to seamonkey and calendar newsgroups as well (not done; will try again this week)
  • nth10sd: (pending) will get some information from MoCo IT re: Thunderbird metrics hopefully this week.


  • dmose: coordinate with mscott and bienvenu (meeting pending Tuesday evening)
  • dmose: request bugzilla flags for 3.0a1 - (pending) bug 421894
  • nth10sd (Gary): (post re timeframe & move) new draft wiki from Tb: namespace to Thunderbird: (edit: done here)

People Matters

  • Rick Tessner joined MoMo as half-time contractor working on build/release & test automation, starting immediately
  • Mark Banner (Standard8) is joining MoMo as full-time employee; starting April 7


  • Apple & Sun hardware on its way
  • Google Summer of Code
    • Need mentors: add your name to wiki page by deadline (Standard8 signed up)
  • jminta: FUEL bug 407963 help wanted so it can be landed for beta 5; prereq for STEEL


  • nth10sd: waiting for bug 418068 to land on b.m.o
    • Should give improved searches on bugs with no comment added since an arbitrary date, excl. CC changes etc. (Suggested date is 07 April 2007, a day after release of Thunderbird 2.0 RC1 which became the final build)
    • Searches will be used to triage such "old/forgotten" bugs, which quite likely number in the thousands now, esp. if MailNews bugs are included. Mass-resolving is discouraged.
    • Astronomical number may be overwhelming for current number of triagers, thus may take a significant amount of time.
    • Should we organize an "old bug" day? Consensus: Yes
      • probably doesn't need to wait on the above bug landing
      • action item (wsmWK): wiki pages on bug triage

Meeting Notes


  • beckley, clarkbw, davida, dmose, jminta, kairo, nth10sd, Standard8, wsmWK