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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Action Items


  • nth10sd: Thunderbird metrics - no update
  • wsmWK: wiki pages on bug triage
  • everyone: if you're interested in being a Google Summer of Code mentor, please add your name to the wiki page


  • various: Tb scheduled
  • dmose: coordinate with mscott and bienvenu (met with bienvenu; coordination ongoing)
  • dmose: request bugzilla flags for 3.0a1 - (completed) bug 421894
  • nth10sd: move draft wiki content from Tb: namespace to Thunderbird - (completed)
  • davida/dmose: Announce Thunderbird meeting to seamonkey and calendar newsgroups as well


  • Driving
    • wiki content describes process, expect ng post soon with more details


  • What people are working on -- it would be great if each person could briefly talk about what they're working on so that we as a group have a better feel for that
    • jminta - STEEL 0.1 work (testing xpi posted to bug 408370), kill-rdf work (address-book display, bug 422845)
    • beckley - Penelope project: Migration of Classic Eudora features, with an emphasis on importing, filters, and unique message handling functionality.
      • Penelope = Qualcomm engineers creating new Eudora version based on TB
      • Open invite to people who want to help with moving Eudora features to TB
    • jcranmer - Address book rewrite, kill-mork, news cleanup, fakeserver for testing
      • Also poking at Pork/elsa to do a libmime rewrite
    • dmose - driving 3.0a1, reviews
      • Focus is on unblocking people
    • clarkbw - tabbed interface (expect ng post here soon), extensions wiki docs
    • nth10sd - expand on bug triage documents
    • wsmWK - working with Gary on bug queries
      • People should add ideas for query improvements to the wiki
    • Emre
      • FUEL/STEEL factoring bug
      • IMAP crashers
      • waiting for security review of some functions in mime (? i didn't hear this)
    • Standard8
      • Reviews in junk, abook refactor
      • wiki updates for abook redesign (Zimbra xpi input helped here)
        • ng post coming asking for more feedback
      • Testing: feedback from md.quality on running mochitests in TB
      • SoC, has had some interest in Google contacts API, and Vista integration
    • Kent James
      • Junkmail patches (magic number changes blocking)
      • changing junkmail iface for 3.0a1, adding ability to filter on junk score
  • Open table
    • Robert from seamonkey
      • Feed reader progress? - Callek should talk to myk and davida, bring this back up next week
    • Kent - what's the review story?
      • dmose is doing superreviews, philor, mkmelin, and Standard8 are doing reviews
      • dmose: we should start tracking review time. We can improve here
      • The module owners page reflects reality, but a reality we can improve
    • dmose: 3.0a1 theory: There are big questions we as a community want to talk about, but this is parallelizable, and we should get into a mode of releasing again to allow people to test the good work we're still doing. Bigger discussions can then move forward more effectively


dmose, emre, clarkbw, Standard8 (Mark), jminta, jcranmer, wsmWK, nth10sd (Gary), KaiRo, kentj, beckley